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This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors. All the cases referred to here have had widespread publicity outside the Jewish community. Only the Orthodox Jewish circles remain uninformed and unaware of these matters.


It is because of the shielding and overprotection of our community, that we end up not being informed on the magnitude of these scandals and that we can pretend that these problems do not exist or are at least very limited among us. The end-result of this is that (a) nothing is being done to extirpate these wrongdoings and (b) these wrongdoers do not even suffer community disapprobation.

The day Haredi Press will publicize these shameful acts by Haredim, our Hall of Shame will become superfluous, because we do not target the Gentiles, but our own Haredi people, who need to be aware of these malfunctions in our society.


This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page wants precisely to remediate that situation.

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Sex Scandals - Child Abuse

      Haredi Rabbi Who Tried To Have Sex With 14-Year-Old Girl Pleads Guilty

Rabbi Nathan David (Nosson Dovid)
                          Rabinowich closeupRabbi Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich ran (and may still be running) a synagogue along with the Ahavath Torah Institute, which
 sells antique Jewish religious books and autographs of famous rabbis, and a tour company called Jewish Heritage Tours –
 all from his Midwood, Brooklyn home. And he also solicited a minor on the Internet to have sex with her.

    Rabbi Joel Roth Allegedly Helped Cover Up Inappropriate Sexual Relationship At Jewish Day School

Rabbi Joel Roth headshot"I told [Rabbi Joel Roth] that I could corroborate everything I said but he ignored me. When I pointed out that I had read in the New York Times
 that day that a CEO had lost his job for a similar sexual impropriety, he said, "This won't make the New York Times.”

    Hasidic Sex Abuse Cult Leader Sentenced To 26 Years In Prison

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2The leader of a tiny cult offshoot of the Breslov hasidic movement convicted of physically, emotionally and sexually abusing and enslaving
women and children was sentenced this morning to 26 years in prison and reparations of NIS 100,000
 to each of his victims while his aide who participated in some of the abuse was sentenced to 6 years in prison.

     Israeli Police Bust Child Rapist In Modi’in Ilit

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2Israel Police reportedly arrested a 20-year-old resident of the haredi city of Bnei Brak for allegedly sexually
assaulting a 9-year-old boy in Modi’in Ilit. Police believe the man also attacked several other victims, as well.

     Orthodox Rabbi Arrested For Alleged 1st Degree Child Sex Abuse

Rabbi Gary LiebermanA 56-year-old Orthodox rabbi from Far Rockaway, New York has been arrested for allegedly sexually abusing a young boy between November 2009 and May 2010 at the Hebrew Academy of Nassau County in West Hempstead.

     Video: New Square Sex Abuse Victim Speaks Out

Herschel Taubenfeld sitting
                          shtreimel closeupOne month after Yossi reported the abuse to police, Taubenfeld turned himself in. He was charged with 30 counts of forcible touching, endangering
the welfare of a child and third-degree sex abuse. And then pleaded guilty. But the sweetheart plea deal Taubenfeld was offered meant he would serve
 no time in prison. Instead, he was sentenced to six years probation. Taubenfeld is still reportedly teaching at one of New Square’s largest yeshivas.

    Haredi Pedophile Has Sentence Almost Doubled By Israel’s Supreme Court

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2Israel’s Supreme Court overruled a lower court today and gave a haredi man who sexually abused his young daughter a harsher prison sentence.
He had originally been sentenced to 24 months in prison by the Haifa District Court but will now
reportedly serve 45 months in prison.
 The prosecution had appealed the lower sentence, leading to the Supreme Court’s ruling.

    Teen Victim Of Nechemya Weberman Harassed In Williamsburg Hasidic Synagogue On Rosh Hashana

Nechemya Weberman court
                          11-28-2012 closeupThe now 18-year-old child sex abuse victim of Satmar community big wig Nechemya Weberman was harassed in her family’s synagogue on Rosh Hashana and was forced to leave.

