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This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors. All the cases referred to here have had widespread publicity outside the Jewish community. Only the Orthodox Jewish circles remain uninformed and unaware of these matters.


It is because of the shielding and overprotection of our community, that we end up not being informed on the magnitude of these scandals and that we can pretend that these problems do not exist or are at least very limited among us. The end-result of this is that (a) nothing is being done to extirpate these wrongdoings and (b) these wrongdoers do not even suffer community disapprobation.

The day Haredi Press will publicize these shameful acts by Haredim, our Hall of Shame will become superfluous, because we do not target the Gentiles, but our own Haredi people, who need to be aware of these malfunctions in our society.


This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page wants precisely to remediate that situation.

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Tsnius Matters

Breathtaking excerpts in English from the Tsnius Bible by Rabbi Pessach E. Falk, with a warm recommendation by Rabbi I. Seckel Pollak of the Antwerp Beis Din:


Click here: https://docs.google.com/viewer?a=v&pid=explorer&chrome=true&srcid=0B-FSz6EAAoNHMzM2MjkwNDItMDEzMS00NjU1LWE0MzAtNjUwMjQ5OTYxNjdl&hl=nl

     Gur bans yeshiva students from eating soy based products because it can lead gay sex

The Hasidic yeshiva of Gur, has banned students from eating any soy based product out of fear that it might cause an increase in gay sexual activity, according to a report in the Haredi World.

    Satmar Girls School Bans Leather Clothes As "Non-Jewish"

                                                          Girls School
                                                          bans leather
                                                          10-17-2013Just like the Bobov hasidic girls school a few days ago, a Satmar hasidic girls school, Beis Ruchel of Kiryas Joel, has banned leather clothes.
Why? Because, the school's leaders claim, wearing leather clothes violates "I'vchikosichem lo tiliechu," the biblical commandment not to go
wear "goyishe" [non-Jewish] clothing. (Interestingly, Satmar used the same photo on its letter as Bobov used earlier this week on its letter.)

    Haredi Beit Din Bans All-Female Zumba Dance/Exercise Classes And Female Running Due To Bouncing Female Body Parts

"Recently our city has seen the opening of classes employing the South American 'Zumba' method. After having established that both its form and manner,
the activity is entirely at odds with both the ways of the Torah and the holiness of Israel, as are the songs associated to it,
I hereby announce that the organization and participation in such classes is forbidden."

    Haredi Modesty Squad Bans Traditional Lifting Of Bride And Groom

                                                          carry groom on
                                                          shoulders due
                                                          to premature
                                                          risk haredi
                                                          7-23-2013Lifting the bride and groom up in the air and dancing around with them is a goyishe (non-Jewish) thing, a Jerusalem haredi modesty squad claims in a new pashkvil (poster).

     Williamsburg Hasidic Paper Blots Out Faces Of Little Girls

                                                          toy ad little
                                                          girls' faces
                                                          blotted outMore hasidic modesty extremism: A "Clicks" contest (a toy similar to Leggo) ad in Williamsburg, Brooklyn local hasidic newspaper blots out the faces of little girls who appear to be all of 3 or 4 years old.

     Unsigned Haredi Flyer Praises Burning Of "Immodest" Kosher Restaurant

                                                          thanking God
                                                          for burning
                                                          down Olympic
                                                          6-10-2013Olympic Pita apparently burned down in a fire on May 31 – a Friday night. Now haredi flyers widely distributed in
Williamsburg thank God it was burned down. Why/ Because of the "immodesty" that (allegedly) took place there.

   New Lakewood 'Modesty' Booklet

                                                          No EvilA new 'modesty' booklet, "You and Eye," was mailed to Jewish homes in Lakewood, New Jersey after Shavuot. Here are some sample pages.

    Lakewood Haredi Modesty Poster

                                                          Tznius Protest
                                                          4-30-2013A definite claim is made that Lakewood, New Jersey's modesty gathering protected the town's Jews from injury and illness, and a proof is cited. But how do the organizers know that? What is the basis for their claim? What is the 'proof'?

    Haredi Newspaper Censors Women’s Faces From Iconic Photo Of Warsaw Ghetto Uprising

                                                          Ghetto Roundup
                                                          post uprising
                                                          little boy
                                                          arms up
                                                          iconic“We honor the memory of the martyrs of the Holocaust, and unlike [you in the secular press] - respect our readers and bring them only what they need and want to see."

     After More Incidents Of Gender Discrimination Made Public, Jerusalem’s Mayor Promises To Fight Them – Again

Old City
                                                          Jewish Quarter
                                                          main squareFollowing several incidents of women musicians at the Sounds of the Old City festival in Jerusalem facing discrimination from
 festival organizers, Jerusalem’s Mayor Nir Barkat posted a statement on his Facebook page yesterday pledging to fight against
such incidents. He insisted that women's exclusion from Jerusalem's public sphere will not recur. However, the women
 who were ‘asked’ by festival promoters not to perform say they are not comforted by the mayor’s gesture.

     Haredi Paper Blurs Out Faces Of Children's Dolls

                                                          Monsey doll's
                                                          faces blured
                                                          out closeup
                                                          3-14-2013The Monsey Community Connections blurs out the faces of children's dolls for "modesty reasons."

     Men who wear slimfit trouses should be excommuniocated, said Rav Chaim Kaniewski

 ר' חיים קנייבסקי: כל הלובש מכנסיים צמודות חייב נידוי

     Orthodox Women Sue Beit Shemesh Over Haredi Forced Gender Segregation, Violence

                                                          Move To The
                                                          Other Side Of
                                                          The Street
                                                          Beit Shemesh
                                                          12-21-2011Four Orthodox women from Beit Shemesh have filed suit against the Israeli city for allegedly failing to prevent haredim from dictating
so-called modesty rules which they insist must be followed by women in public haredi areas of the city.

