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Our goal

This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors. All the cases referred to here have had widespread publicity outside the Jewish community. Only the Orthodox Jewish circles remain uninformed and unaware of these matters.


It is because of the shielding and overprotection of our community, that we end up not being informed on the magnitude of these scandals and that we can pretend that these problems do not exist or are at least very limited among us. The end-result of this is that (a) nothing is being done to extirpate these wrongdoings and (b) these wrongdoers do not even suffer community disapprobation.

The day Haredi Press will publicize these shameful acts by Haredim, our Hall of Shame will become superfluous, because we do not target the Gentiles, but our own Haredi people, who need to be aware of these malfunctions in our society.


This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page wants precisely to remediate that situation.

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Violence and Intolerance

     D.A.'s Campaign Releases Yiddish Ad Touting Hynes As Haredi Criminals' Savior

Pictured: The Munkatcher Rebbe, the haredi go-to person to prevent Jews from being sentenced to prison or to get them out if already sentenced,
with Brooklyn District Attorney Charles J. Hynes. The text of the ad reads, "When a Jew is arrested, to whom do you go [for help]? [Text on the picture of the Munkatcher Rebbe:]
 To Jewish leaders who act on behalf of the Jewish community. [Text on Hynes' picture:] He helped us, he helps us, and he will help us some more.
 {Text at bottom:] Vote for Charles Hynes for District Attorney, strong-fair, 6 Tishrei, Tuesday Sept. 10.

     British Government Warns Haredim To Enroll Their Children In Legal Schools – Or Else

Haredi kids walking eyes covered B and W
                    low resThe British Department for Education says that up to 1,000 13- to 16-year-old haredi boys are missing
 from the state-authorized school system and are instead being illegally taught in haredi yeshivas.

    UPDATED: 10 Arrests At Beit Shemesh Construction Site After Fight Between Haredim And Guards

                    Orange JumpsuitAn argument today at a Beit Shemesh construction site between haredi protesters and the site’s security guards and overseers reportedly escalated into a brawl that led to ten arrests.

     Haredi Man Punched By Secular Passenger After Trying To Illegally Coerce Gender-Segregation On Jerusalem Bus

Egged busWhen the haredi man illegally demanded the woman to move to rear in order to maintain gender segregation, the young secular man punched him in
the face and pulled his beard. The haredi man suffered unspecified minor injuries and was treated on location by paramedics.

    Haredi Thugs Beat Haredi Developer Over Alleged Graves Desecration

Haredim throw stones at police
                    Mea Shearim July 2011 (2)Wednesday night, thugs affiliated with Asra Kadisha, the haredi organization connected to the Mea-Shearim-based haredi umbrella organization
Edah Haredit that ostensibly “protects” graves but which often does little more than extort developers, went to the home of haredi developer
Aryeh Golovenchik (גולובנציץ) and savagely beat him in front of his wife and daughter.
Golovenchik is in his 70s and was hospitalized with a possible fractured skull and other injuries.

    Man Allegedly Turned Away From Haredi-Controlled State Marriage Office Because Of His Contact With Moderate Modern Orthodox Rabbis

Jewish Bride & Groom Figurines
“You opened your file with Tozhar, so go to them for the certificate too.…Get out and close the door!'"

    Haredi Rabbis Order Every Jew To Vote For Fundamentalist Candidate For NYC Mayor

                  8-11-2013"…Mayoral candidate Erick Salgado is the only known candidate in the current New York City mayoral race, committed to
 safeguarding our moral values. He is opposed to the forced acceptance of Toeiva [gay marriage], which we know normalizes
lifestyles that are forbidden (Assur).…Our response needs to be analogous to our response to a charity organization. It is, therefore,
 halachically (according to Jewish law) incumbent upon every Jew to assist Mr. Salgado’s campaign in its needs, in order for
Erick Salgado to win the mayoral race. Every Jew who is not yet registered to vote must register by Aug. 16 in order to be eligible to vote
in the Democratic Primary. Every Jew, registered as a Democrat at the time of the Primary, is obligated to vote for Mr. Salgado.…"

    One Day After Violent Riots And 29 Arrests, Haredim Continue To Protest

Haredim throw stones at police
                    Mea Shearim July 2011 (2)Haredim are reportedly protesting in Beit Shemesh again today, one day after haredim linked to the Asra Kadisha graves protection organization
 rioted there in an attempt to block construction at a building site, leading to 29 arrests. Haredim set a grove of trees
on fire and then stoned the firefighters who came to extinguish the flames, blocked a road and burned other objects.

   Report: Chabad Rabbis Favor Hard Right Wing Zionist Orthodox Chief Rabbinate Candidates

Rebbe 2One of the rabbis Chabad backs, Shmuel Eliyahu, is known for making extreme and racist statements and will likely face a recall petition in the High Court of Justice of he is elected.

     Satmar Faction Lashes Out Against Councilman David Greenfield

David Greenfield"…We ask you respectfully: How can you have a hand in such an act?! How can you have a hand in closing down a Shul, even from a
Jewish point of view before hearing both sides SHOMOIA BEIN ACHEICHEM?! It just makes us wonder, did they offer you a big amount
 for your campaign? Did they bribe you with false information that they will be voting for you? while its known to everyone that by the last elections they officially worked against you!…"

      Haredim Demand Governor Veto Bill That Prohibits Gay Conversion Therapy On Minors

Haredi rabbis ask governor to veto bill banning
                    reparative therapy for minors 7-2013.jpg Reparative therapy claims to be able to make gay people straight. But it has been exposed as being a dangerous, failed therapy that hurts manypeople
and helps very few (if any). It full of abuses, and has no significant support in the medical or psychological communities. Even so, haredi rabbis with
no medical training, no qualifications, and no peer reviewed studies to back them are demanding that Governor Chris Christie
veto a bill that prohibits this type of dangerous, unethical therapy from being done on minors.

    Bnei Brak To Remove Zionist Street Names, Add New Names Of Haredi Rabbis

                    flags on the groundThe office of Bnei Brak Mayor Rabbi Avraham Rubinstein has decided to remove all the remaining names of Zionist leaders and
 concepts from streets in the now-haredi city and rename them after haredi rabbis – none of whom were Zionists.

      Haredi Paper Allegedly Tells Mothers To Kill Or Maim Their Sons Who Use Smartphones

Mothers - if your son refuses to stop using "evil devices" [computers, smartphones, etc.], you should ask the rabbi if it might be a good idea to kill him, or at least cut off a few fingers, or poke out an eye.

    Nationally Known Kosher Bakery Reportedly Citied For Long String Of Rat, Cockroach, Beetle And Bird Infestations

                    Challah annotatedZomick's, the nationally known kosher bakery who hallah's and other products are found in kosher
 markets and in places like Whole Foods, has for many years had a serious pest problem.

     AGAIN: Another Haredi Soldier Attacked By A Haredi Mob In Jerusalem

Haredim throw stones at police
                    Mea Shearim July 2011 (2)A haredi soldier walking on Shmuel Hanavi Street near Mea Shearim in Jerusalem today was attacked by
a mob of haredim – the second such attack in the haredi Jerusalem neighborhood this week.

    Cult Indoctrination? Satmar Children Hold Anti-Israel Demonstration, Equate Zionists

With Hitler; “We are Jewish and [Zionists] are not Jewish,” Satmar Teacher Says

Hasidic kids hold
                    anti-haredi draft rally in Spring Valley 7-2013Hasidic elementary and middle school students from Satmar’s United Talmudical Academy school in Spring Valley held
 a public protest yesterday against Israel’s plan to draft haredi yeshiva students into the country’s military.

     Son Of Sefardi Haredi Leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation

Rabbi Avraham
                    Yosef 2Army Radio reported that Chief Rabbi of Holon Avraham Yosef is under investigation by the Fraud Squad of the Israel Police, apparently over
 an incident that took place four years ago for which a Labor Court has already found the younger Yosef – who is a candidate for Sefardi Chief Rabbi of Israel – liable.

     Haredi Soldier Attacked By Haredi Mob In Jerusalem

Nahal haredi patchA mob of haredi youths surrounded the car and tore the soldier's kippa off his head.

    Haredi MK Accuses Zionist Orthodox MK Of Stopping The Messiah From Coming

                    Moshe Gafni finger point"This committee has become the garbage can of Judaism. All the anti-Jewish laws find you. You have always been anti-religious!
You are a big hero, you talk the talk, and that is why you cannot be a representative on the Judicial Selection Committee -- that committee needs strong people.”

     Kotel Practice Should Remain Unchanged, Rabbis Say, Urge State To Block Women Of The Wall

Kotel From Aish HaTorah-area roof
                    annotated watermarked"In its decision, the Council [of the haredi-controlled state-funded Chief Rabbinate] rules that as long as the Chief Rabbinate
 has not delivered its decision on this matter, no changes should be made and the Western Wall must be treated like the sanctity of any synagogue."

    Rampant Building And Fire Code Violations In Heavily

Haredi Town A "Time Bomb Waiting To Go Off," New York State Told

NY State Map
                  Counties Ramapo NYCThe head of Rockland County’s volunteer task force on illegal housing says rampant building and fire code violations in the heavily haredi
Town of Ramapo are a “time bomb waiting to go off” and require an immediate state investigation. New York State wants specific
paperwork to be submitted by the task force before it will intervene, no matter how many innocent people may be in danger in the meantime.

     Modern Orthodox High School Students Booted Off AirTran Flight For Allegedly Disruptive Behavior

AirTran-Logo101 students from the Yeshiva of Flatbush, an Orthodox high school in Brooklyn, were thrown off an AirTran flight to Atlanta
 earlier this week after some of the students allegedly failed to follow AirTran and FAA behavior rules.

     Video: Ex-Haredi, Footsteps Staffer, On Katie Couric Show

Leah Vincent and
                    child“She said, ‘Leah if you try to go to college we are going to have you locked up.’”

     Haredi Couple Allegedly Murders Woman, Then Melt Her Body

Ze'ev and
                    Olga Gorelick 2A haredi couple was indicted yesterday in Jerusalem for one of the most gruesome murders in recent Israeli history. Ze’ev and
Olga Gorelik allegedly murdered Iris Gorelik Visilib and tried to cover up their crime by using chemicals to melt her body.

   OU-Linked Haredi Rabbi, Others, Ban NYC Israel Parade

Rabbi Yisroel
                    BelskyRabbi Yisroel Belsky (right),the rosh yeshiva of Torah Vodaas and the OU's co-head posek (rabbi who decides cases of Jewish law), and other haredi rabbis have banned NYC Israel Parade due to…

     Sefardi Haredi Rosh Yeshiva Convicted Of Shooting Yeshiva Student

                    Orange JumpsuitRabbi Menachem Edri – the former rosh yeshiva of the Ben Ish Chai Yeshiva – and his friend Yitzhak Zohar, were convicted yesterday of intentionally shooting one the yeshiva's students.

     New Chabad Scandal In Sydney

Rabbi Pinchos
                    FeldmanThe Feldmans, the leading Chabad family in Sydney, Australia, is – again – embroiled in scandal – this one involving what is
allegedly a beit din judgement of almost $2 million against Rabbi Pinchus Feldman and his son Yossi.

   Video: Haredi Anti-Internet Rally In Brooklyn

Rabbi arms raised
                    speaking at anti-Internet rally Brooklyn 5-9-2013Last night's anti-Internet rally in Borough Park was a uniform sea of black and white, and while railing against the Internet is a popular
 haredi rabbi pastime, so far no haredi communities have held an anti-child-sex-abuse rally or an anti-fraud-and-theft rally.

    Attack On MK Rabbi Dov Lipman Exposes The Problem With Haredi Logic

Rabbi Aharon
                    Feldman"Clearly there is no Talmudic or Halachic foundation for not teaching children…basic skills…that they will need to be able to earn a living…
So instead of arguing the point itself, Rabbi Aharon Feldman uses a classic ruse. He tries to bolster his argument by bringing a Jewish law that
 is itself uncompromising–a species of Etrog must be pure–and then compares it to another point to which is has no relevance whatever.
Simply put: what has the law of Etrog got to do with the Yeshiva education system in Israel? Answer: Nothing."


    Audio: MK Rabbi Dov Lipman Responds To Critics Of The Haredi Draft And Secular Education

Rabbi Dov LipmanMember of Knesset Dov Lipman – called a "rasha" (evil one) and an "apostate" by Rabbi Aharon Feldman – responds to the stinging attacks on
 him from haredi rabbis, including Feldman, over the government's plan to draft haredim and to compel haredi schools funded by the
 government to actually teach secular subjects as required by law
. Lipman is also asked about Women of the Wall.

     Did Israel's Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Plagiarize Responsa?

Rabbi-metzgerDid Israel's Ashkenazi haredi Chief Rabbi Yona Metzger plagiarize teshuvot from other rabbis to make his own books look more important? Ma'ariv alleges that he appears to have done just that.

     Video: Haredi Mob Attacks, Screams "Nazis!" And "Shiksa!" At, Police, Electric Co Workers, And Firefighters

Haredi mob attacks police, firefighters and
                    electric company workers Mea Shearim 4-28-2013During a fire that firefighters feared would lead to a building collapse, haredim in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem attack police, firefighters and electric company workers while screaming "Nazis!" and "shiksa!" at them.

    VIDEO: Mourning R. Ovadia Yosef says that he is more sorrow for IDF Draft of Yeshiva Boys than for the death of his own son

Speaking with Netanyahu during his condolence call, Yosef reportedly said, "I'm in mourning now as a father who buried his son,
but my greatest sorrow is my sorrow over the [forced military] enlistment of [haredi] yeshiva students.… the fate of the world of Torah,” Yosef reportedly said, was greater than the sorrow he felt over the death of his son.

    In Ramapo, Haredi Housing Violations Are Common

Scales_of_justice low res"People or groups often open schools or houses of worship without permits from the town or required safety and fire equipment.
When they are caught, administrators then spend the money installing the proper equipment and then file site plans to legalized what was illegally.
The town and its judges allow the process. In other cases, houses are subdivided illegally into small apartments to accommodate more people and added rents for landlords."

     University Of Pennsylvania Issues Statement On Agudath Israel Of America Misrepresentation Of Circumcision Study

Penn_logoPenn Med could not be clearer – Agudath Israel of America used an internal Penn Med study without permission, took it out of context
and misrepresented what the study found – in other words, the rabbis and gedolim of Agudah lied. Here is Penn Med's statement in full.

    Flawed Penn Haredi Circumcision Study Comes Under Fire As Agudah Court Brief Lies

Penn_logoThe two Penn Med Center for Evidence-based Practice members who did the study cited by haredi umbrella organization Agudath Israel
 of America in a court filing in support of its claim that there is no valid statistical information to back NYC's claims about metzitzah b'peh
(the direct mouth-to-bleeding-penis sucking done by many haredi mohels after removing the baby's foreskin), are both Orthodox Jews themselves.
 In fact, one is closely affiliated with the haredi Philadelphia Kollel.