    When A Council Of Orthodox Synagogues Hires A Known Sex Offender

Rabbi Avrohom Glick and David
                          Cyprys 5-2012Samuel David Cyprys, AKA Shmuel Dovid Cyprys, AKA David Cyprys is a pedophile whose first known brush with the law happened in 1992.
Chabad kept him as an employee with full access to children, even though it knew Cyprys had molested a child. Cyprys went to allegedly
molest and rape at least 11 more children at or near Chabad's Yeshivah Centre. Complaints were made to Chabad leaders, including the head of
Chabad in Australia, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner. Chabad did not remove Cyprys. And then Cyprys got a new job
 – as the director of the Council of Orthodox Synagogues of Victoria (i.e., Melbourne). Here is proof.

    British Chabad Rabbi Chaim Rapoport Explains Why He Testified In Support Of A Child Sex Abuser To Try To Keep Him Out Of Prison

Rabbi Chaim
                          Rapoport"…The case of Mr. Levy and Ms. Goldsobel (both of whom had previously come to me for counseling) went before a Crown Court jury on two occasions.
Ultimately verdicts of not guilty on all rape charges and any other charges relating to post-16 activity were entered on the court record.
The court was however satisfied that sexual conduct had started before Goldsobel was 16 and that it followed as a matter of law that she
could not have consented to that activity, regardless of whether she had been a willing partner.…"

    Frum Girl Says She Was Gang Raped By Her Father And His Friends

Alleged victim
                          2An 18-year-old Orthodox Jewish girl who claims her father sexually abused her for seven years told a British court late last month that
she was drugged, bound, blindfolded and gang raped by her father and a group of his friends when she was 16-years-old.

    Court Told Of Chabad Coverup Of Child Sexual Abuse

                          Kramer mug shot 2012Earlier this week, a Melbourne court was told that Chabad-Lubavitch's Yeshivah College in Melbourne protected a rabbi who molested students,
refused to fire him, did not report his crimes to police, and helped him flee the country when parents held a demonstration outside that rabbi's house after Yeshivah leadership rebuffed their requests to fire him.

    Jerusalem Haredi Man Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Little Girls

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2A 46-year-old Jerusalem haredi man was arrested today for allegedly sexually assaulting an unspecified number of 6- to 8-year-old girls.

     Secret Email Alleges That Orthodox NY State Assembly Speaker Had Adulterous Sexual Relationship With Married Orthodox Chief Of Staff

Sheldon SilverThe NY State ethics committee that investigated sexual harassment allegations against Assemblyman Vito Lopez mysteriously omitted from
 its final report an email that is highly embarrassing to embattled Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, an Orthodox Jew.

     British Chabad Man Guilty Of Child Sexual Abuse, Rape

Menachem Mendel Levy Guilty 5-30-2013Menachem Mendel Levy, now 41-years-old, repeatedly raped and abused a hasidic girl beginning when she was 13-years-old.

     Chicago Chabad Rabbi Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse

Rabbi Aryeh Leib “Larry” Dodovitz, 45-year-old messianist Chabad rabbi from the Chicago suburb of West Rogers Park, was arrested over the weekend and charged with sexually assaulting a child six years ago.

   Video: Seattle Haredi Day School Teacher Accused Of Child Sexual Abuse Arraigned

Rabbi Yaakov (Jordan) E. MurrayJordan E. " Yaakov" Murray taught first and second grade at the Torah Day School in Seattle when he was arrested late last
month for allegedly groping little girls he was teaching. He was hired without a background check and lacked a background in
teaching. But his parents were very close with the former Agudah rabbi of Minneapolis Moshe Tuvia Lieff, which appears to have
 been enough to get Murray his job. Murray's wife and children still live in the Minneapolis suburb of St. Louis Park. Here is video of his court appearance yesterday.

     Rabbi Accused Of Sexual Assault To Perform Wedding With The Blessing Of Britain's Two Major Haredi And Orthodox Rabbinic Organizations

Rabbi Chaim
                          HalpernRabbi Chaim Halpern, who is currently free on bail and under police investigation for allegedly sexually assaulting women who came to him
 for marriage counseling and for perverting the course of justice, will conduct a wedding under the auspices of the Orthodox Union of Hebrew
 Congregations (Kedassia) and with the permission of United Synagogue later this week at Britain's newly named chief rabbi's former synagogue.