    Queen Esther Banned

                                                          Purim costume
                                                          ad no girls'
                                                          costumes 2013After being criticized in previous years for blurring out the faces of little girls in toy store Purim costume ads for "modesty reasons”
normative halakha would seem to reject, this year some toy stores owned by or catering to haredim decided to completely remove all girls and women from their ads.

- See more at: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/#sthash.OlILoBSL.dpuf

    Egged Fails Again: Woman Threatened And Harassed By Haredim, Bus Company Does Nothing To Protect Her

                                                          Kanteman"In Safed someone asked me to move to the back of the bus, but I refused. In Hazor many haredim got on and then the yelling started.
Everyone who got on the bus told me to move to the back, they said I was impure and yelled that everyone should say the Traveler's
Prayer very loudly because there's an impurity in the bus.…Everyone who got on told me to sit in the back; I refused. They yelled
 that they must pray really hard because there's an impurity in the bus.…As a religious person, I know that bus seating arrangements are not written in the Torah; they invented themselves a halacha."

    City Sues Satmar Hasid-Owned Stores Over "Modesty" Signs

                                                          Code Grocery
                                                          Store Lee Ave
                                                          7-16-2012“These stores are public accommodations, and they are prohibited from posting any kind of advertisement specifying a preference
for one type of customer or another, or expressing discrimination against one type or another.…It seems pretty clear that it’s
geared toward women dressing modestly if they choose to come into the store, and that would be discrimination.”

     Women’s Legs Too Much For Israel’s Postage Stamp Service

Women at
                                                          the Ayalon
                                                          Institute in
                                                          IsraelAyalon had pictures. So did the kibbutz. Ayalon and Shaul Goldberg, director of the kibbutz's archives, gathered the pictures and sent
them to the Philatelic Service. They were pictures of young women - including herself - working in the factory making bullets, and pictures
 of young women working in a laundry built above the bullet factory to help camouflage it. But the response of the
Philatelic Service shocked Ayalon. "Could you possibly find photos that feature fewer women with bare legs?"

    Video: Haredi Modesty Guidelines For Blouses

                                                          guidelines for
                                                          excerpt.jpBased on the work of a Gateshead, England haredi rabbi, here is a video setting down what haredim claim are the Jewish law requirements for women's blouses to be "modest" and therefore "kosher."

     Women Must Walk Behind Their Husbands But Never Along Side Them, Vizhnitzer Rebbe Says

                                                          Rebbe 3The Vizhnitzer Rebbe released new regulations to his close hasidim, Behadrei Haredim reported – regulations that mimic some of
 the extreme modesty regulations of Gerrer (Gur) hasidim. The Rebbe instructed hasidim to make sure that grooms are
instructed on the new regulations prior to marriage by an older spiritual guide from the Vizhnitz community.

     Haredi Newspaper Hamodia Censors Images Of Women’s Shoes; Handbags Okay, Paper Says, Shoes Not

                                                          women's shoes
                                                          2-5-2013When asked about the censorship, Hamodia said that the paper allows the publication of photos of accessories such as handbags,
but it censors feminine clothing items including shoes – even if no one is wearing them – due to modesty reasons.

    Video: 'We Have The Yeshivas To Protect Us – What Do We Need The Army For?'

                                                          man walking
                                                          past soldiers
                                                          at KotelA haredi yeshiva student tells CNN that haredim have nothing against the army, but haredim don't see the need to try so hard to protect Jews from attack. After all, we have yeshivas.

Continue reading "Video: 'We Have The Yeshivas To Protect Us – What Do We Need The Army For?'" »

      Chabad Rabbi's Modesty Letter On Married Women's Wigs And Unmarried Women's Hair Raises Hackles

                                                          Ashkenazi Kfar
                                                          Chabad letter
                                                          on wigs
                                                          2-2013The Chief Rabbi of Kfar Chabad, Israel Rabbi Mordechai Ashkenazi released a letter a few days ago banning women's wigs if the hair is
 longer than the top of a woman's shoulders, and he also banned long hair for single women and girls. This has upset large swaths of Chabad. But is Ashkenazi really wrong?

      Immodest Dress Causes Flu Epidemic, Cancer, OTD Kids

                                                          Dress Causes
                                                          Flu Epidemic,
                                                          Cancer, etc
                                                          enlarged'Immodest' dress is the cause of the flu epidemic, cancer, and children leaving Orthodoxy, a haredi ad in New Square and Monsey says.
Therefore haredim should join a group reciting Psalms to pray that clothing manufactures repent for their immodest designs.

      Video: Girl Suspended From Orthodox School After Singing On "The Voice"

                                                          Ben-ShetreetAn Orthodox school in Israel suspended Ophir Ben-Shetreet, a 17-year-old girl, after she sang on the Israeli version of The Voice,
 arguing that her appearance violated the laws of kol isha that forbid men from hearing women (who are not their wives, mothers or young daughters) sing.

    Cartoon Images Of Women No Longer Kosher For Passover?

                                                          salt packages
                                                          8-2012The iconic, stylized cartoon logo of a modestly dressed woman sprinkling salt has been removed from Salit salt packages sold in some haredi stores.

      Haredi Rabbis Ban Tight Pants – For Men

                                                          Letter Against
                                                          Mens Tight
                                                          Pants 8-2012“There is a strict Biblical prohibition against wearing tight clothing like the gentiles, as stated: ‘You shall not follow in their ways.
’ Wearing tight pants is forbidden because of that reason.…And those who wear (such garments) are sinful and cause corruption and it is obligatory to protest their behavior.”

       A Woman’s Place Is In The Home, Leading Zionist Orthodox Rabbi Claims

Rabbi Zvi
                                                          TauIn a new pamphlet titled “Who Created Me As He Willed,” Rabbi Zvi Tau reportedly writes that “home is the natural habitat for
women to express their special tendency ... not the domain of social activity. At home, without the bustle ... is where a woman can fully live her life.”