     Satmar Sets Up Committee To Help Haredim Flee Israel

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelSatmar has set up a committee, the Committee for Recruitment of Refugees, and a hotline for worried Israeli haredi yeshiva students to call.
 Based in the US, the hotline and the Satmar committee that runs it will help yeshiva students flee Israel for Brooklyn to dodge the draft.

     Hasidic Rebbes Gather In Jerusalem To Combat New Goverment’s “Anti-Haredi” Decisions

Haredi men from behind hats peyot low resMembers of the Council of Torah Sages of Agudath Israel met yesterday in Jerusalem in special session to deal with the new government’s
threat to enforce the law and defund any haredi school or yeshiva that is not teaching the country’s core curriculum.

     Zionist Orthodox Politician Receives Death Threat; Kabbalistic Death Curse Ceremony Allegedly Issued

Naftali Bennett“To Bennett Naftali, a curse and not a blessing…A curse will be visited upon your house; you'll die young after a bitter life.…You'll die
 young. A Pulsa diNura [kabbalistic death curse] has been invoked, you'll end up like Sharon. Fearful illusions will strike you when
you're in public. From this day on your life is ruined. It may not look like it, but your body language says it all. Those who laid you
waste depart from you – and this calf, the dead Bennett, also departs, as well as your children…You should not play with the Torah leaders:
 They shed one tear and you're paralyzed for life.…All those who hurt the haredim achieved glory, but you'll end up like (Ariel) Sharon,” the letter said.

    Holocaust Memorial Day “Does Not Apply” To Haredim, Haredi Leader Claims

Aryeh Deri2"Some 200 to 300 young people launched the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising, and in other ghettos there were more survivors. Is the grandmother who survived in Lodz worth less than those 200 individuals who launched the uprising?"

    5 More Women, 1 Haredi Man Arrested At Kotel

                    From Aish HaTorah-area roofFive women were arrested today for wearing tallits (prayer shawls) and tefillin (phylacteries) at the Kotel (Western Wall). The women were participating
 in a monthly prayer service held by Women of the Wall, a nonprofit that advocates for religious pluralism at the holy site.

   Israel Police Warn Women Of The Wall They Will Be Arrested – For Saying Kaddish

KotelAhead of next Thursday’s scheduled prayer service, Jerusalem’s Police Commander Major-General Yossi Parente told the
 Women of the Wall that he has added another prayer they are forbidden to publicly recite at the Kotel (Western Wall) – Kaddish,
 the memorial prayer. Parente wrote that after a discussion with Deputy Attorney General Sarit Dana last month, they determined
that the strict instructions issued almost eight years ago by the Justice Ministry but never enforced were "completely valid.” Women caught saying Kaddish out loud would now be arrested.

     Haredi Chief Rabbi Of France Caught In Another Lie

Rabbi Gilles
                  BernheimAfter being caught plagiarizing large sections of his recent book from various french philosophers and from Elie
 Wiesel, it turns out that the Sorbonne degree Grand Rabbi Gilles Bernheim claimed to have is also…fake.

    Chief Rabbi Of France Caught Plagiarizing Large Sections Of His Book

Rabbi Gilles
                        BernheimFrance's Chief Rabbi Gilles Bernheim is a thief. Bernheim has now admitted that the plagiarism found by a
 French blogger in his latest book, Forty Jewish Meditations, is, in fact, plagiarism after all.

    Haredi Magazine Mistakenly Attributes 19,000 Japan Earthquake And Tsunami Deaths To "Nuclear Accident"

Mishpacha Magazine
                  19,000 killed in Japan nuclear accident watermarkedA recent issue of Mishpacha Magazine writes about nuclear power and claims 19,000 people were killed in a Japanese nucler accident
 two years ago – even though the nuclear accident, which was the byproduct of a massive earthquake and tsunami, killed no one.

    The Mind Of Haredim: How Haredim Justify Evading The Draft

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelLearning that three of the activists are serving soldiers, the Boyaner Hasid yells, “Leave the army and tell them we’re Jews, not goyim.”
He tells them: “Do you know why [Israel’s enemies] are not killing us now? Because we’re learning in yeshiva, only because of that.”

    Video: More Than 1,000 Bags Of Shaimot Left On Lakewood Roadside

                  shaimot roadsideRabbi Chaim Abadi, ordered by a judge to remove illegally buried bags of shaimot, dug up the bags – but left them laying by
 the side of a Lakewood, New Jersey road. By law, shaimot – old, damaged prayerbooks and other damaged Jewish texts and other religious items – must be buried.

     Cancel Bar Refaeli Pro-Israel Ad Campaign Because She Slept With A Non-Jew, Orthodox Students Say

Bar-Refaeli low
                    res"We know that Refaeli had a publicized relationship with a gentile actor. And in this way, she certainly doesn't represent the Israeli public.”

    Skvere Rebbe's Grandson To Be Married Tonight In Secret Location, Hasidim Banned From Attending

Zisha Twersky, Grandson of Skvere RebbeA grandson of the Skvere Rebbe of New Square, New York is being married tonight, allegedly at a hotel in Connecticut. Zisha Twersky
 was threatened and intimidated because he was not considered to be religious enough to meet village standards. He eventually moved
out of New Square and cut off his beard and peyot (sidecurls). The Skvere Rebbe is said to be attending tonight's wedding, but he has banned
his hasidim from going with him, and the actual location of the ceremony and reception is secret – even though a wedding of a rebbe's
 grandchild would normally be a large community-wide event with all Skvere hasidim participating in it.

     15 Babies Die Every Year In NYC From Metzitzah B'Peh Herpes, Hospitals Cover Up Deaths Leading YU Rabbi Claims

Rabbi Hershal
                  SchachterSpeaking at a rabbinical conference in London, England, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva University's rabbinical school,
 claims 15 Jewish babies die every year in the New York City area from herpes transmitted by the haredi circumcision direct
mouth-to-bloody-penis-suction known as metzitzah b'peh. Schachter says that hospitals and doctors cover up these cases because otherwise the hasidim will stop coming to them.

    OU Won't Certify Quinoa For Passover Because Haredi Rabbi Says It's Used Like Wheat And Therefore Isn't Kosher

OU logo“We can’t certify quinoa because it looks like a grain and people might get confused,” Genack said. “It’s a disputed food, so we
can’t hold an opinion, and we don’t certify it. Those who rely on the O.U. for kashrut just won’t have quinoa on Passover.”

     New Passover Humra Has Haredim Worried About Hat Hametz

ShtreimlBlack Hat Fedora 2Haredim are reportedly rushing to buy or rent new hats for the Passover holiday out of fear that their old hats may contain hidden crumbs of hametz, leaven.

     Israeli High Court forbids Rabbinate to issue Excommunication Orders to prevent people to turn to the 'seciular' Courts or giving testimony to the Police

הראב"ד הגר"מ שטרנבוך: "אנו מוכנים ללכת למאסר"

הנחיית היועץ המשפטי לממשלה נגד הוצאת 'כתבי סירוב' על-ידי בתי דין הכוללת שלילת תקציבים ממוסדות בראשם יעמוד דיין שיוציא כתב סירוב,

גוררים תגובה חריפה של ראב"ד 'העדה החרדית', הגר"מ שטרנבוך, שאמר כי "אין ליועץ המשפטי להתערב לרבני ישראל המוכנים ללכת למאסר" • בלעדי (חרדים)

     Haredim: The Ultimate Disrespect

Haredi men from behind hats peyot low res"If there is one thing the haredim cannot be accused of, it is having respect for the other's worldview, beliefs and needs.
They demand everyone else's respect as the (sole) representatives of the Torah, but they do not have to respect anyone else in return.
 They have a right to meddle in every affair under the sun, while others are forbidden from intervening in their affairs.…
The Amish in the US are just as isolated, but at least they do not ask to head Congress' Budget Committee in order to transfer huge sums of money to their communities."

     Two Female Teachers Stoned By Haredim In Jerusalem

Teacher's car window shattered by haredi
                  stones 3-2013Two female teachers from Ramat Hasharon, one of them an Arab, were on their way to a shiva house in Jerusalem last
Thursday afternoon when they were attacked by haredi teens who stoned their car shattered one of its windows.

    Get-Refuser Escapes From Rabbinical Court Through Bathroom Window, Police Launch Helicopter Search

Shay CohenAn Orthodox man jailed since 2007 for refusing to grant his wife a religious divorce, known as a get in Hebrew, escaped from the Jerusalem Rabbinical Court today during a debate regarding a possible divorce agreement.

     Hundreds Of Arrest Warrants Issued For Haredi Draft Dodgers

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelHundreds of arrest warrants were filed in the past few days for haredi teens who failed to report to military induction centers when
 called up, Israeli news media has reported. But the army reportedly said that it does not believe the police will act on those warrants

    Haredim Must Be Willing To Be Killed To Prevent Haredi Military Draft, Leading Haredi Rabbi Says

Rabbi Shmuel
                  AuerbachHaredim being drafted into Israel's military "means the uprooting of our religion" and Jews must be willing to be killed
in order to prevent it from happening, a senior haredi leader, Rabbi Shmuel Auerbach said Saturday night.

     Scandal Surrounding Melbourne Chabad's Refusal To Listen To Beit Din Continues

Scales_of_justice low res"We note your response and apology in relation to Rabbi Rogut. However the Nidui remains in force until you retract your remarks
 in relation to The Beth Din and its jurisdiction. We understand that in emails to others, rather than show any
contrition, you continue to malign the Beth Din at the same time that you purport to apologise."

      Ethiopian Students Reportedly Face Segregation At Leading Zionist Orthodox Boarding School

Kfar Hasidim Israel MapEthiopian students at the Zionist Orthodox boarding school in the Kfar Hasidim Youth Village near Haifa are reportedly being segregated.
 “It is something we have become used to; that those students who are considered the best, the Israelis, receive the best education. [We don’t.]”

     Chabad Rabbi Tries To Punish Small Children For Their Father's Sin

Rabbi Zvi TelsnerThe leading Chabad rabbi in Melbourne, Australia, Zvi Hirsch Telsner (right), tried to get Chabad's Sydney, Australia schools to ban the children of a hasid who refused to heed a beit din ruling.

Continue reading "Chabad Rabbi Tries To Punish Small Children For Their Father's Sin" »

- See more at: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/#sthash.fjTu4j8H.dpuf

     Video: How Bad Is Satmar's Spring Valley Boys School? Very Bad, It Seems

United Talmudical Academy Satmar Spring
                  Valley, NYIf the people interviewed in this video are to be believed, Satmar's United Talmudical Academy in Spring Valley, New York is a very dangerous school.


     Family Of Beaten Child Refuses To Cooperate With DA; In Its Awful Coverage, News 12 Labels Haredi PR Hack A "Journalist"

Milech spitzer
                  victim 1aMeilich Spitzer, the principal of Satmar's United Talmudical Academy in Spring Valley, allegedly beat a 10-year-old boy, repeatedly
slapping him strongly across the face and head two weeks ago. Spitzer was arrested and indicted on assault charges, but the boy's
family is refusing to cooperate with the DA, causing the DA to say that he will drop the charges if a witness to the crime doesn't come forward within 60 days of the arrest.

- See more at: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/#sthash.SqC3rrYQ.dpuf

     Satmar Principal Charged With Assaulting 10-Year-Old

Milech spitzer
                    victim 1aRabbi Meilech Spitzer was charged with third-degree assault with the intent to injure, a Class A misdemeanor, after brutally and repeatedly slapping a 10-year-old child in the head and face.

   Haredi City Employed Modesty Police, Allegedly Sanctioned Harassment Of 'Deviants'

Beitar Illit Mayor Meir RubinsteinJust like Iran. The haredi city Modi'in Illit once paid its own modesty police to harass and spy on so-called dropout youth and now stands
accused of knowing that another haredi modesty squad was harassing, beating and even kidnapping dropout youth but doing nothing to stop the reign of terror.

    Chief Rabbi Of Sefat Again Issues Ruling Undermining Israeli Law

Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu
                white yarmulkeThe Chief Rabbi of Sefat Shmuel Eliyahu is no stranger to controversy. In the past, Eliyahu – whose late father was once Israel’s
Sefardi chief rabbi and who was arrested and jailed in his youth for plotting terror attacks and revolution against the State of Israel –
has a long history of making racist remarks and issuing inflammatory halakhic rulings, including one that he issued and that was just reported today.

      Charging an iPhone in Yeshivat Mir amounts to theft  -  הטענת אייפון במיר, זו גניבה

בישיבת מיר בירושלים נתלתה מודעה בה נכתב כי ראש הישיבה אסר להטעין אייפון או מחשב שאינו חסום לרשת האינטרנט בחשמל של הישיבה ואף הגדיר זאת כ"גניבה" (חרדים)

     Haredi Modesty Squad Leaders Busted For Kidnapping, Assault, Other Crimes

                  Orange JumpsuitDuring the undercover investigation leading uo to the arrests, police discovered that the two modesty squad leaders were known to haredim
 in the city but haredim preferred to ignore what the modesty squad was doing rather than speak out against it or call police.

    Newly Elected MK’s Speech Citing The Talmud Angers Haredim

Dr. Ruth Calderon“MK Calderon stood on the speakers’ platform…and then the realization suddenly hit us; we are seeing in a live broadcast the new Haskalah,
the new forces that have arisen and want to annihilate haredi society in its current form. Haredi society finds itself facing a much more
complex threat [than the Haskalah of the 18th and 19th centuries], against the demand from us to integrate into the secular Jewish society.”

For speech: See Video: You Tube

     Survivors Outraged Over Holocaust Remarks Made By Chabad's Rabbi Manis Friedman

Rabbi Manis Friedman sitting in front of books“Who in fact died and who remained alive had nothing to do with the Nazis,” Rabbi Manis Friedman stated in a speech delivered in
Melbourne in the 1980s. “Not a single Jewish child died because of the Nazis … they died in their relationship with God.…Bad things did not happen to our grandparents … No evil befell them."

     Sefardi Haredi Rabbi Threatened To Harm Yair Lapid

Rabbi Eyal Amrami“If [Lapid] continues what he is doing, God forbid, he has to know his career in the Jewish world is simply over. He will no longer be
 a part of the Jewish people. There will be no difference between him and an animal. If someone touches someone’s eye, they respond immediately and protect themselves.”

    "לא להזמין נגנים עם סמארטפונים"


על הכוונת של האגודה למען טוהר המחנה: נגני התזמורות • "שיקבלו על עצמם בחתימת ידם שאינם מביאים עמהם המכשירים הטמאים, ואם חס וחלילה יביאו, אינם מקבלים את תשלומם"

        Haredi Burka Cult Family Flees After Baby Dies From Alleged Neglect

                  Mother in court 2009A baby is dead, a haredi family is missing and in the face of a looming police crackdown, the anti-Zionist haredi umbrella
organization Edah Haredit has reportedly put out its version of an all points bulletin to try to find them.