     Haredim Launch 'Pidyon Shvuyim' Campaign For Worst Child Abuser In Israel's History

Pidyon Shvuyim Elior
                        Chen Edah Haredit Av Beit Din 5-6-2013Rabbi Elior Chen tortured tiny children, ordering his aides and followers to burn them with hot stones, beat then and drown them in order to
 'exorcise' the 'demons' he believed to have invaded them. One child was left with with permanent severe brain damage, others were maimed.
In February 2011 Chen was convicted on massive evidence – including eyewitness testimony.
 Now haredi leader Rabbi Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss,
 the head rabbi of the Mea-Shearim-based haredi umbrella organization Eidah Haredit, and other prominent Eidah Haredit
rabbis have launched a "pidyon shvuyim" fund to help Chen appeal his "draconian" 24-year prison sentence.

     London Haredi Man To Stand Trial For Harassing Witnesses In Halpern Sex Abuse Investigation

Rabbi Chaim
                          Halpern 2Samuel Erlanger, 37, will appear at Willesden Magistrates’ Court for trial on July 11 as part of ongoing investigations into alleged sexual assault and witness tampering by haredi Rabbi Chaim Halpern, 54, leader of Divrei Chaim Synagogue in London.

    Video: Brooklyn D.A. On Haredi Pedophilia And The Satmar Rebbe

                          Hynes 12-10-2012Charles Hynes speaks about the prevalence of child sexual abuse in haredi communities, the role of coverups, and a possible meeting with the Williamsburg Satmar Rebbe.

    Haredi Child Rapist Sentenced To 5 Years

Meir Dascalowitz"I will never forgive to you for the things you did to me. You ruined my life.…I have been hurt and this hurt will continue throughout my life,"
the victim wrote in a letter read out loud in court today. In that letter the victim, who is now 17-years-old, wrote that he had been expelled from his school and lost friends after he reported Dascalowitz's abuse to police.

     Two Haredim Arrested For Harassment In Rabbi Chaim Halpern Sex Scandal

Rabbi Chaim
                          Halpern 2Two haredi men have been charged with harassing witnesses in the sex abuse case against British haredi Rabbi Chaim Halpern.

     Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal: Rabbi David Kramer Pleads Guilty

                          Kramer mug shot 2012Rabbi David Kramer, the convicted pedophile extradited last year from the US to Australia to face charges of sexually abusing children at Chabad's Yeshivah College in Melbourne, pleaded guilty today.

     Rebbe On The Run

Rabbi Eliezar Berland arms up darkAs Breslov leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland tries to find a place to hide, followers try to invent excuses for what he is alleged to have
 done – sexually abusing women and girls – and major hasidic and kabbalist rabbis pay Berland social calls.


     Head Of KSA Kosher Allegedly Frequented Strip Clubs And Prostitutes, Had Multiple Affairs, Embezzled And Stole Money, Lawsuit Says

Kosher Supervison of America KSA logoA son-in-law of the head of KSA (Kosher Supervision of America) alleges his father-in-law Rabbi Binyomin Lisbon (a former
 Chabad emissary and rabbi of an Orthodox synagogue, along with heading KSA) visited strip clubs, cavorted with strippers and
prostitutes and had multiple affairs. Lisbon was allegedly institutionalized for sex addiction and at one point "escaped" and had to
 be brought back by law enforcement. Lisbon allegedly stole money from KSA and from is son-in-law, who managed KSA's accounts.

     Chabad Continues To Shun Abuse Victim's Family

Chabad Yeshiva College MelbourneZephania Waks, the father of the lead victim in the Chabad child sexual abuse scandal in Melbourne, Australia, was denied a customary aliya today by the Yeshivah Centre's synagogue.

     IDF Rabbi Caught Surfing Porn Sites And Porn Chat Rooms Gets New IDF Job – Head Of The IDF’s Torah And Instruction Division

IDF Patch
                        croppedFive months after being removed from his post after being caught watching online porn, the head rabbi of an IDF division has a new job – head of the IDF’s Torah and Instruction Division.