      Five Towns Orthodox Newspaper Photoshops Photo Of Teens

                                                          Towns Jewish
                                                          pic low res
                                                          watermarkedThe Five Towns Jewish Times, owned by Larry Gordon, who is from a Chabad family, photoshops a photo of local teens, lengthening skirts and sleeves to make the photo "tzniut."

       Court Orders Burial Society To Pay Woman For Gender Discrimination

                                                          victimA Beersheva judge has awarded a woman every shekel she asked for plus 1,000 extra for court expenses after a burial society’s haredi rabbi gender segregated her father’s funeral against the family’s wishes.

     “Immodestly” Dressed Woman Stoned In Beit Shemesh

 A woman allegedly deemed by haredim to be immodestly dressed was attacked by haredim in Beit Shemesh today. They hurled stones at her car, shattering one of its windows.

Orthodox And Haredi Teen Girls Much More Likely To Visit Internet Porn Sites Than Non-Orthodox Teen Girls, Study Finds

 Orthodox and haredi teen girls are almost two times as likely as secular teens to view Internet porn, a new Bar-Ilan University study has found.

    Haredi News Website Censors Female Politician's Picture

 To mark the ten years that have passed since the end of the rescue and recovery operation at the World Trade Center site, New York State Assemblywoman
Helene Weinstein joined Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver and Assemblyman Michael Den Dekker at an Assembly ceremony honoring
some of the thousands of New Yorkers who worked countless hours in often horrific conditions to try to rescue victims and then to recover their remains.
One of those organizations honored was Flatbush Hatzoloh. But a haredi news website chose to crop Weinstein out of a picture of the ceremony because she is a woman.

     Beit Shemesh Supermarket Wants Secular Customers To Dress "Modestly" To Please Haredim

 The new store displayed a sign at its entrance similar to those in stores in the Haredi neighborhoods. It read: “Osher Ad serves a diverse clientele.
Please help us respect all who come to the store, and when you enter, please come in modest dress. Thank you for your cooperation.”
Behind the sign, which was placed next to the security guards at the entrance to the store, was a stack of black shawl-like cloths, which the guards handed to immodestly dressed women.

      Satmar Bicycle Ban

 A Satmar school forbids students from riding bicycles, and tells parents that we warned you before, you didn't listen and allowed your child(ren)
to own and ride a bike, and this is your final warning before we expel your child(ren). And, the letter says, the
ban also includes riding a borrowed bike, so don't try to use borrowing a bike as an excuse.

     Haredi Man Arrested For Spitting On, Assaulting Women

 Chananya Rabinovitz was arrested yesterday for spitting on and harassing at least two women in separate incidents approximately six weeks ago.

    Inside A Failed Haredi Marriage

 A four letter word – W-O-R-K – and his wife's student loans destroy a yeshiva student's 'idyllic' marriage.

     Married Through A Hole In The Sheet

 The haredi demand for 'modesty' and gender segregation reaches an extreme new low.

     Too Hot For Orthodox Jews?

                                                          OdesBlonde bombshell temp allegedly fired by a lingerie company owned by Orthodox Jews because her breasts are too large.

      High Court Again Comes Out Against Gender Segregation

                                                          BusOn Mea
                                                          Street,jpgIsrael's High Court rules that within 30 days, the state must provide the court with an explanation of why it does not mandate
 that licenses for operating public transportation will only be issued to companies that do not engage in illegal gender segregation.
The ruling comes in the wake of Egged bus company's illegal gender segregation and its refusal to post
ads containing pictures of women – even "modestly" dressed women or little girls – on its buses.

     Haredi Girls School Bans Aqua Colored Shoes

Aqua shoe
                                                          from haredi
                                                          school ban
                                                          watermarked"Your daughter came to school with aqua- colored shoes. This is from the colors that are not allowed in school."

    New Square Women Asked To Increase Modesty In The Merit Of Arsonist Shaul Spitzer

                                                          spitzer mug
                                                          shotSigns reading, "In the merit of Shaul Yehezkiel son of Sarah Maryam [Spitzer], [Women] Please Do Not Walk On Taft Lane Wearing
 Long Dusters [a form of a housecoat, I think]" were posted in New Square. Earlier this week, Spitzer was sentenced to
7 years in prison for an arson attack that almost killed New Square dissident Aron Rottenberg and the Rottenberg family.

      School Bans Fathers From Daughters' Bat Mitzvah Party

                                                          victimThe struggle for Zionist Orthodox education continues. Fathers of girls at the Noam-Haro'e religious school in
Ramat Gan claim they were not allowed to participate in a school event for their six grade daughters' Bat Mitzvah.

    More Haredim Demand Gender Segregation On El Al Flights

El Al
                                                          plane 3Last month, a Hebrew Facebook page titled "Herem [excommunication against] El Al" featured an in-flight photograph taken during an
El Al flight from Brazil to Israel that showed makeshift mechitzahs [partitions] taped to the backs of four passengers' seats.

    Haredim To Open Gender Segregated Market In Jerusalem

                                                          Yehuda Market
                                                          Stall"It is our intention to establish a market that would be similar to Machne Yehuda and would include only strictly
kosher (mehadrin) stalls. There will be no interaction between men and women, a complete separation of the sexes."

    Haredi Rabbis Force Restaurant To Sideline Female Servers

                                                          Kosher Seal
                                                          MehadrinA haredi kosher supervision agency forces a restaurant to sideline all its waitresses due to modesty concerns.

    Lynch of a 70-years old lady by the Modesty Police in Jerusalem

משמרות הצניעות חזרו לפעול? על-פי החשד אישה כבת 70 הותקפה שלשום בביתה בשכונת נחלאות בירושלים על-ידי קבוצת גברים שלדבריה היו לבושים כחרדים.
הסיבה לתקיפה, לטענתה, על רקע קנאות דתית וזאת לאחר שהאשימו אותה בקיום פעילות מיסיונרית בביתה. כל הפרטים (חדשות, בארץ

    Hasidic Women Start Their Own EMT And Ambulance Service

AmbulanceA group of Hasidic women who were denied membership in an all-male Orthodox ambulance corps has decided to branch out and start a women’s-only EMT group.