    Haredi “Unity” Meeting Results In Expulsion Of Hasidic Rebbe

Bostoner Rebbe
                  being detained by security outside Moetzet meeting
                  2-2013When the Ashkenazi haredi Council of Torah Sages met last week for the first time in 16 years, meeting organizers trumpeted the unity
 and brotherhood between the elderly rabbis, many of whom had not spoken to each other in years. But what organizers and
 Council spokespeople did not trumpet was the sudden expulsion without warning of one member of the Council.

     Satmar Rebbe Pays Social Call To Felon Who Stole Life Savings Of East European Peasants

Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Zalman Leib Teitelbaum
                  visiting convicted felon Rabbi Moshe Chaim Strulovics
                  in Lakewood, NJ 2-6-2013 watermarkedThe Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe Zalman Leib Teitelbaum was in Lakewood, NJ yesterday to pick up $4 million from a resident of Vienna,
Austria, Mordechai Furhand, who gave Teitelbaum the money to use to build a new Talmud Torah building. While he was there, Teitelbaum
 paid a social call on an old family friend and supporter – a felon who made millions stealing the life savings of poor, illiterate Eastern European peasants.

     Hasidic Boy Busted At English Channel Tunnel For Carrying False ID

                  Orange JumpsuitA 16-year-old hasidic boy traveling from Antwerp, Belgium to the UK on a haredi shuttle bus was arrested by border guards as
he was about to enter the English Channel Tunnel after the guards realized the boy was using identification documents that belong to another person.

      Agudath Israel Of America Plans To Enhance Newsletter To Deliver

 "News" To Haredi Followers – And Uses The Banned Internet To Do It

Agudah logo redAgudath Israel of America, the large haredi umbrella organization known for opposing things like Internet use, has a survey
 posted on the Internet now. It asks members to explain their news-reading habits in order to better prepare Agudah for its release of a "newsletter" meant to spin news and to compete with those news sources.

     Israeli Hamodia blurs out female ... shoes in a drawer

המבקר של 'המודיע' מצנזר נעלי נשים

עיתון 'המודיע' מצליח להפתיע בכל פעם מחדש ברמת הצנזורה בדפיו. הבוקר, בידיעה בעיתון, מחק המבקר נעלי נשים שהופיע בתוך מגירת נעליים, בתמונה שצורפה לידיעה. צפו (ברנז'ה)

      British Hamodia Reprints Anti-Israel Cartoon But Blurs Out Women's Faces

Anti-Netanyahu anti-semitic cartoonThat's right. Hamodia felt the need to blur out the faces of dying Arab women in a cartoon because in the mid of haredim
showing those anguished faces – or the faces and bodies of any women – would not be tznius, modest.

      Satmar-Linked Yiddish Newspaper Der Blatt Calls The American Justice System A "Court Of Hell" For Haredi Jews

Der Blatt Weberman Sentence Editorial
                  watermarked"…as long as we live under this democracy, we also live under the sword of the American justice system that comes with it
– which is a court of hell for haredi Jews. One fact has become increasingly clear: there is no chance that a haredi Jew will win a trial in America, and it is even less likely that a haredi Jew will get a fair sentence."

     How Do Haredi Schools Get Away With Not Teaching Math, Science, English, Civics, and American History?

                  kids eyes covered croppedDNAinfo asked NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg if his administration was aware that many children in haredi schools are not taught
math, science and other secular subjects and, if it was, what it planned to do about it. And even though NYC is responsible by law
 to make sure private school kids get an education that is "substantially equivalent to that provided in the public schools," Bloomberg did not even realize it was his administration's responsibility.

    Shas Anti-Refugee Campaign Video Drips With Barely Concealed Racism

Eli Yishai 2The Sefardi haredi Shas political party prepared an election campaign video commercial made to inflame fear and hatred of
African refugees in the hope that would push voters to vote for Shas and its
anti-refugee policies in the upcoming elections.

    Caught Breaking The Law, Haredim Whine Again

                  kids eyes covered croppedIsrael has a law that requires schools that receive money from the state to teach the state's core curriculum – math, science, civics,
English and other subjects needed to gt a decent job and earn a living in today's world. Haredi schools often get money from the state,
but many – especially the boy's yeshivas – do not actually teach the core curriculum despite the law requiring them to do so. A new report exposes
that duplicity – and the harm that it does to those haredi kids and to Israeli society as a whole. And the haredi response to this is to?

    Video: Haredim Protest Haredi-Run Job Fair

Haredim protest haredi-run
                  job fair in beit shemesh 12-19-2012Last week, a haredi-run job fair in Beit Shemesh was protested by…Yerushalmi haredim, who complained that providing haredim with jobs would take them away from Torah study.

       Haredim Angered By Jerusalem Christmas Tree

Jaffa Gate 2Haredi leaders were outraged when the City of Jerusalem allowed a large Christmas tree to be displayed at Jaffa Gate last week, the main entrance to the Old City for many Jews and Armenians.

     Haredi Group Sent Death Threats And Put Laxatives In The Water Of “Enemy” Archaeologists, Doctors And Pathologists

Rabbi Yehuda Meshi
                  Zahav with Japan's Ambassador To Israel 5-11"We decided to bring hell into their homes,” Meshi-Zahav reportedly wrote. So Meshi-Zahav and his co-conspirators poured tar
 at the entrance to the houses of doctors and pathologists and planted fake explosives. They also gave children letters containing
bullets and had the children deliver them to the doctors. The note inside the envelopes with the bullets read, "this time it's only in the mail."

   Six More Women Reportedly Arrested For Wearing Tallits At The Western Wall

Woman arrested at Kotel 11-15-2012 for
                  wearing tallitThis morning, Israeli police arrested six women who were praying at the Western Wall wearing tallits, prayer shawls. All the women
arrested were wearing tallits draped over their shoulders like a full shawl. Other women wearing smaller, more colorful “female” tallits were reportedly not arrested.

      Chabad Allegedly Violates Beit Din Restraining Order, Destroys Synagogue's Property In Bid To Evict

Temple Menorah sign"…Cheder Lubavitch and their Dean had our expensive Shul steel sign sawed off and confiscated (stole) it. They also removed and
took our printed signs and posters by the other doors and took down the Marque. This is in direct violation of the IKUL
Restraining Order issued by the cRc Beth Din and Rabbi Gedalia Schwartz against Rabbi Yitzchok Wolf
and Cheder Lubavitch. (as was locking us out by changing the locks to our doors and sanctuary)…"

     Men Shouldn't Work Because Someone Has To Take Care Of The Kids, Israel's Haredi Health Minister Says

Rabbi Yaakov Litzman 3

"Nowhere is it written that males need to work. It's good enough if the wife works. It's absurd for everyone to work, because who will educate the children? Who will look after them?"

     Block The Driveway And We'll Vandalize Your Car And Beat You Up

                  Parking Sign watermarked"Please Do Not Block The Driveway [repeated in Spanish]" And then in Yiddish the sign continues,
"If you block the driveway we will puncture your tires and afterwards we'll kill you [i.e., beat you up badly]"

    Haredi Daycare Playgroup Ad Blurs Out Pictures Of Little Girls

An ad for a haredi daycare center in Monsey, New York blurs out the faces and bodies of little girls.

        Monsey Haredi Weekly Blurs Out 'Immodestly' Dressed Cartoon Figures Of 4-Year-Old-Girls

 Community Connections, a Monsey, New York haredi weekly paper, has blurred out the legs and chest of two cartoon
figures depicting 4-year-old girls. The cartoon is part of advertisement for a haredi play group for 2-, 3-, and 4-year-old boys and girls.

     No Women's Faces

 A small haredi organization in Queens, New York, Torah Anytime, has lots of free classes taught
by women for women. But unlike the classes taught by men for men or by men for women, the female teachers' faces are not shown.

      Video: We Ban Smartphones So They Can Keep Jews Living In Ghettos, Rabbi Says

 Why are haredi rabbis banning smartphones and unfiltered Internet? Why, to keep Jews living in ghettos, one of the haredi rabbis behind the move says.

    Israelis Killed In Car Accident With Non-Kosher Animal – Which Haredi Paper Refuses To Name

Hamodia 9-22-2012 wild boar not mentionedTwo Israelis were killed when the car they were in struck a wild animal on a West Bank road. A haredi paper reported the accident – but would not name the animal, allegedly because it is not kosher.

    Will God Forgive Your Sins If You Did This?

Crying Indian
                  closeupHaredi and Orthodox Jews descended on Sheepshead Bay to cast bread crumbs – and their sins – in the water ahead of Yom Kippur,
the Jewish Day of Atonement which begins tonight. But will the symbolic dumping of sins into a body of water work if this is the end result?

    Jews Stone Cars On Yom Kippur As Police Do Nothing

Haredim throwing
                  stonesAs police reportedly stood by and did nothing, hundreds of Jews reportedly stoned cars in Jerusalem after Yom Kippur Kol Nidre services
Tuesday night, damaging dozens of vehicles – including many that were marked as belonging to local hospitals.

   Shas Party Propagandist Compares Ashkenazi School Officials To Mengele

                  Ovadia Yosef finger point"Who can stand at the crossroads cruelly pointing his finger left and right?,” Rabbi Moshe Shafir wrote,
“Who can act as if he were Mengele himself or feel like he's mingling in dreary carnal pleasure?"

     Rabbi Smashes iPhone, Rants Against Those "Abominations" And "Vile Villains" Who Own One

IPhone 4“A religious person who owns this impure device is an abomination and a disgusting, vile villain.”

      Video: Haredi Rabbi Compares NYC Board of Health To "Judenrat," Nazis

A. Romi Cohn Doing Metzitzah B'peh Brooklyn
                  9-2012 2Here is a brief video of Rabbi William Handler, a well-known haredi spokesperson, confusing the basic facts regarding this
issue (many of which are clarified above) and accusing Jews who want to cooperate with NYC's decision to require an informed
consent from parents before MBP can be done the "Judenrat." He also says that mohels will refuse to wear the "yellow stars"
the city is imposing on them. Handler cites Dr. Daniel Berman's father, as well, and says the risk of getting herpes with MBP is
the same as the risk of getting herpes from a circumcision done without MBP, which is absolutely false. Like his son Daniel,
Simeon Berman seems fond of misleading people about this issue. Handler – whose intentions are far from pure – is clearly one of the people both Bermans misled.

    Where Haredi Girls Go To Learn

Darkei Sarah
                  Seminary class"Any discussion about the study material is explosive, including the core subjects. Other seminaries teach "secular" subjects,
but there the girls are not allowed to matriculate. For many years this ban was enforced due to the steadfast view taken by
 the leader of Lithuanian Jewry, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, against higher education. The great separatist maintained
that matriculation would break down the barrier to the university - which is why the number of Haredi girls' schools offering matriculation studies can be counted on one hand."

    Haredi Leader Travels To France To Encourage Jews To Not Study Math, Science And Other Secular Subjects

                  Aharon Leib Shteinman 1Haredi Leader Rabbi Aharon Leib Shteinman was in France last week to show support for a group of haredi schools which are refusing to teach the country’s core curriculum.

     Agudah Tells Mayor It Objects To Mohels Wearing Sterile Surgical Gloves

Agudah logo redAgudath Israel of America wrote a letter to NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg today objecting to any city regulation of metzitzah b'peh,
the mouth-to-penis suction done by some haredi mohels immediately after removing a baby's foreskin. Agudah also objected
to mohels being required to wear sterile surgical gloves, and it championed an agreement on circumcision reached in 2006 – an
agreement haredim immediately broke. And Agudah wants Bloomberg to postpone the vote on requiring an informed
consent to be signed by parents before the bris until he can find the time to meet with them.

     Shas Party Propagandist Compares Ashkenazi School Officials To Mengele

                  Ovadia Yosef finger point"Who can stand at the crossroads cruelly pointing his finger left and right?,” Rabbi Moshe Shafir wrote,
“Who can act as if he were Mengele himself or feel like he's mingling in dreary carnal pleasure?"

     Haredi Father Loses Court Bid To Stop Children’s Co-Ed Education

                  kids eyes covered croppedA British haredi father tried to get a London appeals court order to block his ex-wife from sending their children to non-haredi co-ed
Jewish schools. The father also objected to the children having free access to television, movies, "certain newspapers", and the Internet.

     Right Wing Israeli NGO Drafts Posters Ordering Arab Men To Stay Out Of Jerusalem

Arab Men Statr
                  Out Of Jerusalem posterJust days after a racist mob attack carried out by Jews on an Arab boy in the heart of downtown Jerusalem left him hospitalized
 in coma, the Lehava organization – made up primarily of Orthodox right wing Jews (including an increasing number
of younger haredim) – has reportedly drafted racist anti-Arab posters that order Arab men to stay out of Jerusalem.

      Should The New Shlomo Carlebach Musical Be Banned?

Awareness Center Rav Moshe Feinstein
                  on Shlomo CarlebachShlomo Carlebach was perhaps the greatest religious Jewish composer since King David. His compositions are sung in synagogues
 across the world – and across all denominations. He inspired tens of thousands of Jews to explore Judaism, often for the first time.
Many became observant Jews as a result. He founded a Moshav in Israel and led an Orthodox synagogue in New York City.
He was a friend of rock star musicians and the city's homeless, and was a man who saw the uniqueness and value in every person he met.
But Shlomo Carlebach had a dark side, as well. Should it cause us to boycott the musical about his life and remove his music from synagogues?

      Exclusive: Hasidic Newspaper Uses The "N" Word (Nigger)

In a rant about secular Jews who waste their time watching "lame" sports events like the Olympics, the Satmar hasid-owned Yiddish newspaper Der Yid can't resist using the "N" word – and shvartze – twice.

     Family Reportedly Flees Beit Shemesh After Haredi Harassment

Haredi arrest Beit Shemesh
                    riot stones at buses 1-15-2011A moderate haredi family from Beit Shemesh has been forced to leave the city after haredi extremists reportedly harassed and assauted them.

      Edah Charedit against Daf Hayomi learning

 .הדף היומי והדג המלוח • 'העדה' נגד סיום הש"ס

לקראת סיום הש"ס של 'יהדות התורה', הודפס קונטרס נגד לימוד הדף היומי, ובו מצוטטים דברי אדמו"רים זצ"ל • "כל כוונתם להגדיל כוח המפלגה, וזה עוון פלילי"

     Hundreds Of Holocaust Survivors And Their Children Protest Israel’s Mistreatment Of African Refugees

African refugees and
                  labor migrants in a park near the Central Bus Station
                  in Tel Aviv. African refugees and labor migrants in a
                  park near the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv“Last winter I saw on television dozens of African migrants huddled together in Levinsky Park. The sight was horrible and
 I decided to help them by giving the migrants food and blankets. During the Holocaust, I had to learn to live with being
ostracized and hungry, and when I look at the migrants in Israel, I can see what I fought for at age 11.
We can't turn a blind eye while these people are in distress…[but the hundreds who came to protest today] are just a drop in the bucket. Where are all the Israelis?. Don’t they care that these people have no hope?
That if they're shipped back to their countries they could die?"