     Coming Out About Child Sexual Abuse

Haredi kids eyes covered cropped"I was 13 years old, attending sleep-away camp at Camp Dora Golding, an all-boys Orthodox camp that some of you still send your sons to.
 I was befriended by a 28-year-old member of the rabbinic staff. Over the course of a week he sexually abused me repeatedly.
When the activity was exposed, I was summoned to the camp director’s office and forced to confront the assailant. Then I was summarily sent
 home, as if it were I who had committed the crime. The camp never even told my parents why I was being sent home.
They were just advised to pick me up at the Greyhound terminal at New York’s Port Authority."

    Chabad Continues To Shun Abuse Survivor's Father; Parliament Testimony On Chabad Sex Abuse Released

Zephania Waks"I have tried speaking to them directly and through intermediaries, and have been consistently refused a hearing. I have tried
 going to a Jewish Court, which they also refused. Victims and their families must be protected and encouraged, not further abused: enough is enough!”

    Prominent Rabbi Arrested For Sexually Abusing Underage Daughters

                        Orange JumpsuitA prominent rabbi was arrested 10 days ago for allegedly sexually abusing three of his daughters for more than a decade.
The rabbi, who has not yet been publicly named, is reportedly being charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and invasion of privacy.

      Chabad In Melbourne Refuses Beit Din Summons In Child Sex Abuse Retaliation Case

Chabad Yeshiva College MelbourneSummoned to a beit din (Jewish religious court) over allegations that it has harassed and tried to intimidate the father of the
 lead abuse victim in the ever-growing child sexual abuse scandal at Chabad's Yeshivah Centre in Melbourne, Australia, Chabad failed to answer the summons – a clear violation of Jewish law.

      Yeshiva Rabbi Bluntly Warns Sex Abuse Reports Put Innocent Jews in Prison

Schachter Claims Student Rumors Lead to Jail With 'Shvartze'

Read more: http://forward.com/articles/172957/yeshiva-rabbi-bluntly-warns-sex-abuse-reports-put/?p=all#ixzz2Nor4GRSi

    Senior YU Rabbi Says He Didn't Try To Stop Child Sex Abuse At YU's High School Because He Could Not Be Sure Allegations Met Halakhic Threshold For Truth

                        Hershal SchachterSpeaking at a rabbinical conference in London, England, Rabbi Hershel Schachter, the rosh yeshiva of Yeshiva University's rabbinical
 school, says every community should have a board of Jewish yeshiva scholars who are also psychologists. That board should screen allegation
 of child sexual abuse and other forms of child abuse to determine if the child [or, by extension] making the claim is lying or not.
That board should decide whether or not the allegations or suspicions should be reported to police or child services.
And he made a stunning admission about the child sex abuse scandal that rocked YU's affiliated high school.

    Williamsburg Wall Posters Call For Boycott Of Weberman Victim's Father's "Bloody" Business

Nechemya Weberman court 11-28-2012
                        closeupNew pashkvils, wall posters, are up all over Williamsburg today. The posters, which are in Yiddish, attack the business of the father
of convicted child sexual abuser Nechemya Weberman's victim, claiming it is "soaked through and through with Jewish blood."
Weberman was convicted of sustained child sexual abuse against the business owner's daughter. The abuse began when the girl was 12-years-old and lasted three years.

    Australian Anti-Abuse Organization Breaks Ties With Chabad Centre After Rabbi's Wife Calls Activist "Moser," Snitch, For Cooperating With Police

Rebbetzin Pnina Feldman closeupTzedek, the anti-child-sexual-abuse organization, says it can confirm that Rebbetzin Feldman indeed called its founder Manny Waks a “moser” (snitch, informer) for informing on Jews who perpetrated unspeakable crimes against children.

     Rabbi Thought To Be Breslov Leader Flees Israel After Allegedly Sexually Abusing 10 To 20 Women And Girls

                        Eliezer Berland 32The father of a 15-year-old girl allegedly molested by an unnamed rabbi believed to be Breslov leader Rabbi Eliezer Berland told Army Radio
 that when his 15-year-old daughter told him about the abuse, and older daughter came forward and admitted that the had
 sexually abused her, as well. He believes in all 10 to 20 women and girls were sexually abused by the rabbi.