   Haredi Health Minister Walks Out When Little Girls Choir Sings

                                                          LitzmanRabbi Yakov Litzman, a Gerrer hasid, is Israel's Deputy Minister of Health. The title Deputy Minister of Health is a legal fiction.
There is no actual Minister of Health. Litzman holds the Deuty title in order to avoid having to cast cabinet votes on certain issues
 that are problematic for haredim. Yesterday, Litzman walked out of the country's first ever national conference for Children's Safety
and Health when a choir of elementary school girls were about to start singing. The conference was sponsored by the ministry he heads.

    Gur Hasidim and sexual separation

In a recent study, scholar Nava Wasserman offers a window into the philosophy behind the strict sexual separation
 practiced by Gur Hasidim. For them, sexuality is the antithesis of sanctity, and must be resisted at all costs.

For members of Israel's ultra-Orthodox Gur sect, sex is a sin

Y., a Gur Hasid, fainted during his pre-wedding counseling session. R. left the sect because she could not
stand its alienation of women. A. was sexually harassed as a youth by a religious supervisor. On breaking taboos - and silence.

    Haredi Schoolbook Censors Out Little Girls

                                                          workbook p1
                                                          watermarkedA Yiddish-language workbook used in many US haredi primary schools represents little girls with a text box rather than a picture to avoid "immodestly" showing their 8-year-old fully clothed bodies.

      Rabbi Apologizes For Calling Homosexuality An Illness

                                                          Aryeh RalbagAmsterdam's chief rabbi apologized for signing a declaration which described homosexuality as an illness.

      Haredi Press Blurs Little Girls' Faces – Again

                                                          costume ad
                                                          blurred faces
                                                          little girls
                                                          Beit Shemesh
                                                          2-2-2012Faces of young girls presenting Purim costumes have been blurred in ads published in Beit Shemesh's ultra-Orthodox
 newspapers, leading to a consumer boycott against the toy store chain marketing the costumes.

    Haredim Attack Woman In Beit Shemesh

                                                          throw stone at
                                                          cops Mea
                                                          7-13-11Several haredi men surrounded her car, punctured the vehicle's tires, stole her car keys and hurled stones at the vehicle. One of the stones hit the woman's head.

  Orthodox Soldier Refuses To Parachute Jump Because Instructor Is Female

                                                          SerugaCol. Amir Baram, commander of the Israel Defense Forces paratroopers brigade, has no doubts. "A soldier who says he doesn't feel
 like jumping because his parachuting instructor is a woman cannot be a combatant. The issue isn't open to discussion," an officer Baram's command said this week.

    Crown Heights Modesty Sign

                                                          Heights Sign
                                                          1-22-2011 Long
                                                          Skirt closeupA modest modesty sign from Crown Heights, Brooklyn telling women that a long skirt brings long life. The sign also declares that the late rebbe of Chabad, Menachem Mendel Schneerson, is the messiah.

    Zionist-Orthodox Yeshiva Publishes Picture Of Murdered Woman With Her Face Blurred Out

                                                          Mother's Face
                                                          Blurred Out
                                                          Machon Meir
                                                          1-20-2012Machon Meir, a Zionist-Orthodox yeshiva located in Jerusalem, published a photograph of the members of the Fogel family who
were murdered last March by a terrorist in the West Bank settlement of Itamar. But the face
of the family's mother Ruth was blurred out by Machon Meir for modesty reasons.

     Haredim Demand Gender Segregated Elevators

                                                          victimHaredi modesty police in Modi'in Illit have gender segregated elevators in a business center.

    Amsterdam Chief Rabbi Suspended For Anti-Gay Stance

                                                          Aryeh RalbagThe chief rabbi of Amsterdam, Aryeh Ralbag, who is also the head of Triangle K kosher supervision, was temporarily relieved from
his post today by the board of the Orthodox Jewish community, after he signed a document, the "Torah Declaration,"
describing homosexuality as an inclination which “can be modified and healed.”

   Interview with Jonny Kremer in Tages Anzeiger (CH)

Die Zürcher Juden verurteilen die Frauenfeindlichkeit in Israel. Separate Trottoirs oder Busabteile zu fordern, sei lächerlich. Getrennte Schulklassen für Mädchen und Buben gibt es aber auch in Zürich.

   Haredi Rabbi Tells Cops Woman Can't Be Police Commander

                                                          Yosef Scheinen
                                                          croppedThe rabbi stirred a row Tuesday during a change of command ceremony at the Ashdod police station, when he said that women
 cannot be in charge of a police station because this is a "masculine role," and "God created women gentle."

    541-Year-Old Jewish Prayer Book Shows Women Can Be Equal

                                                          from 1471
                                                          written by the
                                                          scribe Rabbi
                                                          Abraham Ben
                                                          FarissolA siddur from 1471 has revealed an early example of egalitarian Jewish prayer, presenting historical attempts to battle gender inequality. “This Siddur proves that the
 degrading attitudes towards women, which we are seeing in certain extreme religious communities in Israel today, are a modern distortion of Judaism,” said Rabbi Julie Schonfeld.
ronically, treatment of women in certain extreme sectors of the community is far more denigrating to women today than even the attitudes of the late Middle Ages."

   Doctors Withdraw From Orthodox Fertility Conference Over Exclusion Of Women

                                                          logoTwo prominent Israeli doctors canceled their participating in a conference on fertility and Jewish law organized by Pua, an Orthodox medical
advocacy group, over the apparent exclusion of women speakers from the event,. Pua offers gynecological and fertility counseling
in adherence with Jewish law, or Halakah. It is a public group that regularly receives state funds.