      Lakewood Rabbi In Court Over Illegal Dumping Of Religious Waste

                  Shaimos dump 2010New Jersey’s Department of Environmental Protection has been fighting the rabbi for more than two years, and a court this
 year gave Abadi 60 days to remove the dump. The 60 days expired June 18, but the dump is still there, and the
Department of Environmental Protection fears it will begin to pollute the township’s water supply.

      Satmar Hasidic Newspaper: We Will Ignore Government Regulations On Metzitzah B'Peh

Der Yid logoThe Yiddish language hasidic newspaper Der Yid, published in Brooklyn by Satmar hasidim and considered to reflect the views
 of Satmar hasidic leadership, says haredim will fight the government's attempt to regulate metziztah b'peh (MBP), the direct
mouth-to-bloody-penis sucking done by hasidic mohels to the bleeding penises of babies immediately following
 the circumcision cut. MBP has sickened, maimed and even killed babies through transmission of the herpes virus.


     Bloomberg: Unsafe Practices Like Metzitzah B’Peh Will Not Be Permitted

                  Milah Circumcision Metzitzah B'peh closeupMayor Michael Bloomberg responded to haredi rabbis’ threats to sue the city if the city passes a requirement for parents to sign
 an informed consent form acknowledging the dangers of metzitzah b’peh (MBP), the oral-to-penis sucking done primarily by haredi mohels immediately after the circumcision cut is made.

     Skvere Rebbe Visits New Square Arsonist In Prison

Saul spitzer mug shotThe Skvere Rebbe is reportedly visiting Shaul Spitzer in prison. Spitzer is his former hus bucher ('butler'), who tried to burn
 down the home of New Square dissident Aron Rottenberg while the Rottenberg family was asleep inside, save for a
son-in-law who was awake monitoring the family's security camera. Spitzer almost killed Aron Rottenberg
in the process. The Skvere Rebbe did not visit Rottenberg while he was hospitalized or afterward.

       Scam: Haredi Yeshiva Students Caught In Employment Sting

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelIsrael’s Channel 10 has no trouble finding haredi ‘full time’ yeshiva students who want to work off the books while still collecting government subsidies for their ‘full time’ yeshiva study.

     Want To Get Well? Sell Your Illness To Goy, Haredi Ad Says

Haredi men from behind hats peyot low resYou can sell your illness or problem to a non-Jew and be healed or have that problem solved, a haredi classified ad says. But the service isn't free.

     Siyum HaShas Organizers To Vizhnitzer Hasidim: Return Your Tickets Now, Please

Vizhnitzer Hasidim Please Return Your Siyum
                  Hashas Tickets – We're Sold Out And Need Your SpotsThree days ago, we learned that the Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, New York, told his followers to boycott the upcoming Siyum HaShas,
 the celebration for the completion of the study of the entire Babylonian Talmud that takes place every 7 1/2 years, because two "Zionist"
 rabbis had been asked to speak. Now we have a response to the Vizhnitz ban from from Siyum organizers who, while haredi themselves,
have to be careful not to anger the estimated 80% of Siyum attendees who are Modern Orthodox and Zionist.

     Right Wing Zionist Orthodox MK Rips Up New Testament, Drawing Condemnation – And Silence

Michael Ben AriWhile the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee and the head of the Conference of Presidents of Major America
Jewish Organizations condemned the public destruction of a New Testament by a prominent Israeli lawmaker,
the Jewish Federations of North America refused to condemn Ben Ari or comment on the incident.

    Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv's Heartless Misogyny

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shtreimel hand
                  on face“I don’t understand how a rabbi can issue a ruling on a matter of life and death without even talking to the parties. We’re not talking about koshering a knife here.”

    Hasidic Rebbe Threatens To Boycott Siyum HaShas Over "Zionist" Presence

Vizhnitzer Rebbe of Monsey New YorkThe Vishnitzer Rebbe of Monsey, New York has reportedly threatened to boycott Agudath Israel of America's Siyum HaShas because
“Zionist rabbis” are scheduled to speak. Those Zionist rabbis are former Ashkenazi Chief Rabbi Yisrael Meir Lau and Yaakov Hillel.
Both are haredi but have ties to the Government of Israel. They were invited to speak, according to a Agudah source, because 80% of the people attending the Agudah event will be Modern Orthodox.

     Parents Ask State To Remove Haredi Members Of East Ramapo School Board, Bar Them From Future Office

Daniel SchwartzAfter years of what most non-haredi residents see as abuse and looting of the school system by haredim, a nonprofit New York
 law firm is petitioning to have haredi school board members removed from office and barred from holding future public office.

     Ami Magazine Endorses Violence, Condemns…Bloggers

Ami Magazine
                  Editorial 7-11-2012 Pro-Zealotry, Pro-Violence,
                  Anti-BloggersThe editors of the haredi publication Ami Magazine, who called bloggers Nazis in a previous issue and have published much
 similarly extreme rhetoric, have now written and published an editorial endorsing vigilante violence and condemning bloggers. And there's no mistaking who Ami's editors would like you to physically attack.

     Prosecute Haredi Website Execs For Extortion, Police Say

3 of the 4 Behadrei
                  Haredim Executives arrested in extortion scam
                  4-2-2012Israel Police say they now have enough evidence to prosecute the director-general of the Behadrei Haredim news website,
his deputy, and three other employees for extortion, and have turned their findings over to prosecutors.

     Chief Rabbi S. Amar of Israel: Earthquake because of Drafting Haredim in the Army

הרב הראשי הספרדי, שלמה עמאר, רמז שרעידת האדמה שפקדה את ישראל נגרמה בשל הוויכוח הציבורי סביב גיוס בחורי ישיבות,
 והשנאה שנוצרת בשל כך. על "הפראיירים" אמר: "שינסו לשבת וללמוד שבוע אחד כל היום ויראו מהו קושי אמיתי"

      Hasidic Rebbe Decries "Malicious Plans" Of The Secular Government To "Stick [Its] Paws" In Yeshivas And Draft Haredim

Tha Ashlag Rebbe Rabbi Simcha Avraham
                      Halevy"…[W]e have recently begun to hear about malicious plans of regime leaders here in our Holy Land, to stick their paws in the
 sacred halls of the yeshivas, with vain claims about equal burden and responsibility, in order to enlist the yeshiva students for military service…"

      Haredi Politician Says Drafting Haredim Borders On “Antisemitism”

                  Moshe Gafni finger point"I miss Olmert," Gafni said on during a Knesset plenary session today. "If Israel had a prime minister, he would have put his foot down and opposed this coercion. But Israel doesn't have a prime minister."

     Haredi Politician Attacks IDF Veterans As Tens Of Thousands Protest Haredi Draft Evasion

Demonstration For Universal Draft Tel
                  Aviv 7-7-2012After tonight’s massive rally in Tel Aviv staged by IDF veterans and reservists in support of a universal military draft that includes
 haredim, the head of the haredi United Torah Judaism political party Rabbi Israel Eichler complained that the anger of those veterans
and reservists toward haredim who refuse to serve in the Israel Defense Forces shows that they really are not concerned
with the country’s security. Instead, Eichler claimed, they want to “re-educate” haredi children.

     Woman, Baby Stoned By Haredim In Beit Shemesh

Haredim throw stone at cops Mea
                    Shearim 7-13-11A woman, deemed to be immodestly, and her 7-month-old baby were reportedly stoned by haredim in Beit Shemesh.

     Video: Kiryas Joel Satmar Rebbe Says No Compromise On Circumcision,

Compares "Attack" On Metzitzah B'Peh To Spanish Inquisition, Holocaust

                  Milah Circumcision Metzitzah B'peh closeupRabbi Aharon Teitelbaum compares the "attack" on metzitzah b'peh (MBP), the direct mouth-to-bloody-penis sucking done by hasidic
 mohels to babies, to the Spanish Inquisition and the Holocaust. And what is that "attack"? Publishing scientific data on MBP's risk
to babies – it sometimes kills them – and requiring parents to sign an informed consent form before the procedure can legally take place.

    Woman Forces City Of Beit Shemesh To Remove Haredi Sign Illegally Ordering Gender Segregation

Women Move To The Other
                  Side Of The Street Beit Shemesh Sign 12-21-2011The City of Beit Shemesh, which is a hotbed of haredi violence against women, is in the news again after a local non-haredi
 woman forced police to remove a haredi sign ordering women to walk on the opposite side of the street from men.

    How Long Will It Be Before Israel Passes Laws That Force Women To Wear Veils?

Alleged victimAd agencies prepare special 'modest' versions of their ads for use in Jerusalem that have no women pictured. Never mind
that many Jerusalemites are not haredi, and that Jerusalem is the nation's capital, the seat of its government and political instituions.
 Even so, advertisers willingly pay for this Jerusalem gender censorship. If they don't, haredim simply tear down or vandalize the ads,
even when those ads are posted downtown or on buses that serve all Israelis. Secular Israelis ignore the issue altogether, not because
they don't care, but because they can't deal with all the problems, haredi-generated or otherwise, they're faced with. And Jerusalem's 'secular'
mayor pretends the problem doesn't exist because he doesn't want to agitate anyone, and cause haredim to riot or secular Jews to abandon him.

    Hasidic Rebbe Says "Non-Kosher" Cellphones Can Be Destroyed On Shabbat

 "One of the matters the rebbe wishes to place an emphasis on is non-kosher cellular phones, telling his rabbonim that if an avreich is apprehended
 with a “treif phone” they are empowered to break the phone, to smash it and they will not be liable for damages. One of the more extreme rulings
 being reported in the rebbe’s name is that if they find a treif phone hidden somewhere in the yeshiva they may even take it on shabbos and smash it, explaining the reality necessitates chilul shabbos."

    Another Baby Hospitalized With Herpes From Metzitzah B'Peh

Bris Milah Circumcision Metzitzah
                    B'peh closeupAnother infant is hospitalized in NYC with metzitzah b'peh (MBP) transmitted herpes – which can be fatal and which also can cause permanent brain damage.

     Reform, Conservative Are Poison, Chief Rabbi Says

Chief Rabbis Amar and Metzger croppedDuring an emergency meeting called to try to find ways to stop the government from following through on its decision to recognize and fund
Reform and Conservative rabbis, one of Israel’s state-funded haredi chief rabbis said non-Orthodox Jewish movements are “poisoning” the Jewish people.

     Haredi Rabbis Ban Beit Shemesh Supermarket

 Five Beit Shemesh rabbis linked to the Mea Shearim-based haredi umbrella group Edah Haredit have banned haredim from shopping in an a newly-opened haredi-owned supermarket there, part of the Osher Ad chain.

      Rabbi Reuven Feinstein's Grandson Is Get Refuser

 Avrohom Meir Weiss, a grandson of the haredi 'gadol' Rabbi Reuven Feinstein (and a great-grandson of Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, the American
 haredi leader for decades of the 20th century) is a get refuser. And a demonstration against his get refusal is scheduled for Sunday.

        When It Comes To Haredi Rabbis And Haredi Heresies, Money, Politics – And Revenge –Talks

 And little provides more proof of that then the backstory of the visit ofthe  Ashkenazi Chief of israel Rabbi Yona Metzger to the Fairway supermarket in Paramus, New Jersey.

       Pashkvil Alert: mp3 Players Are Dangerous And Evil

 Signs posted around the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn warn hasidim that mp3 players are dangerous and evil.

      Israel’s State-Funded Haredi Chief Rabbis Declare “War” On Non-Orthodox Rabbis

 Israel’s haredi chief rabbis call an emergency meeting to respond to the decision made by the government to recognize a small number of non-Orthodox rabbis and pay them.

      J'lem: Haredim protest 'Shabbat desecration,' call police 'Nazis'

Dozens of extreme ultra-Orthodox demonstrate against opening of parking lot on Shabbat, hurl insults at passing secular women

      "Will Your Brothers Go To War While You Sit Here?"

 Haredi army recruitment posters in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem.

    Dispute in Lithuanian Comp and Yated Neeman with Police, because the newspaper won't grant the title "Gadol Hador" to Rav A.L. Steineman

הציבור הליטאי לקראת פילוג? • אנשי לבין פונים לערכאות נגד הגראי"ל שטיינמן
לילה שקט עבר על הניצים ב'יתד' • הרב שמואל דויטש התפטר מתפקידו כיו"ר העיתון, לקראת העברת הסכסוך לבית משפט • במקומו: הרב יוסף פטרוב, נאמנו של הגר"ש אוירבך • ומי נתן את ההיתר ללכת ל'ערכאות'? • מסתמן: פילוג רשמי שיחצה את ציבור בני התורה לשני מחנות

     Satmar: You Can't Lead Prayer Services If You Have Unfiltered Internet

 The Satmar synagogue in Lakewood, New Jersey forbids men who have unfiltered Internet access from leading prayer services.

      Yad Vashem Defaced With Anti-Zionist And Pro-Nazi Graffiti

 Israel's national Holocaust memorial was defaced overnightdefaced. “Hitler, thank you for the Holocaust.” “Jews, wake up,
the evil Zionist regime doesn’t protect us, it jeopardizes us,” graffiti read. Some graffiti was signed “world haredi Jewry.”

      The Internet Is Bad Because It Can Connect You With Zionists, Satmar Rebbe Says

 Satmar Rebbe says the Internet is bad because you can meet Zionists and other evil people online and read their ideas.

     Don’t Expel Misbehaving Students, Leading Haredi Rabbis Says

 Reacting to a suicide of a student who had been expelled from one of the Shas high school yeshivot, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, the Sefardi political party
and social movement's spiritual and halakhic authority and founder, released a message to heads of schools and organizations affiliated with it.

     3 Haredim Arrested In Jerusalem

 100 haredim try to block main road, call police “Nazis!” 30 secular Jews stage counter protest.

    Taking Aharon Friedman's Get Refusal To The Streets

 Aharon Friedman has refused to give Tamar Epstein a religious Jewish divorce called a "get." Without a get, Tamar cannot remarry. Rabbinically
endorsed rallies will be held this weekend at the Brooklyn home of Friedman's mother and a Brooklyn Jewish organization
controlled by Friedman's uncle. Both relatives have supported Friedman's refusal to grant Tamar her Jewish divorce.