      Wife Of Senior Chabad Rabbi Calls Victim Of Child Sex Abuse And His Family, "Massers," "Informers"

                        Pinchus Feldman 2Rebbetzin Peninah Feldman, wife of Rabbi Pinchas Feldman (right), the Head Chabad Emissary to Sydney, Australia and the head of the Yeshiva Centre
 there, allegedly called Manny Waks – an alleged victim of child sexual abuse and the head of the anti-abuse advocacy group Tzedek – and his family mosrim,
informers or collaborators with the enemy.
A moser can be killed on sight if necessary to stop him from informing on a Jew to non-Jewish
police or government officials.
It was the labeling of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin a moser that led to his assassination by an Orthodox Jew.

     Another Child Sex Abuser Allegedly Helped By Community To Flee Prosecution

Enough is Enough AJN 3-7-2013An alleged victim of child sexual abuse at an Australian Jewish summer camp says his abuser was helped by the community to flee Australia for the US to escape prosecution.

    Son Of Hasidic Rebbe Imprisoned For Child Sex Abuse, Rape, Incest, Obstruction Of Justice, To Be Released

Rabbi Yaakov Yitzchok Roth 1 of 4 brothers
                        who are Shomrei Emunim RebbesRabbi Yaakov Yitzchak Roth could not take over as a Shomrei Emunim Rebbe when his father passed away in August last year.
Roth could not execute his duties as rebbe because he was serving a long prison sentence for rape, sodomy, sexual abuse of a minor
and obstruction of justice. Roth is now in the 12th year of his sentence and has claimed since his arrest that he was being set up by opponents.
He has never admitted guilt or apologized. Roth will be released from prison today and is expected to open a hasidic court in Beit Shemesh.

     Haredim Distribute Leaflets Against Rabbi Chaim Halpern

Rabbi Chaim
                        HalpernHaredim in North West London distributed leaflets this weekend calling on scandal-ridden Rabbi Chaim Halpern to leave the city.
Halpern was arrested last week on sex abuse charges and was released on bail Friday. The ongoing scandal of Halpern's alleged
sexual abuse of women who came to him for marital counseling has been front burner news in London's haredi community since late last year.

     Accused Of Perverting The Course Of Justice, Shomrim Leader Resigns

Shomrim Northwest London patchThe head of N.W. London's Shomrim haredi community safety patrol, Gavriel Ost, has resigned over allegations made by police
that he perverted the course of justice (obstruction of justice, witness intimidation or witness tampering in US terms) in the
case of accused sexual abuser and prominent haredi rabbi Chaim Halpern. Ost, two other haredi men and Halpern were
arrested last week and released by police just before Shabbat with a notice to return to the police for further questioning later this month.

- See more at: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/#sthash.bMPxKO0O.dpuf

    Orthodox Women's College Attacks Child Sex Abuse Victim For Publicizing Abuse

Alleged victim“I received an anonymous phone call last night with a message from one of your "friends" on Facebook, who expressed
great consternation and concern that you have chosen to publicize to "friends" (regardless of their age, sincerity and
 level of intimacy) your history of sexual abuse. Your public Facebook page is troubling enough, as is your Google history
 [which are open to the whole world]. It is troubling primarily because you have chosen to identify yourself by your pathology.
You no longer appear as a full human - but rather as "case study" of a young woman warped by her childhood experiences, and
is thus identified wholly by that past.…I am asking you to exercise a measure of discretion, and develop a plan to go beyond your
past towards healing. You seem too intent on wallowing in the past, and drawing sick attention to yourself for all of the wrong reasons.
 At the same, you identify yourself as a student of Hebrew Theological College, and by association besmirch your peers as well as yourself."

- See more at: http://failedmessiah.typepad.com/#sthash.bMPxKO0O.dpuf

    Haredi Man Gets 13 Years For Child Rape

Handcuffs Orange JumpsuitSimcha Kaikov, a 44-year-old haredi father of five, was sentenced to 13 years in prison by the Jerusalem District Court today for the premeditated rape of an eight-year-old girl.