    Supermarket In Haredi City Now Offers Gender Segregated Check Outs

                                                          victim"Unfortunately, this is another case of radicalization, and we have already heard about a woman who was turned down for a job in the store
just because she wears a wig [instead of a fabric head covering called a tichel or a wig with a hat on top – the current haredi gold standards for properly covered hair]."

    Haredi “Extremist” Arrested In Modi’in Illit

                                                          JumpsuitA haredi man from Modi’in Illit was arrested today after allegedly harassing women he thought were “immodestly dressed.”

    Romney Denounced By More Than "850" Rabbis As A "Dangerous Homosexualist"

                                                          Yehuda Levin
                                                          yarmulkeRabbi Yehuda Levin and a handful of fellow travellers claim "850 plus rabbis" at a Hanukkah "conclave" – which was attended by a handful of rabbis,
not dozens or hundreds – denounced Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney as a "dangerous homosexualist." Levin, who is the spokesperson
for the failing haredi Rabbinical Alliance of America/Iggud Harabbonim also urged the Mormon church to "sanction" Romney for
not being homophobic enough. Levin was Pat Buchanan's Jewish liaison when the hard right politician ran for president in the 1990s.

   Video: Haredim ripping off advertisement from Egged buses against gender discrimination

צפו: חרדים תלשו כרזות הדרת נשים מאוטובוסים

קמפיין קדימה נתקל בהתנגדות מצד חרדים. הם פשטו על אוטובוסים שעצרו לרגע בתחנות - ותלשו שלטים. תראו

New Jerusalem Pashkvils

                                                          2 Mea Shearim
                                                          Near Manny's
                                                          12-19-2011Men to the front of the bus; women to the rear and other important messages from haredi Torah sages in Israel.

   Women, Move To The Other Side Of The Street

                                                          Move To The
                                                          Other Side Of
                                                          The Street
                                                          Beit Shemesh
                                                          12-21-2011A sign posted on public property near a synagogue in Beit Shemesh tells women to cross the street to the
opposite sidewalk due to the "sensitive" nature of the area, and the city refuses to remove it.

    New Haredi demand in Jerusalem: no female cashiers in supermarket

הדרת קופאיות: חרדים מחרימים סופר שנשים עובדות בו

הדרת הנשים בירושלים עולה מדרגה: בשכונת בסנהדריה מחרימים את חנויות המזון של רשת "מעיין 2000", המעסיקה נשים כקופאיות. בחנות "זול ובגדול" בשכונה מועסקים רק גברים

   Happy Hanukkah From The Haredi City Of Beitar Illit

Men sit
                                                          at front women
                                                          sit at back
                                                          Beitar Illit
                                                          City logo
                                                          Hanukkah Bus
                                                          Ad 12-21-2011Residents of Betar Illit received a bulletin in their mailboxes with a picture of a bus, the city's logo, and a picture
 of a lit Hanukkah menorah. It's text reads: "Men are sitting in the front, women sit in the back."

    Haredim Want "Kosher" Bus Company

                                                          busesIsrael's ultra-Orthodox community is trying to find a way to mandate gender separation on public transportation after the
High Court of Justice repeatedly ruled that it is illegal, and after a series of incidents in which haredi men tried to force women
 to move to the rear of a public bus. Now five millionaires who arrived in Israel in the past few days are planning to operate a private
 transportation company in Jerusalem, Ashdod and Beit Shemesh starting next month after aprominent haredi rabbi asked them to.

   How Sick Is Israel? Very Sick

                                                          BusOn Mea
                                                          Street,jpgWhy? The advertising agency that handles all of the advertising for Egged buses in Jerusalem has refused to take ads from the
Yerushalmim movement which is fighting to protect women's rights in the face of haredi violence and extremism. Why turn down the ads?
 because the agency wants a large security deposit from Yerushalmim to cover the cost of haredi vandalism to the buses and the ads the agency
 is sure will come. In other words, the agency wants the victim to pay the cost of the attacks against her. In 2008, Yerushalmim had to go
to court to force the agency to take its ads showing the face of it's city council candidate – who is a woman.

   Haredi MK's Daughter Protests Haredi Discrimination Against Women

                                                          MosesHaredi exclusion of women "is one of the reasons I left religion," Heidi Moses says.

    Move To The Back Of The Bus

                                                          Ragen croppedFour years have passed since ultra-Orthodox men forced novelist Naomi Ragen to move to the back seat of a bus. A High Court petition
and a revolutionary ruling were apparently not enough to change the treatment of women.
High Court rulings are ignored by Israeli bus companies, and bus drivers and police favor males.


    Cops Tell Israeli Woman To Move To The Back Of The Bus

                                                          RosenblitA woman passenger on a public bus from Ashdod to Jerusalem Friday was told by a haredi male passenger to move to the back of the bus.
The man held the door of the bus open and would not allow it to move for approximately 30 minutes. Police came and asked
 the woman to move to the back of the bus, even though the law says she does not have to. She refused.

    Haredim Block Women From Voting In Jerusalem Elections

                                                          finger point
                                                          copA few minutes after Jerusalem’s secular mayor, Nir Barkat, visited a Mea Shearim polling station and spoke out against gender discrimination,
a small group of haredim, apparently members of the extremist Sicarii gang, stopped women from voting in the local Jerusalem elections.
The haredi men screamed at dozens of women who were trying to vote, demanding that the women leave the polling station immediately.
When the women did not obey those demands, the men pushed the women away.

    Haredi Paper Justifies Forced Gender Segregation By Citing Nazi Behavior In Auschwitz

                                                          liberationUS Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton recently criticized haredi forced gender segregation in public spaces in Israel and its negative
 impact on democracy there. In response, Yated Ne'eman's editor says Nazi behavior in death camps prove gender segregation is a natural thing.