     Haredi Mob Attacks Elderly Arab

 A haredi mob attacked an elderly Arab in Jerusalem Saturday night following a violent haredi demonstration
 against Sabbath desecration. The mob also attacked an Arab mother and her two children.

    New Anti-Internet Rules in Antwerp by Przeworsker Rebbe Reb Leibush Leiser:
you have internet without a filter, you are barred from coming to the Rebbe (Hebrew)

     Kiryas Joel Satmer Files $50 Million Lawsuit Against Williamsburg Satmar

 Satmar hasidim loyal to the Kiryas Joel Satmar Rebbe, Aaron Teitelbaum, filed a lawsuit late last week against Ulster County, New York,
after county officials handed control of four Satmar summer camps to the Satmar faction led by the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe, Zalman Teitelbaum.

      Rav Avraham Tzvi Wosner of Monsey bans Witnesses at a wedding who own a smart phone!

Rabbi Avraham Tzvi Wosner in Monsey ruled this week, abiding by the  decision of his grandfather, that those
who own smart phones or have Internet access without filters are banned from being witnesses at a Jewish court proceeding.

    You have a smartphone with internet, you are disqualified as a witness and you qualify for a public embarrassment (Hebrew)

    New Haredi Internet Rules

 Rules for dealing with the Internet based on the new ruling by Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wosner, the Shevet HaLevi.

     Haredim Riot, 25 Arrested

 Twenty-five haredim from Eidah Haredit, the ultra-Orthodox umbrella organization based in the Mea Shearim neighborhood of Jerusalem,
were arrested at an archaeological dig in Yehud yesterday after they allegedly rioted, stoning police and workers from the Antiquities Authority.

     Satmar Internet Use Questionnaire For Parents

 Fess up, Satmar says, or there will be consequences.

     Bnei Brak Haredi Rabbis, Activists Move To Inform On Jews Who Rent To Or Employ African Refugees

 A group haredi rabbis, activists and a city councilman held an emergency meeting in Bnei Brak yesterday to adopt a plan of action to stop African refugees from moving into their city.

    The Work Of A Sofer Or Schochet Who Has An Unflitered Internet Connection Is Not Kosher, Haredi Rabbi Rules

 Today's Hamodia in Israel reports that a leading haredi halakhic authority, Rabbi Shmuel Halevi Wozner of Bnei Brak, has ruled that the Torahs, tefillin,
megillot and mezzuzot written by a sofer (ritual scribe) who has an unfiltered Internet connection are passul, invalid, and that animals slaughtered
by a schochet (ritual slaughterer) who has an unfiltered Internet connection are not kosher because his slaughter is invalid.

     Satmar Internet Rules

 If you want your kid(s) to be in Satmar schools, these are the rules you have to follow with regard to Internet use and smart phones.

    Haredi Rabbi Lash Out At Madonna

 Madonna’s concerts in Israel are “disgraceful,” and she "desecrates" Israel's holy sites, the Israeli haredi publication HaEdah claimed this week.

     British Haredim To Rally Against The Internet

 The date of the rally hasn't been set, and its exact form hasn't been decided, but inspired by the massive haredi anti-Internet London's
rally in New York last month, London's haredi community is planning its own public event against the dangers of the Internet.

      Haredi Pol Calls Reform And Conservative Jews "Clowns"

 Upset that the State of Israel has broken the Orthodox monopoly on (some) state-funded religious services by agreeing to pay the salaries of 15 Conservative and Reform rabbis who lead communities in Israel, haredim lashed out at the government.

    6 Haredim Busted

 Six haredim men were arrested yesterday near the presumed tomb of Habakkuk the Prophet in Northern Israel.

    The Latest Haredi Anti-Internet Ban

CensorshipA haredi synagogue in Flatbush, Brooklyn has added a new ban to the haredi fight against the Internet.

      Censoring News: Two Haredi 'News' Websites Censor Articles In Response To Community Pressure

CrownHeights.info censored article from The Age
                  re Melbourne pedophilia scandal 5-30-2012A Chabad site posts and then later removes an article detailing calls for a Chabad rabbi to resign over child sex abuse coverup
allegations and VIN News removes an op-ed on the completion of the Daf Yomi cycle by Rabbi Natan Slifkin.

     Dump Your Smartphones Or Get A New Rebbe

                  Rebbe Ahron TeitelbaumThe Satmar Rebbe of Kiryas Yoel has laid down an ultimatum for his hasidim – to rid themselves of their smartphones within a month of look for a new rebbe

     Deport African Refugees, Jail Israeli Human Rights Activists, MK Says

Yulia Shamalov
                  BerkovichCalling human rights activists “hypocrites” who “would be the first to put haredim and settlers on buses and transfer them,"
Kadima Party Knesset Member Yulia Shamalov Berkovich told a Knesset committee that, “all human rights activists should be imprisoned
and transported to camps we are building” [to hold the African refugees Israel euphemistically calls “migrants” and “infiltrators”].

      Video: Excommunicate Bloggers Who Question Rabbis, Haredi Rabbi Says

Rabbi Paysach Krohn CitiField 5-20-2012While in the audience of last Sunday's massive haredi anti-Internet gathering in CitiField stadium, Rabbi Paysach Krohn,
 the English-speaking haredi world's leading maggid (moralizing public speaker; preacher) called for excommunicating bloggers
who anonymously criticize rabbis ("Da'as Torah"), and says that rabbis should ban all blog comments and force bloggers and news websites to close down their comments sections.

     Is Judaism Really A Religion Of Peace?

                  Ovadia Yosef finger pointThe issue of a Jewish doctor violating the Shabbat to treat a non-Jew has come up again in Israel. The Israeli daily newspaper
Yedioth Ahronoth reported that one of Israel’s prominent rabbis, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef, was quoted as telling his students
during a class that, "If a gentile were to get injured in a car accident during Sabbath, and he is brought to the hospital – Israel
must not treat him." He then goes on to explain loopholes in the law that would allow a Jewish doctor to treat a non-Jewish patient on the Shabbat under certain conditions.

    Lakewood Yeshiva Bans Internet

Lakewood Yeshiva Ban On
                  Internet at home (unless needed for income and
                  approved by a senior rabbi and only when filtered) or
                  on telephones (even if filtered) 5-22-2012Bais Medrash Govoha, commonly known as Lakewood Yeshiva, has banned students, single or married, from having the Internet in
their homes or on their phones. The only exception is when the Internet is needed to earn a living, in which case a senior rabbi
 must approve and a filter must be installed. But students are forbidden from having the Internet on their phones, even if filtered.
The ban extends to spouses and children, and to anyone else living in the home. The rabbis who organized Sunday's massive anti-Internet gathering in NYC are from Lakewood.

    Anti-Internet Organizers Offer To Help Haredim Block Internet

Block the Internet
                      poster Monsey 5-21-2012 watermarhed with arrowIchud Hakehilos offers to help haredim in Monsey block the Internet or install filters.

       Inform On Jews Who Rent Apartments To African Refugees, Haredi Rabbis Say

Sudanese Family Surrounded By IDFRabbis in the Israeli haredi city of Bnei Brak told Jews that it is forbidden to rent apartments to African refugees. But the rabbis went further
than they had in previous rulings by also ruling that the Jewish law of mesirah, which forbids informing
 on a fellow Jew to non-Jewish or secular authorities, does not apply in this case.

       Haredi Leader Calls Non-Jews “Murderers, Thieves [and] Brainless People”

The defacto leader of ultra-Orthodox Jews, Rabbi Aharon Leib Steinman told haredim in Beit Shemesh that non-Jews are “murderers,” “thieves,” and “brainless people.”

     Haredim Demand To Censor Media

CitiField logoThe planned haredi gathering against the Internet organized by Ichud Hakehillos Letohar Hamachaneh (Union of Communities
for the Purity of the Camp) will be censoring the news reported about it, FailedMessiah.com has exclusively learned.

     Orthodox Beat Down

                  Orange JumpsuitA Queens father-in-law gets busted after allegedly using a team of masked men to beat his get-withholding son-in-law.

     Did Chabad Help Kidnap 4 Children?

Michael McIlwrath, right, with
                  Italian journalistA mentally unstable Jewish woman abducted her four children in Italy and brought them to Russia where they were sheltered by
Chabad – despite ample evidence the woman is unstable and a danger to her children. Why did Chabad do it?

    Corruption, Conflict Of Interest, Rocks Israel's Haredi State Religious Courts – Again

Chaim Yehuda
                  RabinovitchA haredi Jerusalem religious court judge is under investigation by the State Prosecutor's Office after he was found
 to have ruled on divorce cases in which his daughter or son-in-law represented the husband or wife.

     Chabad Is Rude, Neighbors Says

Entrance to the Chabad Rebbe's ohelYears of littering and swarms of rude visitors to the Rebbe's grave has a group of Cambria Heights residents fighting Chabad's expansion plan.
They say visitors park in front of their driveways, leave trash strewn about the street and hog parking spots.
 Building a permanent dorm in the residential neighborhood would just worsen the problem.

    Haredi Property Owners Negligence Spreads To Atlantic City

Lictenstein Warehouse Fire Philadelphia 4-2012An Atlantic City property linked to the Lichtenstein family, owners of the abandoned Philadelphia factory that burned down in April,
 killing two firefighters, is causing problems for neighbors and government officials.
The Lichtenstein family, who are Gerrer hasidim, also founded and publish the haredi daily Hamodia.

    Firefighters Want To Crack Down On Illegal Haredi Schools, Code Violations

Illegal unsafe haredi school 33
                  Forshay Road Monsey NY 5-2012Ramapo firefighters say makeshift schools exist all across the town and pose dangers both for students and volunteers who respond to
fires and other emergencies. Access for firetrucks is often limited, and structures are frequently so close together that flames can easily
 jump between them. Tired of being ignored by haredim and politicians on safety issues, firefighters are now taking a more aggressive stance.
 “We’re worried about people’s lives;the children are in danger…” Ramapo was chosen by firefighters as the pilot
town for a new project to document and monitor zoning, fire code and safety violations in properties

      Religious Believers Less Motivated By Compassion Than Atheists, Studies Find

Beggar in front of
                  770In three experiments, social scientists found that compassion consistently caused less religious people to do acts of generousity.
But for highly religious people, compassion was largely unrelated to how generous they were – or were not.

     Jews Are In Israel "Only Because Of The Haredim," Haredi Pol Insists

Rabbi Israel
                    Eichler 2"It is only because of the haredim, here in Israel, that today we are in our beloved homeland of three-thousand
years dating back to God's promise to Abraham that 'to your seed I shall give the land’.”

      Haredi Kid's Paper Excludes Israeli Flag

Israeli FlagA haredi children's newspaper published on the eve of Israel's Independence Day had a large illustrated feature on the flags of various
countries and their symbolic meanings. But one flag was prominently missing: the flag of the country the children live in – Israel.

      Israel's High Court Says Modern Orthodox Conversions Kosher, Attacks Haredim

Rabbi Avraham
                  Sherman"The Rabbinical Court of Appeals rode roughshod over basic procedural rules and the principles of natural justice. It demonstrated
contempt for the special conversion courts, and above all, it hurt and did a shocking injustice to the petitioners and their children."

    Skvere Rebbe A "Piece Of Divinity," Dissident Deserves Death, Rabbi Allegedly Says

Skvere Rebbe 2A Skvere hasidic rabbi who teaches in a Skvere yeshiva gave a lecture in Yiddish in which he claims that the Skvere Rebbe is a "piece of Divinity"
and Aron Rottenberg, the New Square dissident who was almost burned to death along with his family in an arson attack last year carried out by the
 Skvere Rebbe's butler (hus bucher), is "impure" and deserved the attack. What's more, any of the 12 sons of Yaakov, the patriarch Jacob, would have killed him.

    Video: Neturei Karta Leader Chants "Allah Akbar" At Islamist Gathering

Rabbi Meir HirschSpeaking in Britain last week at at a gathering in celebration of Israeli Islamist cleric Raed Sallah's courtroom victory blocking
his pending deportation from Britain, Neturei Karta leader Rabbi Meir Hirsch said that Zionists are not Jews and that Zionists
 have no rights to any part of the land of Israel. He also called Jerusalem "Al-Qoods" and closed his speech by chanting "Allah Akbar!" several times.

     Shocking: Fearing Haredi Violence, Haredi Mayor Orders City

 To Refrain From Flying Israeli Flag On Independence Day

Israeli FlagTo appease haredi zealots, the haredi mayor of the predominently secular and Zionist Orthodox city of Beit Shemesh has ordered city
workers not to fly Israeli flags in haredi neighborhoods – or in the secular and Zionist Orthodox neighborhoods
that border them – to celebrate Israel's Independence Day, Yom HaHatzmaut, which begins tonight.

    The Documents: Satmar Contaminated Matzoh

Shmurah MatzohA Satmar matzo bakery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn was found to using contaminated well water to bake its matzos.
The city tried to shut the bakery down, but legal maneuverings by Satmar kept it open through to the start of Passover
 and kept the matzo it baked in the homes and stomachs of Jews. For the first time, here are the key documents of this case:

    Haredim Allegedly Destroy Priceless Antiquities

Grafitti on wall near vandalized
                  mosaic 4-23-2012"This is not the first time I witness the vandalism of antiquities by extremist haredi sects around this area. Six months ago
I saw a similar act in Hirbat Madres. I think the two incidents may be connected.…This is shocking. This mosaic survived 1,500 years.
 I was always scared something like this would happen because it was completely exposed, but visitors always respected the place."

    Haredim Block Inspections In Beit Shemesh, Desecrate Memorial Day

Haredi man walking past soldiers at KotelBeit Shemesh city inspectors trying to make sure businesses were closed as the law mandates for Yom HaZikaron were surrounded by a crowd of angry haredim who shouted and blocked their path.

   Haredi Rabbis Conspire With Unethical Psychiatrists To Drug Non-Compliant Followers

Alleged victimThe Gur hasid trembled as he spoke about a family gathering. One daughter in the extended family, a married woman with children,
attended after a long period in which she had remained secluded in her home. "We were shocked," the hasid said. "At the beginning,
we could barely identify her. This is a woman who has always been blessed with a lively, expressive personality, but now it looks like pills have
 finished her off. We met an apathetic woman who has a solemn, stony face; a woman who has had the life sucked out of her."

     Sefardim Not As Smart As Ashkenazim, Zionist Orthodox Rabbi Says

Israeli FlagA high profile Zionist Orthodox rabbi says Jews from North Africa and the Middle East are "purer" than European Jews but are no match for them intellectually.

     Deport African Refugees, Haredi Interior Minister Says

Eli Yishai 2The government aims to deport tens of thousands of foreigners who crossed into Israel illegally, Interior Minister Eli Yishai declared at a conference organized by right-wing groups earlier this week.