    Rabbi J.S. Eliashiv: one cannot force gender separation in public places or in Public Transportation buses

מרן הרב אלישיב: "לא ניתן לכפות הפרדה במרחב ציבורי

הרב חיים כהן, נאמן ביתו של מרן הגרי"ש אלישיב: "הרב קובע שלא ניתן לכפות הפרדה בין נשים לגברים במרחב הציבורי". לגבי הפרדה באוטובוסים אמר:

"הרב חושב שטוב לעשות הידור כשמדובר בקו פרטי, אבל אי אפשר לחייב חברה ציבורית לעשות את זה. אפשר לשכנע, אבל אי אפשר לכפות

    The disgusting habit modern Orthodox women coin 'stringent'

A modern Orthodox women who refuses to shake a man's hand does not realize the embarrassment she causes to the other and the indignity she takes upon herself.

    High Court To Hear Petition Against Haredi Apartheid

                                                          Lalum 2
                                                          croppedAshkenazi haredi schools continue to refuse to admit Sefardi haredi girls on ethnic grounds in defiance of previous high court rulings.
"They all came to me before registration to study from me, because I had the highest grades. All I wanted was to go to the best high school
with all my friends, but they humiliated me, rejected me, just because my skin is a little darker. Friends who got much lower grades were admitted
only because they're Ashkenazi, and I don't understand, why? I've been home alone for almost three months, wasting time."

    Jewish "taliban" Woman introduce new headpiece

According to different testimonies, radical women have begun wearing cloth-covered pipe on their head to conceal their human figure

   Gender Segregation Triples In State Run Orthodox Schools

                                                          kids playing"It began with high school, moved to the youth movements and elementary schools, and soon it will also be at the creche, and people
will no longer sit together at events. The [religious] public is putting itself more and more in a substantially
 separate place from the general Israeli public and the possibility of creating a society together."

Jerusalem Gets Pictures Of Women Back In Billboards And Bus Ads – As Long As They Don't Go Into Haredi Areas

                                                          victimThough the ads featuring women will appear on bus stops and billboards, they will not go on the sides of buses, at least for now - both
because the buses go through ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods and out of fear of the high costs of damage to the buses if they are again vandalized by haredim.

Women Fight Back Against Haredim

                                                          Should Be Seen
                                                          And HeardJewish women in the Britain and the US are being urged to send photographs of themselves holding signs saying "women
 should be seen and heard" in a campaign against efforts by the ultra-orthodox to remove female images from advertising billboards in Jerusalem.

   The Rise Of Haredi "Taliban" Women

                                                          croppedWhat was it that drove haredi women to join the burka cult and cover themselves up almost hermetically?

   Wall Poster On Public Bus Gender Segregation

                                                          about mehadrin
                                                          annotatedA pashkvil on mandatory gender segregation of a so-called mehadrin public bus photographed today in Ramot Gimmel.

    Israeli City Cancels Circus Censored For Haredim

MedranoCircusGivat Shmuel municipality has canceled 24 planned performances by Italy's Medrano Circus later this month,
because half of them were to feature a program specially adapted for a haredi audience - meaning male performers only.

   Hatzolo Organization in Brooklyn refuses to accept female volunteers

ארגון הצלה חרדי מברוקלין מסרב לצרף נשים לשורותיו

חודש אחרי סערת ההפרדה המגדרית באוטובוס בשכונה, עורכת דין חרדית ביקשה לשלב מתנדבות בארגון "הצלה" ונענתה בשלילה: "הרבנים שלנו קבעו שיתנדבו רק גברים"

   Daughter Of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Says Exclusion Of Women From Public Life "Violates Torah"

                                                          Adina Bar
                                                          ShalomReacting to forced gender segregation on public buses and other haredi-forced moves to exclude women for equal participation
in public life, Rabbanit Adina Bar Shalom, the daughter of Shas' spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, lashed out,
saying haredi actions "violates Torah" and that "the haredi woman lives in a society where rabbis set the rules."

    Israeli Police finally arrest Sikrikim leader for violent activities against Jerusalem Bookstore

Yosef Meir Hazan, a member of the Sikrikim (Sicarii) extremist ultra-Orthodox group, was arrested
this week in the capital’s Geula neighborhood as part of a special operation by the Jerusalem Police.

Haredi Pressure To Force Women Off Panel To Select Rabbinic Judges

                                                          victimBackroom deals and pressure from haredi politicians will keep women off the government committee that selects state rabbinic court judges.

Haredim Protest Burka Women Cult

                                                          Cult LeaderFollowers of the extreme haredi groups that make up the Mea Shearim-based Eidah Charedit umbrella organization demonstrated
against the so-called burka cult, the haredi women who wear burkas and veils to completely hide all of their bodies.
This hyper-modesty has previously been backed by several extreme haredi rabbis, including at least one senior Eidah Charedit leader.


Last Dance Company In Jerusalem Open Drapes To Protest Haredim

                                                          Kolben Dance
                                                          Drapes Open
                                                          Haredi Man
                                                          Passing By
                                                          11-11A Jerusalem dance company will join the series of protests against the exclusion of women from public spaces in the capital by
 removing the curtains that hide the company's rehearsal hall from the street so passersby will be able to see the male and female dancers.

More Disappearing Women?

                                                          victimDue to back-room deals, no women will be elected to the commission to appoint state rabbinic judges Tuesday. A highly qualified female
 lawyer with many years of experience representing women in the rabbinical courts, Bat Sheva Shani, director of Yad L’isha, is the only
woman candidate. But she doesn’t have a chance because deals made by secular Bar Association leaders give haredim the power to decide who wins and who loses.

    Soldiers Should "Choose Death" Rather Than Hear Women Sing, Leading Settler Rabbi Says

                                                          Levanon 3Israel Defense Forces soldiers should choose death before they remain at army events which include women's singing, a top settler religious leader said.

Rosa Parks for a day, the Israeli version

A look at the increasingly fanatical demands by Haredim for men and women to be segregated in

public places, by someone who grew up in an ultra-Orthodox home in Bnei Brak.

    Gender Bias In Army May Endanger The State, Major Generals Say

                                                          FlagThe surge in religiously-motivated discrimination against women in the military could pose a threat to Israel's security, a group of retired major generals warned in a letter on Monday.

Where Have All The Women Gone?

                                                          victimAdvertisers fold to ultra-Orthodox pressure against 'obscene' billboard campaigns.

    Haredi Gang Attacks Girls, Riot Ensues

ShtreimlThree girls described by a haredi eyewitness as being “modestly dressed” were attacked by a group of Sicarii,
 the haredi street-gang-cum-mafia which often acts as “modesty police” and as extortionists.

After Pressure From The Knesset And From The Israeli Public, Women's Voices Will Be Heard On Haredi Radio Station

                                                          victimThe Israeli ultra-Orthodox radio station Kol Barama will allow women to call in for one hour every Sunday morning, following
the public battle against women's exclusion from its programs. Even though halakha, Jewish law, only bars women
from singing in certain situations where men can hear them, haredim nevertheless had banned women's spoken voices from the radio.

ברקת דרש מהמשטרה למגר את תופעת השחתת תמונות הנשים בי-ם

Jerusalem mayor urges police: Stop exclusion of women on ads

Barkat asks Jerusalem District Police Commander to take step to ensure billboards with pictures of women are not defaced, following trend of late initiated by local ultra-Orthodox sector.

ראש העיר ירושלים קרא למפקד המחוז להילחם בתופעה כדי שהמפרסמים בעיר לא יחששו מוונדליזם של שלטי חוצות ואוטובוסים

In Response To Haredi Forced Gender Segregation On Public Buses And Streets,

And Zionist Orthodox Gender Sgregation In The IDF, Hundreds Protest For Women's Rights

                                                          Rights Demo
                                                          11-11-11Hundreds of people demonstrated against forced illegal gender segregation in cities across Israel.

   Hasidic Bus Company Uses Yiddish To Illegally Order Passengers to Segregate By Gender

                                                          Park BusPrivate Transportation Corporation's B110 schedule and guidelines seems benign in English. But its Yiddish version orders
 men and women to segregate by gender and cites a ruling by haredi rabbis that forbids the sexes from mixing on the B110 – a clear violation of federal and state law.

 Pressure by ultra-Orthodox Jews takes women off ads for organ donor campaign

The advertising agency handling the bus ads asked ADI for permission
to replace the ads on buses in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak with ones showing men only

Knesset Slams No-Women Policy At Haredi Radio Station

                                                          Barama logoThe Knesset Committee for the Advancement of the Status of Women held a stormy hearing on Monday on a policy of
the independent haredi radio station Kol Berama that prevents women
rom working as radio broadcasters and from being interviewed on the station’s programs.

Haredi Forced Gender Segregation Increases In Israel

                                                          victimPosters depicting women have become rare in the streets of Israel's capital. In some areas women have been shunted onto
separate sidewalks, and buses and health clinics have been gender-segregated. The military has considered reassigning some
 female combat soldiers because religious men don't want to serve with them. This is the new reality in parts of 21st-century
Israel, where ultra-Orthodox rabbis are trying to contain the encroachment of secular
values on their cloistered society through a fierce backlash against the mixing of the sexes in public.

   Haredi Pressure Forces Removal Pictures Of Women From Organ Donor Campaign

                                                          victimThe recent removal of images of women from bus ads in Jerusalem and Bnei Brak encouraging Israelis to sign organ donor
 cards has sparked protest, with some people threatening to revoke their agreement to donate organs after their death.

   Male Officers Commanding Women Soldiers In Army Is Against Torah, Rabbi Says

Dov Lior
                                                          finger talking
                                                          micRabbi Dov Lior, the hardline settler rabbi who is chief rabbi of both Hebron and Kiryat Arba, ruled Sunday that Orthodox soldiers
should not take positions in the IDF where they would need to supervise women soldiers, because doing so would be immodest.

Large Israeli HMO Eliminates Depictions Of Girls

                                                          logoThe Clalit health maintenance organization has recently issued stickers for children that completely exclude girls. The stickers,
distributed in clinics in the Haredi (ultra-Orthodox ) community, are intended to be given to children as a prize for undergoing a medical treatment or examination.

More Illegally Gender Segregated Haredi Buses Outed

                                                          BusMonroe Bus operates routes between Brooklyn and Kiryas Joel and surrounding areas. The buses have curtains hanging down
the middle of the passenger sections to divide men and women. The buses are funded in part by government,
which means the segregation is illegal. But a Jewish newspaper's reporting leaves much to be desired.

Jerusalem women challenge ultra-Orthodox ban on 'immodest' posters

A group that calls itself Yerushalmim ('Jerusalemites') and focuses on issues of pluralism is behind the initiative.


Pictures of Women banned from Jerusalem Streets: Sandy Bar 'beheaded' on Jerusalen advertisements, compared to Tel Aviv
. ירושלים: סנדי בר בלי ראש ופוקס בלי בר רפאלי

ראשה של סנדי נותר מחוץ לשלטי הוניגמן בעיר ותמונות של בר הועלמו מחנות פוקס בשכונה מעורבת. החברות "מתחשבות באוכלוסייה החרדית" וחברת השילוט טוענת:

 "אחרת ישרפו את השלטים". קבוצת פעילים לא מוכנה לשתוק יותר על הדרת נשים מפרסומות. למה שנקנה ברשת שמחביאה אותנו?

   Look for Women: only men on campaign posters for organ-donations

חפש את האשה: רק גברים בקמפיין תרומת איברים

במודעות העידוד לחתימה על כרטיס תרומת איברים אדי בירושלים מצולמים גברים בלבד. הפער בין החתימה על הכרטיס, שמוכיחה שכולנו בני אדם, לבין העלמת הנשים, הוא בלתי-נתפס

   Women Fight Back Against Haredi-Imposed Ban Against Images Of Women

                                                          victimOn Tuesday, six women met in Jerusalem to be photographed so their pictures can be hung from balconies throughout
 the city to counteract what appears to be the attempt to keep women out of advertising in the capital.