   Video: Father Screams At Chaim Berlin Yeshiva Rabbi Over Child Exclusions

Chaim Berlin
                  inside yeshivaYeshivas often refuse to admit worthy children because they aren't smart enough or from the right family or for a host of other reasons,
most of which have nothing much to do with Torah. A father whose child was allegedly so treated screams at Rabbi Neuman of Chaim Berlin on a street in Borough Park

    AUDIO: The Gadol Who Does Not Know His Children By Name

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shtender hand on
                  earRabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, the ailing 102-year-old haredi leader, never had conversations with his wife
 or children other than asking for something to be done, and he didn't even know his daughters by name.

    Send African Refugees Back To A Near Certain Death, Rabbi Says

African refugees and
                  labor migrants in a park near the Central Bus Station
                  in Tel Aviv. African refugees and labor migrants in a
                  park near the Central Bus Station in Tel Aviv“The people of Israel brought the concept of compassion into the world. We are noted for our compassion even by our enemies;
Hitler specifically pointed out that we introduced such concepts, and they hated us for it. But excessive compassion can also
have negative consequences. We have many of our own vulnerable people who we need to help and absorbing these illegal
 immigrants entails huge financial obligations. From a demographic, economic and security perspective we just can’t absorb
these numbers of people coming in – and we have to return them either to where they came from or to another country.”

    Haredi "Gadol" "Clarifies" Remarks On Sucking Baby's Penis During Circumcision Ritual

Rabbi Shmuel
                  Kamenetzky"To my knowledge, it has not been proven that the practice [of the mohel sucking the bleeding circumcision wound that has killed at
 least 2 babies and sickened others – Failed Messiah] leads to contraction of illness. The halacha is extremely sensitive to health
concerns and it is wrong to insinuate that Jews who are very particular in the care of their
children would be engaging in a practice for thousands of years which is inherently dangerous."

  Rabbis Gather To Honor Rabbi Who Called For Rabin Murder

Rabbis Shlomo Amar, Abraham B.
                  Hecht and Shaul Kassin 3-2012A group of haredi rabbis including Israel's Sefardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar, gathered in Brooklyn to honor Chabad Rabbi Abraham B. Hecht
 for his 90th birthday. Hecht infamously labelled Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin a rodef, noting that rodefs should be killed.
Rabin was assassinated not long afterward, and Hecht – who later apologized – was banned from entering Israel.

    Yeshiva Chaim Berlin Tossed Out Three Black Students

Chaim Berlin
                  inside yeshivaThe Black families' observance was not Orthodox enough for Chaim Berlin, which claimed it wasn't being racist because it kept four "brown" Yemenite students.

    Close Your Facebook Accounts Or Be Expelled, Chabad Girls School Says

Facebook logoEvery girl in the 11th grade who possessed a Facebook account – about half the girls in each class – was individually removed
from class and given a slip of paper with an ultimatum: delete the account entirely and pay a $100 fine, or face expulsion from
the school. A number of students and parents are especially upset about the move, claiming that the students had been encouraged
 by the school administration to create Facebook accounts the previous year, in order to vote for Beis Rivka in the Kohl’s charity giveaway.

    Government Fails To Follow High Court Order On Haredi Education

Israeli Flag
                  photo closeupThe High Court responds by ordering the government to explain why haredi schools are not giving their students the standardized
 country wide tests that measure knowledge in Israel’s core curriculum – a curriculum haredi schools illegally refuse to teach.

    Haredi Teen Drunkenness Finally Draws Community Attention – Sort Of

Liquor alcohol
                  boozeYoung haredi teens in Brooklyn go shul hopping to get access to free booze. But a series of emergency hospitalizations for alcohol
poisoning has finally caused the haredi community to – slowly and very weakly – begin to deal with the problem.

   BREAKING! Infected Mohel Still Sucks

Bris milahMohel linked to metzitzah b’peh death and brain damage is still sucking newborn babies’ penises during circumcisions, despite a state ban against him.

     Hared MK Calls Reform Jews "Anti-Semites," "Worse Than Our Enemies"

Rabbi Israel
                    Eichler 2Reform Movement representatives present at a meeting of the Knesset's Committee on the Status of Women were met with an attack by haredi
MK Rabbi Yisroel Eichler who lashed out at them for being "anti-Semites who hate Israel." Eichler also said that "Reform Jews are worse than our enemies."

    Haredi Circumcision Ritual Metzitzah B' Peh Kills Boy

Bris milahDangerous oral-to-genital contact, known as metzitzah b'peh, by the mohel, ritual circumciser, during the brit milah, circumcision
ceremony, apparently transmitted herpes simplex virus Type 1 to baby, who died two weeks later. Metzitzah b'peh would have been
 banned almost six years ago, but haredim – led by Satmar and Agudath Israel of America – lobbied to stop that ban, Satmar going
so far as to demonstrate against the mayor while wearing concentration camp uniforms and claiming the mayor
– himself Jewish – was an anti-Semite. It appears the city government tried to hide this new death from the media, leading to the question: how many more babies have been killed by
atmar and Agudath Israel lobbying that we don't know about?

    Israel "Most Anti-Semitic State," Haredi Pol Says

Shlomo Benizri
                  croppedFormer Shas Minister Shlomo Benizri, who was released from the Maasiyahu Prison Thursday morning, said Israel was the most
anti-Semitic country in the world due to what he referred to as its "incitement campaign against the haredi community."

    Chairman Of The House Ways And Means Committee Staffer Still Refuses To Give Wife A Get

Rep. Dave Camp (R)A social-media campaign is being waged to pressure Rep. Dave Camp to encourage a top staffer to grant his wife a Jewish divorce,
and the lawmaker restricted public posts on his Facebook page after a flood of comments about the issue.

    Don't Blame The Army For Orthodox Soldiers' Problems – Blame The Orthodox Community And Its Rabbis

IDf Chief Rabbi Rafi
                  PeretzThe IDF's chief rabbi says the fighting over keeping Jewish law in the army is caused by and is the fault of Orthodox rabbis' agitation – not by anything the IDF allegedly did wrong.

    Haredim Allegedly Torch Boy Scouts Den

Ramot Boy Scouts Den After Fire 2-25-2012In the middle of the night between February 13 and 14, firefighters were dispatched to extinguish a blaze at an Israeli Scouts den in
Jerusalem's Ramot neighborhood. Although five fire companies responded, the fire had already consumed the building's contents and
 the wooden support columns holding up the roof, which collapsed. The police and firefighters judged
the cause to be arson, not the first time that unknown perpetrators had acted against the den.

     Haredi Model In Bitter Divorce Battle

Pearlperry ReichAn ugly divorce battle that has shocked New Jersey's haredi community is making headlines in the US and Britain.

    Police Investigate Chabad Rabbi

Rabbi_sholom_dovber_wolpe_2Chabad Rabbi Shalom DovBer Wolpe, perhaps the most popular rabbi among Chabad hasidim in Israel even though he holds
no official position in the movement, is suspected of offering financial incentives to soldiers
to refuse orders to evacuate West Bank outposts, as is right wing activist / Kahanist Baruch Marzel.

    Participation In Reality Show Violates Jewish Law, Rabbi Says

Rabbi Shlomo
                  Aviner closeup"Not only is it not a mitzvah, but it's a violation…The exposure in itself isn't modest.
A man must be modest and humble; he shouldn't have a video camera follow him and see what he does."

     Edah Charedit Bans iPhone, Apple

Apple iPhoneRabbis of the extreme Eda Haredit faction have waged war against a new technological enemy: Smartphones in general, and Apple products in particular.

    Hasidic Hottie Flees Rocky Marriage, Community

Pearlperry Reich after leaving husbandPearlperry Reich, 30, a stunning mother of four, said she’s done with the Hasidic community after it fought tooth-and-nail against
her repeated attempts to end her rocky marriage — despite her claims of emotional and physical abuse. Now, after 12 years
of “war zone” living, she wants custody of her kids, is trying to launch a career in acting
and modeling, and no longer plans to follow the Hasidic teachings she was raised with in Borough Park, Brooklyn.

    Haredim Block Autopsy As Haredi Gang Steals Body

ShtreimlA Jerusalem haredi family found the body of their 32-year-old son in his bed, covered with multiple stab wounds. Paramedics could
not revive him. The family believes the stab wounds were self-inflicted. Police wanted to do an autopsy to determine the actual cause
 of death, but haredim used their political contacts to block it. But while Zaka was trying to do that, Sicarii gang members stole the body.

    Two Yeshiva Students Arrested For Attacking Christian In Old City

                  Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern 3The two yeshiva students apparently left from Yeshivas Toras Chochom, the yeshiva of (or went with) Rabbi Yitzchak Meir Morgenstern,
 a "kabbalist" who is a Breslov hasid, walked into the Old City and from there went to Mount Zion, to pray at the purported grave of
King David. They encountered a religious Christian, who they insulted (and may have spit on, as well). Police were called and the students were arrested – apparently at King David's tomb.

      Rabbi Ovadia Yosef And Sefardi Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar Ban Internet

Rabbi Ovadia Yosef and Rabbi Shlomo AmarSenior Sephardic religious leaders, including Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Shas spiritual leader Ovadia Yosef, have published
a harsh letter against the Internet, stating that every person must save his relatives and others from the "spiritual dangers" of the Web.

     Haredi MK Says Media Used Nazi Tactics To Turn Public Against Haredim

Rabbi Israel
                  Eichler 2Haredi MK Yisrael Eichler (United Torah Judaism), who was tossed out of Knesset last week for calling Opposition Leader Tzipi Livni "our enemy,"
accused the media today of turning the Israeli public against the haredim by publishing "anti-Semitic talkbacks and incitement."
Speaking before the Knesset plenum, Eichler likened the media's conduct to that of the Weimar Republic, referring to the early years of Nazism in Germany.

     Haredim Stone Tax Authority Inspectors

Handcuffs2Police arrested four men in the ultra-Orthodox Mea She'arim neighborhood in Jerusalem who threw stones off rooftops at inspectors from the Tax Authority today.

    Chabad Rabbi Bans Tap Water On Shabbat

Tap running waterOne of the most respected Chabad authorities on kosher food, who is also the chief rabbi of a haredi city in Israel, has banned the use of tap water on Shabbat.

    Jewish Day School Students Taught How To "Cure" Homosexuals

Jonah-logoAs part of the school's Jewish studies curriculum, pupils are shown a website from JONAH - Jews Offering New Alternatives to Homosexuality.
 It promotes the idea that homosexuality can be "mitigated and potentially eliminated" and sends participants on retreats such as "Journey into Manhood".
The JONAH website is introduced at the end of a lesson on homosexuality and the Orthodox viewpoint, with no opportunity for debate or discussion – and with no alternatives presented.

     Ultra-Orthodox teens accost U.S. immigrant boy in Beit Shemesh


Group of teens surround victim, a third-grader, shout and spit at him and then throw a large rock in his direction that hits him in the back.

    Haredi Teens Assault Modern Orthodox Child In Beit Shemesh

Haredim throw stone at cops Mea Shearim
                  7-13-11"A" and his family are new immigrants from the United States. As "A" was walking home from school alone, around five boys
approached him and started shouting at him. "He didn't understand what they were saying, he still doesn't know Hebrew
well, and certainly not Yiddish," A's father said. "So he tried to escape…Not in a million years" did I expect to find this kind
of atmosphere here, he said, adding that before they left for Israel he told his son about the problems with Palestinian terror, and
warned him to avoid people who looked suspicious. "I never dreamed that Orthodox Jews would be the ones I'd have to teach
my son to watch out for ... that's the big disgrace to my mind, that even children" are subject to terror at the hands of other Jews in Israel.


   Why Did Israel's Chief Rabbis Ban Häagen Dazs?

Haagen Daz cartonIsrael's Chief Rabbinate has banned Häagen Dazs ice cream, claiming the product is not kosher, even though the product sold today
is the same as the product sold one year ago or two years ago when the Rabbinate approved it as kosher. Here's the story behind the story.

     Report: Mishpacha Magazine Banned Because It Encouraged Haredim To Get Jobs

Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv shtreimel hand
                  on face"The opinion of the [upstart] weekly Mishpacha Magazine has given legitimacy to change, to going out into the workplace and earning
a living for example, without embarrassment. Now, [this upstart] is challenging the holiest of the holies, [by making it seem as if] the word of the gadol is not final and unquestionable…"

    Critics Say Israel's School System, Dragged Down By Haredim, Could Cripple Country

Haredi kids Mea Shearim to school 1-3-2012About one-quarter of Israel’s first graders study in ultra-Orthodox Jewish schools that give short shrift to subjects like reading, s
cience and math. Another quarter study in underfunded classes in the Arab sector. As a result, Israeli high school students rank
well below average among developed countries, threatening Israel's economic future and its defense.

   Another Haredi Busted For Spitting On A Woman

                  Orange JumpsuitThe Jerusalem District Prosecutor's Office filed sexual harassment charges with the city's Magistrate's Court today against Ze'ev Frank, a
29-year-old ultra-Orthodox man. Frank is accused of calling a woman a "slut" and spitting on her in Mea Shearim. Three policemen
 who were in the area in an unmarked police car saw the attack and arrested him. They were attacked by many haredim. The indictment also
claims that Frank resisted arrest. As he was placed inside the car, the haredim encircled the policemen and began throwing

   Haredim Stone Mixed Buses

Haredi man yelling at soldier, finger pointThe incident began after haredim hurled stones at buses that do not offer segregation between males and females. Police called to
the scene dispersed the rioters and detained two suspects. A police officer sustained light shoulder wounds during the arrest.

   Video: Neturei Karta Wears Yellow Stars, Holocaust Garb In Anti-Israel Protest In NYC

                    Karta Anti-Israel Demo Manhattan Holocaust Garb
                    Yellow Stars 1-5-2012The anti-Israel protest was held yesterday in Manhattan and featured little children dressed as death camp inmates, children who appear to think
they're attending a costume party and who clearly have no idea what the Holocaust was. And, as you can see from this video, neither do the adults who brought them.

   Secret Agreement Prevents Renting Apartments To Ethiopians

Ethiopian IDF
                  SoldierAn apartment complex in Kiryat Malachi illegally refuses to rent or sell apartments to Ethiopian Jews. The Lubavitcher Rebbe said not
to let any Ethiopians into Chabad schools, one nearby Chabad resident wrote, because they might be bastards (mazerim), and their behavior
 is so bad, who would want to live next to them anyway? And the fact that this racism was exposed for all to see? That's the fault of the
Nazi-like Israeli press and the Nazi-like leftists who control Israeli society, the Chabad follower says.
Others who spoke to the press also described
Ethiopians using vile racist language and made the point that they would refuse to rent or sell even to an Ethiopian IDF officer, because the refusal i
sn't based on the individual who wants to rent or buy – it is based on the overal Ethiopian community and its problems of racial origin.

   Posters Of Top Cop Dressed As Hitler Seen As More Haredi Exploitation Of The Holocaust

Haredi Ad Police Chief As Hitler 1-2-2012Internal Security Minister Yitzhak Aharonovitch expressed his shock Tuesday over the release of images depicting Jerusalem District
Police Commander Niso Shaham as Adolf Hitler. The posters were published online on Monday by unknown users, presumably
as part of the haredi protest over what some religious elements called the "community's persecution."

    Female Kabbalist "Removes" Evil Eye, Fears

Female Kabbalist
                  Removes Evil Eye With Endorsement of Rabbi ScheinbergAnd she does so with the endorsement of Rabbi Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg, the haredi "gadol" who famously told parents of victims of Rabbi Yehuda
Kolko that because Kolko did not anally penetrate their boys, there was no sex act according to the the Torah and no punishable crime. Therefore,
Rabbi Scheinberg ordered, it is forbidden to report Kolko to police or to tell the media about him. But, he easily could have added, you can see my
kabbalist to have the evil eye lifted from your family. It's like a Monty Python sketch except that it's real and real people, including children, get seriously hurt.

     Ben Gurion: Haredi Yeshiva Students' Lawlessness Threatens State

David_Ben_GurionIsrael's first prime minister wrote in 1963: "Rioting by religious fanatics exceeds all limits and I feel that I bear the responsibility to some degree.
I exempted yeshiva students from doing military service. Indeed I did so when their numbers were small, but they have been steadily increasing and their lawlessness constitutes a danger to the state's honor.…"

    Haredi Misbehavior Toward Children And Their Pet In Beit Shemesh

ShtreimlA haredi resident of Beit Shemesh allegedly threatens young Modern Orthodox children, spits at them and kicks their leashed dog.

    Pictures: Haredim Wear Yellow Stars, Hold Mass Protest Against Secular Jews, Media, State

Haredim kid yellow star 2 mea shearim
                  12-31-2011Haredim held a huge protest tonight in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem against the "persecution" they claim to suffer at the hands of the state,
the media and secular Jews. At the heart of the protest is haredi leaders claim that anger over the physical and verbal attacks by haredim
against women and children in Beit Shemesh and on buses nationwide is unfairly being directed at them – even though none of them have condemned that violence or done anything to stop it.

Yad Vashem, Politicians Condemn Haredi Misuse Of Holocaust

Haredi boy yellow star
                      demo arms up mea shearim 12-31-2011More than 1000 haredim protested tonight in Mea Shearim, many wearing yellow stars and Nazi death camp uniforms. They accused the media and the
 State of Israel of persecuting haredim and compared them to Nazis, claiming that the upraor in Israeli society over haredi violence against women
and children they deem to be "immodestly" dressed or against women who refuse to move to the back of public buses, is nothing more than persecution of haredi culture.

   Haredi Supreme Leader Bans Mishpacha Magazine

Rabbi Yosef
                  Shalom ElyashivIn a letter pubished today on the front page of the Israeli Yated Ne'eman newspaper he controls, Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv
banned reading Mishpacha Magazine or helping it in any way. He says Mishpacha "distorts and obscures" the Torah.
At the same time, rabbis in Williamsburg, Brooklyn banned Mishpacha along with Hamodia and Bina.

    Is There No Stopping The Flood?

Rabbi Yosef
                  Shalom Elyashiv 2There may be another explanation behind ultra-Orthodox rabbis' exhortations forbidding secular education and integration with wider the Israeli society.
Are these rabbis - and the violent haredi Sicarii gang - reacting to internal changes within ultra-Orthodox society, the desire of an increasing number of ultra-Orthodox Israelis to participate in wider Israeli society?

     Hundreds Of Haredim Riot In Beit Shemesh

Haredi man yelling at soldier, finger pointPolice dispersed hundreds of haredim throwing stones, blocking traffic and burning trash cans in Beit Shemesh.

   Haredim Attack New Burial Method As Not Jewish

                  Shtreiml finger point copIsrael is running out of burial space and the government has responded by allowing multi-tier burials – a method used by Jews in ancient
 Israel and at other times and places throughout history. But haredim – led by a Chabad messianist rabbi – strongly oppose the move and
 call the burial method "non-Jewish." The burial mitzvah is the Torah's most important
command, the Chabad messianist said, and therefore he was mandated to defend it.

    Sane haredim, speak up

Op-ed: Yair Lapid says large camp of moderate haredim can no longer remain silent

   'Kosher electricity law' pulled

Following public pressure, national infrastructure minister backs away from bill forcing Electric Corp to operate power stations 'according to Halacha'

     Less Than Half Of Haredi High Schools Teach Math And Civics, Report Finds

Haredi yeshiva
                  studentsDespite the law mandating teaching the core curriculum, an exemption for yeshiva high schools for boys and widespread disregard
for the law has allowed tens of thousands of haredi children to matriculate through school without studying math, civic,
English, science and the other subjects that make up Israel's core curriculum.

    Video: Haredim Riot In Mea Shearim

Haredi Riot Jerusalem 12-2011
                    Riot Police Haredi RabbiHaredim caught on camera rioting in Mea Shearim and surrounding neighborhoods, including in front of the Mir Yeshiva.

     OECD Economic Surveys: Israel 2011 criticizes the fact that general

education (Libah) is not imposed by the State on Haredi Schools


דו"ח ה-OECD קובע: "לאכוף ליבה על מערכת החינוך החרדית" • "להקטין הצפיפות בכיתות במגזר החרדי" • "חלה התדרדרות בציוני התלמידות החרדיות במתמטיקה" 

     Haredim Allegedly Attack Modern Orthodox Man In Beit Shemesh

Haredim and MO Scuffle in Beit Shemesh 9-2011A group of 15 haredi extremists, most likely linked to the Mea Shearim-based
Sicarii gang, massed outside a Modern Orthodox girls
school in Beit Shemesh and chanted slogans against the girls. A Modern Orthodox resident took pictures of the haredim
 but was attacked by two of them who allegedly threw him to the ground when they saw his camera.

    Parents Demand "Purification Ritual" After Orthodox School Was Used For A Muslim Wedding

Ohel Meir School Afula
                  insideParents of the students of the Ohel Meir state-funded Orthodox school in Afula were horrified when they discovered a
Muslim wedding in progress at the school. The school, which includes a synagogue, had been rented out to local Israeli Arabs.
The angry Orthodox Jewish parents demanded that a religious "purification ceremony" be held to cleanse
the school building from the "defilement" "caused" by the Arabs – and some rabbis are eager to oblige.

    Hasid Killed In Hit And Run Died Because He Violated Shabbat, Pashkvil Says

Sick pashlvil
                  Williamsburg 12-11-2011A hasid killed in a hit and run Friday night used the Williamsburg eruv. Satmar hasidim do not – and
now signs are posted in Williamsburg saying the dead man was killed by God because he used the eruv.

     62 years old Rabbi E. Weiss was killed on Shabbos by a car whilst walking home in Williamsburg.

Wall posters were circulated saying that a desecrator of the Shabbos deserves death. The Rabbi was in favor of the Eiruv...

City Residents Battle To Keep Karmiel Secular

Karmiel City HallResidents of Karmiel's Meyasdim neighborhood are furious over the transfer of an abandoned school compound to the Keren Or Yeshiva,
 run by the city's state-funded haredi chief rabbi, which they see as a sign of haredim gaining a foothold in the area.

   Haredi Kosher Supervision Forces All Employees Of Burger Restaurant To Wear A Kippah

HamburgerRabbis force non-Orthodox employees to wear the religious symbol, and also force restaurant managers to restrict
the job of fry cook to Orthodox or haredi Jews only, something Jewish law does not require.

   It's Come To This: ADL Urges Israel's Chief Rabbis To Publicly Denounce Haredi Spitting

Armenian Priest Haredim Jerusalem Old CityAfter dozens of reported episodes over the past months, the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has called on the Chief Rabbinate of Israel to
 publicly denounce the repulsive decades-old practice by ultra-Orthodox Jews of spitting at Christian clergymen they encounter in the street.

    High Court Demands Government Answer For Anti-Sefardi Haredi Apartheid

Israeli FlagYesterday, the High Court of Justice told Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar, the Education Ministry and mayors of Jerusalem, Bnei Brak,
 Modi'in Ilit and Betar Ilit to reply within a week to a petition demanding an end to quotas which restrict
Sephardi girls' admission to state-funded Ashkenazi-controlled ultra-Orthodox girls high schools.

    Video: Israeli Police Slow Response To Call For Help From Family Attacked By Sicarii Gang

Sicarii breaking into Gerrer hasid's
                  house burning itA family of Gerrer hasidim in Mea Shearim, Jerusalem call Israeli police when their home is attacked by Sicarii gang members wielding
sledgehammers and hurling rocks. But Israeli police take so long to respond, the family is almost murdered, and their home is destroyed.

   The John Lennon Murder In The Eyes Of A Haredi Gadol

John LennonToday is the 31st yartzeit (anniversary of the murder) of John Lennon, the former Beatle who, with songwriting partner
Paul McCartney, changed the face of rock and pop music. Lennon was murdered in NYC 31
 years ago today, and a haredi rabbi held up as a gadol had something to say about it…

    Haredim Destroy Hundreds Of TVs

Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak
                  3Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak, who has tried to ban hasidic pop music, hasidic rock music and haredi pop/rock; and who has dabbled in
concert bans and technology bans, induced dozens of haredim to destroy their television sets in ceremony
held in Jerusalem yesterday in front of the Israel Broadcasting Authority building.

Ashkenazi And Sefardi Haredim Battle Over Shabbat

Haredim in EladAshkenazi haredi minority demands the Sefardi haredi majority follow its will.

    Government Stopped Inspecting Yeshivas For Student Aid Fraud After Haredi Politicians Complained

Haredi yeshiva
                  studentsGovernment inspectors caught several haredi yeshivas padding their student rolls to defraud the government out of hundreds
 of thousands of shekels in students stipends. Then inspectors entered a haredi yeshiva and demanded to count the students immediately,
refusing to wait for the head rabbi to finish his lecture. Haredi politicians complained, calling the government's actions – the same
government whose subsidies keep these yeshivas (and many haredi families) afloat – an attack on Judaism. In response,
the government stopped inspections, only months after uncovering massive haredi yeshiva fraud.

   Clinton Concerned For Israeli Democracy Due To Haredim

Hillary ClintonUS Secretary of State Hillary Clinton voiced deep concern on Saturday over a wave of anti-democratic legislation in Israel and in
particular a bill proposing to limit donations to human rights organizations. Clinton also criticized the growing exclusion of women from Israel's public life driven by haredi pressure.

   Exclusive: Hasidic Magazine Blots Out Faces Of Gentiles

Der Blitz 12-2011 Non-Jewish Faces
                  Blotted Out closeup watermarkedThe move closely follows the publication of a hasidic textbook claiming Jews should hate all gentiles.

 קלינטון: "ההקצנה הדתית בישראל - כמו באיראן"

בנאומה בכנס "פורום סבן" מתחה הילארי קלינטון ביקורת על ההקצנה הדתית בישראל ואמרה כי היא נחרדת מכך שבאוטובוסים בירושלים הקצו מקומות ישיבה נפרדים לנשים. "זה מזכיר לי את רוזה פארקס האמריקאית השחורה שסירבה לפנות את מקום ישיבתה באוטובוס לנוסעים לבנים. יש חשש כבד לפגיעה בזכויות הנשים בישראל"

MKs Tell Clinton to ‘Mind your Own Business’

Clinton switched from foreign to domestic issues to put down Israel, and MKs suggest the Secretary of State mind her own business.

Jewish Mafia "Sikrikim" win round one against Jewish Book Store in Yerushalayim

Mea She’arim shop accedes to vandalist demands
After 20 months of attacks and a quarter million shekels in damage, a religious bookstore in the ultra-Orthodox
 Mea She’arim neighborhood of Jerusalem decided on Monday to accede to the demands of extremists responsible for the violence

    Government Funds Yeshiva Whose Head Rabbi Calls State Of Israel An "Abomination"

                    Shmuel Tal (by Emil Salman)Rabbi Shmuel Tal, head of the Torat Haim Yeshiva, calls the state an "abomination" and says he has cut himself off from "the secular leadership."

   Cops Make First Major Arrest In Violent Haredi Gang War

Jerusalem police arresting Yosef Meir
                  Hazan, Jerusalem police arresting Yosef Meir Hazan,
                  November 2011According to the indictment, a mob of some 100 Sicarii men led by Yosef Meir Hazan and Shalom Baruch Rost came to a
Ger hasidic family's house on a Friday night to evict them. The mob allegedly threw rocks at the house for two hours,
 emptied dumpsters on the doorstep and smashed windows using iron bars. Hazan then pulled out a spray can, gave it
 to the man next to him and told him to spray the toxic contents into the house via the shattered windows. Hazan
 went around the back, found a young boy, put him on his shoulders and allegedly told him to spray the substance
 into an open window there. As police attempted to rescue the family, the mob continued to hurl rocks into the house.
Eventually, a Border Police force got the residents out, but the house was completely destroyed.
Police tried several times after that to arrest Hazan, but were driven off by angry haredi mobs.

    City of Elad closes town gates 20 minutes before sunset on Erev Shabbat and prevents entrance
to  weekend visitors with Police force -  הרבנים הורו, המשטרה אכפה: הגעתם 20 דקות לפני שבת? תישארו בחוץ


תושבים שהגיעו לאלעד החרדית סמוך לכניסת השבת נתקלו בשוטרים ובשערים סגורים • טוענים: איימו עלינו שאם ניכנס, ניעצר על הפרת סדר

   Chillul HaShem: making an appointment with a Doctor and not showing up

Source: Shabbat BeShabato (Weekly Magazine from Machsike Hadass Antwerp), No 884, 2 December 2011

    In Ongoing Battle For Control Of Chabad, Chabad Boss Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky Sued

Rabbi Yehuda
                  Krinsky croppedThe Vaad L'Hafotzas Sichos, one of the Chabad the organizations that publishes books and pamphlets of the Rebbe's talks, is suing
Chabad head Rabbi Yehuda Krinsky (pictured at right) and the Chabad organizations he heads for allegedly stealing the Vaad's
work, blocking Vaad representatives from using Chabad's library, and other alleged crimes. Krinsky has been running
 Chabad's major organizations since the late rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, passed away in 1994.

Police Make Wave Of Arrests In Response To Mea Shearim Violence

Haredim burn garbage and block
                  street in Mea Shearim cropped10 Gerrer hasidim and 15 Sicarii members busted on charges of rioting and damaging private property, cops say.