Yiddish Sign Ordering Jewish Women To Step Aside For Men Still Posted On Public Property In Brooklyn

                                                          Sign Telling
                                                          Women To Step
                                                          Aside For Men,
                                                          annotatedDespite earlier reports that the signs ordering women to step aside for men had been removed from public property by the city,
at least one of these signs is still posted – bolted to a tree on public property in front of the Pupa synagogue in Brooklyn.

Gender Segregation Continues On Brooklyn Bus Line

                                                          Park BusDespite promises made to the city by Private Transportation Corporation's hasidic owner, the Brooklyn B-110 bus line is still
 segregated by gender. No signs forbidding such forced segregation were posted, and the bus driver
did not intercede to stop hasidic passengers from coercing a non-hasidic woman to move to the back of the bus.

The Chabad Rebbetzin In The Short Skirt

                                                          citizenship-ceremony-2011-Levi-350The wife of a Chabad ordained rabbi is photographed wearing a skirt that is too short according to normative halakha.
The photo appears in a Jewish publication and the Chabad blog COLLive pics up the related story and runs the picture – but only after cropping it to hide the rebbetzin's immodest dress.


Women Removed From Jerusalem Ads Due To Haredi Pressure

                                                          victimThe safety advertisements for Jerusalem's new light-rail system have featured images of twins, to reinforce the idea of being "doubly safe."
Children, teenagers and haredim have been pictured in this safety campaign – all of them males. The city built a lavish public sukkah in Safra Square;
the colorful, traditional holiday structure featured pictures of males only. Most private companies'
Jerusalem billboards are now women-free, as well. And all of this is because of haredi pressure and haredi threats of violence.

Reform Movement Demands Western Wall Gender Segregation Be Ended

KotelThe Reform Movement in Israel is demanding that forced gender segregation at the Western Wall plaza and on buses departing from its main entrance be immediately ended.

Women Flock To Special Torah Evenings – Some Rabbis Object

                                                          WomenIn a synagogue one evening a few weeks ago, dozens of women burst into laughter when Noam Zigedon joked about getting one's husband
 to change a lightbulb: "So it takes him a month or two - a year or two. Never mind. Thank him with all your heart,
praise and exalt him," said Zigedon, going on to describe husbands as "childish and slow," but not malicious.

   NYC Will Close Gender Segregated Hasidic Bus Line

                                                          Park BusNew York City authorities said they will shut down a city bus service run by hasidic Jews if the group doesn't stop making women sit at the back of the bus.

Bloomberg to Williamsburg/Boro Park Chassidim: "Get your own bus."

NYC Bus Makes Orthodox Women Ride in Back

Haredi "Taliban" Woman In Monsey

                                                          Cult Taliban
                                                          Jewish Woman
                                                          Monsey Closeup
                                                          10-16-2011A haredi "Taliban" or burka cult woman in Monsey, New York. Women like this are part of a small group of ultra-Orthodox women who
believe their faces and bodies – even if clothed in a normal long sleeved dress that covers the collarbone and the knees – cause men to sin.
They wear several layers of dark wool, loose fitting garments that cover the entire body except the hands and feet, a veil, and at least one complete covering for the head and neck.

   Mea She'arim to ban women from certain Jerusalem streets during Sukkot

Large billboards posted throughout capital's ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods this week forbade women during the celebration, despite court order.

Despite the ruling of the High Court: again gender-segregated streets in Jerusalem 

במאה שערים מתעלמים מבג"ץ ושוב מפרידים

החרדים מתכוונים להקצין את ההפרדה שביצעו בשנה שעברה בשמחת בית השואבה. ארגוני זכויות אדם נערכים למאבק

  Kiruv Organization Photoshops Sleeves In, Breasts Out

                                                          credit card

 Jewpiter, a kiruv (ultra-Orthodox Jewish missionary or outreach) organization geared to college students,
decided to give a model a more 'modest' dress – and significantly smaller breasts and buttocks.

Tel Aviv Now Has 'Kosher' Gender Separated Bus Line

                                                          Bus Secular city's city council up in arms.

Tel Aviv Moves To Censor Billboards Offensive To Haredim

                                                          Rabbi Naftali
                                                          Lubert large.

City Councilman Rabbi Naftali Lubert, one of the prominent activists in recent years for making billboards more modest, is behind the new censorship.

Tsnius Injunctions in Antwerp

  Chabad Blurs Out Faces Of Women

MK Sofa
                                                          Lavndver Babi
                                                          Yar Chabad dot
                                                          infor blur It's not just Satmar and the Litvaks who do this stuff. A large Chabad blog blurs out the faces of women at the groundbreaking ceremony
for a new museum at Babi Yar, the sight of a massacre of more than 30,000 Jews carried out by the Nazis and their Ukrainian collaborators in 1941.

Hamodia Talks Blow Job

                                                          Blow Job
                                                          watermark The Brooklyn-based hasidic newspaper Hamodia refuses to cover child sex abuse because mentioning it wouldn't be modest. But its (Jewish) year end issue reports on a blow job.

  25% To 30% Of Israeli Prostitutes' Customers Are Haredi, Activists Say

Prostitutes While there is no exact figures on how many people in Israel utilize the services of sex workers in Israel, Atzum estimates that up to
10,000 men each month visit one of the hundreds of discreet apartments or brothels throughout the country. Of those, Lauer said that roughly
25-35 percent are from the haredi (ultra-Orthodox) community; 25-35% are Arab; 8- 10% are foreign workers and the rest are from the rest of Israeli society.

Israeli orchestra drops female singer after pressure from Orthodox subscribers

Israel Andalusian Orchestra will now offer concert featuring woman vocalist as a separate option only.

Posters Tell Women not to Wear Jewellery

Illegally Posted Signs Tell Women To Step Aside To Make Way For Hasidic Men