Racist Rabbi Defends Anti-Arab Actions

Rabbi Shmuel
                  Eliyahu"It's unthinkable that journalists have the freedom of press and are above the law, academics have academic freedom, actors have artistic
 freedom, every person in this country has some kind of freedom from the law – and only
I have to be subject to the law? In your dreams! An unfair trial is not a trial. It's nothing,"

   Dov Hikind Tells Israel Not To Extradite Chabadnik Who Fled Arrest In Brooklyn

Yitzhak ShuchatNew York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind asked Israel's Orthodox Justice Minister to block the extradition of Yitchak Shuchat
(pictured at right), a Chabad follower wanted for allegedly beating a black student in Crown Heights in 2008 in what the DA is calling
 a hate crime. Shuchat fled to Israel to escape arrest. Chabad rabbis and community leaders, along with Hikind, have openly tried to block Shuchat's extradtion.

     Comment les ultra-orthodoxes ont usé (et abusé) d’Israël

Le livre The Unmaking of Israël (« La démolition d’Israël ») n’est encore lisible qu’en anglais. On espère que sa traduction ne tardera pas tant les réflexions de son auteur, Gershom Gorenberg*sont intéressantes… et inquiétantes.

   Wanted: Orthodox Rabbis to Sign Anti-Gay Declaration

Haredi Rabbis Launch Secret Initiative To Oppose Orthodox Acceptance Of Gays

Rabbi Shmuel
                  KamenetzkyThe initiative is endorsed by Agudath Israel of America's number two rabbi, Shmuel Kamenetzky and relies heavily on the false idea that all homosexuals can be "cured."

   "Die Rather Than Transgress!" - יהרג ואל יעבור

Pashkvilim Jerusalem 11-28-11
                  closeup watermarkedNew haredi pashkvilim, wall posters, against the Internet and modern communications technology
 that include Rabbi Chaim Kanievsky's ruling that Jews must die rather than transgress.

Haredim Launch "Kosher" Censored Dictionary

Oxford Dictionary Censored For HaredimProduced for use in haredi schools, the paperback dictionary – published by Oxford for Great Britain's Union of Orthodox
Hebrew Congregations and carrying the UOHC's hechsher – censors out words haredi rabbis found objectionable.

   Judge Dismisses Lawsuit Against Kiryas Joel

                  Joel Welcome Sign CloseupA federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit by Kiryas Joel dissidents accusing community leaders of discrimination and arguing that the village is an unconstitutional “theocracy” that should be dissolved.

  Hate All Non-Jews, Skvere Rabbis Say

                  Shaylos u'Teshuvot coverA recently published book written by a Skvere hasidic rabbi and endorsed by the Skvere Rebbe himself tells Skvere hasidim and other
 Jews to hate all gentiles. Gentiles are wholly evil, the book says. They spiritually pollute the world, and even looking at their faces is harmful.

New Square Letter Threatens Dissidents With Harassment And Expulsion

New Square public
                  letter against dissidents praying at Friehold Nursing
                  Hhome 11-2011A letter posted in public spaces in the hasidic village of New Square, New York just before Shabbat threatens dissidents, warning
them that they or anyone else who goes to pray at the nursing home that lies just outside New Square's borders (rather than following
the decree set down by the Skvere Rebbe prohibiting New Square residents from praying in any synagogues or minyans except those
approved by him that take place in the community's only synagogue) will suffer the same fate as previous community dissident
Mordechai David Fromowitz, who was threatened and harassed, and who fled New Square after fellow dissident Aron Rottenberg
 and his family were attacked and almost murdered by Shaul Spitzer, an arsonist who served as the Skvere Rebbe's
 butler and who allegedly served as an enforcer, along with other young men, of the community's edicts.

    Jerusalem dance studio is the new frontline in battle for secular liberty (The Observer)

Art group defies hardliners' demand to keep women out of sight

    Yeshiva Students Burn Cellphones, Rabbis Rejoice

Motorola-qa1-cell-phoneYeshiva students from Darkei Shalom Yeshiva in Telz Stone, Israel built a bonfire and burned their cellphones as yeshiva rabbis watched, rejoicing.

Racist Rabbi To Be Criminally Investigated, But Only For Hate Speech – Not For Hate Halakha

Rabbi Shmuel
                      EliyahuChief Rabbi of Sefat Rabbi Shmuel Eliyahu will be criminally investigated for anti-Arab remarks he made – but not for a halakhic ruling he issued telling Jews not to sell or rent homes to Arabs.

Court Rejects Haredi Thug's Appeal

Scales_of_justice low resShmuel Veisfish, an activist in the haredi street gang cum mafia known as the Sicarii or the Sikrikim, was convicted for rioting, extortion, assault and grievous bodily harm.

Mentally Ill Chabad Follower Tries To Kill Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Rabbi Ovadia
                          YosefA mentally ill man who had previously run over a Chabad rabbi and was recently indicted for murder tells police: 'I came to Kotel to kill Rabbi Ovadia', but the rabbi cancelled his appearance at last minute.

Rabin Has "No Heritage" As Leader, Rabbi Says

Yitzhak RabinThe rabbi, who is a leading Zionist Orthodox figure in Israel, also attacked his own community. "I'm saying these harsh things
[about the Zionist Orthodox community] because it [the religious extremism that led to Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin's assassination by
 a Zionist Orthodox yeshiva student] basically doesn't start from one foolish person. It starts with insanity existing within our public, which is backed by scholars."

   Haredi Chief Rabbinate Bans Modern Orthodox Rabbis

                  Bride & Groom FigurinesIsrael's haredi-controlled state rabbinate met yesterday to decide what should be done with Modern Orthodox rabbis who perform weddings.
 The rabbinate decided to form a committee to "discuss" the issue. But it also decided to barr most of those Modern Orthodox rabbis
from performing weddings until that "discussion" takes place. It also decided to penalize any official state rabbis who disregard this decision and allow a Modern Orthodox rabbi to perform a wedding.

   Myth Of "Alternative" Weddings Shows Why Israel Needs Civil Marriage And Separation Of Synagogue And State

                  Bride & Groom FigurinesThe weddings performed by the Modern Orthodox Tzohar organization are not the least bit alternative. These are Orthodox
 weddings exactly like those performed by the haredi rabbis who are employed by the Rabbinate. The marriage registration
 process is exactly the same. The bride and groom must pay the Rabbinate fee and is subject to all the Rabbinate's principles,
exactly like people who register at the Rabbinate not through Tzohar. And if they later need to divorce, they will have to do
so through the Rabbinate and will be entirely subject to the mercies of haredi Rabbinical Court judges who have made the process so painful for so many.

   Video: Neturei Karta Swastika Spurs Outrage

Neturei Karta Swastika Flatbush Cops 11-13-11A small demonstration in Flatbush against New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind by
Neturei Karta members caused outrage because a sign carried by Neturei Karta had a swastika on it.

Haredim Impede Water Repair Due To Fears Of Shabbat Violations

                  Shtreiml finger point copAn explosion in a pipe on Shabbat caused hundreds of Ashdod residents to lose water service, and when
 the city tried to fix it, haredim stopped the work because of misplaced fears of Shabbat violations.

Only Without The Haredi State Rabbis Will I Convert To Judaism

Israeli FlagHundreds of people are choosing to skirt the official haredi-controlled rabbinic system for conversions to Judaism
and instead go through private conversions – even when the price may include deportation from Israel.

    Haredi Gang War Continues – Gerrer Hasid Beaten By Sicarii In Beit Shemesh

Gerrer hasid beaten by Sicarii in Beit Shemesh 2
                11-10-11A Gerrer hasid tried to stop two Sicarii members from posting signs from Eidah Charedit condemning Gerrer violence against the Sicarii.
The two haredi groups are fighting for control over the Batei Warsaw houses in Mea Shearim. Both Ger and the Sicarii are
known to be exceedingly violent, and the Sicarii are often compared to the Mafia because of its extortion of Mea Shearim area businesses.
The Sicarii didn't like the Gerrer hasid's intervention and they beat him so seriously that he needed to be taken to the hospital.

   Chabadnik Who Fled To Israel To Be Extradited

Yitzhak ShuchatShmira street patrol member Yitzchak Shuchat is suspected of beating a black honors student, Andrew Charles, with a club
in the Crown Heights section of Brooklyn in April 2008. He fled to Canada and from there to Israel to escape justice.

Badatz slams Gur Chassidic sect over violence

The rabbis of the Haredi Badatz – the High Court of Justice of the Eida Haredit community –
published an unusual and strongly worded denouncement of the internecine violence that has been plaguing the community in recent months.

   Former Mossad Head Says Haredim Biggger Threat To Israel Than Iran

Ephraim HalevyThe former head of the Israeli secret service said Thursday during an army boarding school reunion that while Iran should
be prevented from becoming a nuclear power, its capabilities are still "far from posing an existential threat to Israel."
"The growing haredi radicalization poses a bigger risk than Ahmadinejad," Halevy said, adding that "the ultra-Orthodox extremism has darkened our lives."

Pol Ousted For Opposing Haredi Gender Segregation Asks What Happened To Israel

Rachel AzariaWith a quivering voice and tense face, Rachel Azaria, freshly ousted from the Jerusalem city council, gave a speech the other day
 summarizing her campaign against gender segregation in the capital. She had received notification
of her firing two days earlier in a laconic e-mail from the office of Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat.

Haredi Election Ad

Ramapo Election Ad By
                    Haredim For Christopher St. Lawrence AnnotatedAnti-Bob Rhodes ad attacks him for enforcing the law against haredim and implies that Christopher St. Lawrence won't.

The Battle Of Beit Shemesh

                  Shtreiml finger point copAt 8am, little girls carrying backpacks stuffed with books and lunchboxes greet each other with giggles and whispers as they wait for
the security guard to unlock the school gates. All are dressed in compliance with the school's regulations: skirt to the knee or below;
 sleeves at least to the elbow. The youngest are six, the oldest 12: the age of innocence. But this has not protected these children from being called
"prostitutes" and "whores" by haredim who have also threatened to harm them, and the little girls require police protect to get to and from school.

Israel Closes Down Settler Yeshiva Due To Violent Attacks Against Palestinans, Israel Security Forces

                  Yitzhak Shapira 3 cropped Rabbi Yosef Elitzur
                  2 Rabbi
                  Yitzchak Ginsburgh croppedIsrael's Education Ministry decided Tuesday to follow the recommendations of the Israel's secrect service the Shin Bet and close down
 the yeshiva in the West Bank settlement of Yitzhar, following its students' involvement in violent acts against Palestinians and Israeli security forces.

   Yeshiva Students Expelled For Having Driver's License

ShtreimlThe head of the prestigious Be'er Torah yeshiva has announced that he will expel 30 students from the institution after discovering that they hold driver's licenses.

Haredim Try To Shut Down Modern Orthodox Wedding Project

Placing wedding ring on bride's fingerThe flagship project of the Modern Orthodox Tzohar organization - performing thousands of wedding ceremonies a year
 for secular Israelis afraid of or upset with Israel's haredi-controlled chief rabbinate - is in danger of collapsing because
 the chief rabbinate and Ministry of Religious Services have stopped issuing marriage certificates for use by Tzohar rabbis.

    Sefat Jewish Landlord Kicks Out Druze Students After Haredi Threats

Rabbi Shmuel
                  EliyahuAlmost a year after Zionist Orthodox and haredi rabbis' published a letter illegally ordering Jews to not rent or sell apartments
to Arabs, Druze and other non-Jews – even those who serve in Israel's army – racism strikes in Sefat once again. Less than a day
after four students from the Druze town of Buq'ata in the Golan Heights rented out an apartment in Sefat, their landlord ordered them to pack their belongings and vacate the home after haredim issued threats.

New Study Characterizes Agunot

Most agunot are younger woman with children who are trying to leave a first marriage, according to a new study. The findings, which identified
462 instances of women refused a Jewish divorce, or get, over a five-year period, suggest that there has been an increase in such cases, while
the rate of case resolution has been on the decline. These “chained women” have little money and are not aware of the resources available to them.

A Salem Witch Trial In Modern Day Israel

WitchA state sponsored rabbinical court in Israel ruled against a woman whose husband claimed she is a witch.

Hasid Arrested For Assaulting Cameraman

Handcuffs2A Toldos Aharon hasid was arrested yesterday for allegedly assaulting a Hot TV news photographer on Simchat Torah in Mea Shearim.

New Square Arsonist Arrested For Violating Court Order

Shaul Spitzer 2Ramapo police arrested Shaul Spitzer after he left the Rockland County Courthouse following an appearance on felony charges of
attempted murder, arson and assault. Police today accused Spitzer of standing outside Aron Rottenberg's Truman Avenue
house on Oct. 4 at 3:15 p.m. in violation of a court order to stay away from family members, their home and business

   Haredi Gang Beats Jew With Clubs And Spikes

Avraham Hirshman bloody in street 10-25-11Avraham Hirschman was walking home to Batei Warsaw in Mea Shearim. But he didn't make it. Ten masked haredim jumped out of a
truck and beat Hirschman with clubs and metal spikes, leaving him lying in the street in a pool of blood a few blocks from his home with
a multiple stab wounds and a head injury. The attack is said to be related to the fight between the haredi street gang the Sicarii and Ger hasidim over control of the Batei Warsaw houses.

Suspect In New Square Arson Now Facing Attempted Murder Charge

Skverer Rebbe

Shaul Spitzer, the 18-year-old house bucher, butler, of the Skverer Rebbe (pictured at right), has been charged
with attempted murder for his arson attack against News Square dissident Chaim Aron Rottenberg and his family.

Alleged Attempted Murderer Shaul Spitzer Returns To New Square, Yeshiva

Shaul Spitzer,jpg

The 18-year-old man accused of an arson attack on a man who refused to pray in the grand rebbes main synagogue has returned to the community and the New Square yeshiva.

Racist Rabbi: "Better To Kill A Terrorist Than Call Police"

Rabbi Yossi ElitzurRabbi Yosef Elitzur of the Od Yosef Hai yeshiva in Yitzhar and co-author of the racist book Torat Hamelech, wrote in a halachic ruling on
Monday that should someone encounter a terrorist, it is preferable to shoot and kill them rather than call the police or attempt to apprehend the
 person in question, since the terrorist may be released in a future prisoner swap.

Haredi Rabbi's Murder Trial Delayed

Koltun Koltun complained that his health has worsened in Orange County Jail, and he says he's been harassed there because he is a rabbi and a devout Hasidic Jew.
He claimed the jail has not provided proper kosher food, so he has not eaten since Oct. 12. Undersheriff Kenneth T. Jones said he's unaware of any hunger strike by Koltun,
and the jail abides by state requirements to provide food in keeping with individual inmates' religious beliefs. A visiting rabbi was bringing in large quantities
 of food to Koltun, Jones said, but the jail put a stop to that. "I think Rabbi Koltun and the truth rarely travel the same road."

Racist Rabbi: "Better To Kill A Terrorist Than Call Police"