     Young Children Tried To Kill Themselves Because Of Sex Abuse, Hatzolah Says

                        Hatzolah logoThe Melbourne Jewish community's emergency medical response group, Hatzolah, says young children have attempted suicide as a result of being sexually abused.

     Rabbi Chaim Halpern Arrested For Sexual Assault And Obstruction Of Justice, 3 Others Including Halpern's Brother Arrested For Obstruction, Intimidating Witnesses

                        Orange JumpsuitA 54-year-old man is now in custody at a north London police station on suspicion of sexual assault and perverting the course of justice
 (obstruction of justice, witness tampering, etc.). While none of the arrested men have been identified by police, according to sources in London's
haredi community it appears the 54-year-old is Rabbi Chaim Halpern, the prominent haredi rabbi accused of using his unlicensed marriage counseling
practice to seduce and sometimes sexually abuse married women. Halpern also alleged did the same to single women and teenage girls.

     Chabad Rabbis Covered Up Child Sex Abuse, Alleged Pedophile Claims

                          Pinchus Feldman 2A man under police investigation for allegedly sexually abusing boys at a Sydney, Australia Jewish school has said senior rabbis knew of his actions but failed to report them to authorities.

     Haredi Educator Arrested For String Of Child Molestations

Handcuffs Orange JumpsuitA 26-year-old haredi educator from the haredi city Beitar Illit was arrested today for a string of child molestations that stretch back years.

     Haredi City Employed Modesty Police, Allegedly Sanctioned Harassment Of 'Deviants'

Haredi men from behind hats peyot
                          low resJust like Iran. The haredi city Modi'in Illit once paid its own modesty police to harass and spy on so-called dropout youth and now stands
accused of knowing that another haredi modesty squad was harassing, beating and even kidnapping dropout youth but doing nothing to stop the reign of terror.

     Chabad Pedophile In Court

                          Kramer mug shot 2012David Kramer, a former teacher at Chabad’s Yeshivah College in Melbourne, Australia, was in Melbourne Magistrates’ Court Friday.

    Brooklyn Rabbi Busted For Attempted Rape Of A Minor Allegedly Ran Dangerous Jewish Heritage Tours Of Europe

Rabbi Nathan David
                        (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich closeup"The tour director, Rabbi Dr. Nosson Dovid Rabinowich, showed a complete disregard for the well-being and welfare of those on the tour.
Food and water were insufficient and he made no effort to ensure that our group of 32 travelers was present and accounted for. Indeed, he had no qualms about abandoning members of the group."

     Transcript Of Sholom Rubashkin's Son-In-Law's Plea Deal

                        Yaakov Weiss mug shot"And were you present in the vicinity -- this is a separate matter, separate incident. Were you also present in the vicinity of
340 Whitehall Road, in the City and County of Albany, New York, on and between the dates of November 1 and December 31, 2007,
and, while naked, knowingly have inappropriate physical contact with a child under the age of 17, whose date of birth you now know to be
 MM DD, 1994, who was also naked at that time, knowing that your inappropriate physical contact with that child was likely to be injurious to
the physical, mental, or moral welfare of that child? THE DEFENDANT: Yes. THE COURT: And, that is an accurate statement, correct? THE DEFENDANT: Yes, it is."

    Rabbi Busted For Attempted Rape Of A Minor Plagiarized Talmudic Book, Tricked Leading Rabbis Into Endorsing It

Rabbi Nathan David
                          (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich 2-14-2013Rabbi Dr. Nathan David (Nosson Dovid) Rabinowich stole the work of a 19th Century Jewish scholar. Here's what he did and how he got out of it.

    Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal Spreads To Sydney

AJN new abuse
                          allegations Sydney 2-15-2013 editionComplaints have been now been filed with police against two perpetrators, both associated with Chabad's Yeshiva Centre at Bondi. One of the alleged pedophiles
 has more than one alleged victim. Meanwhile, another new case – from the non-Chabad Litvish
Kollel Beth Hatalmud – has been reported in Melbourne.

     5-Year-Old Girl Allegedly Raped In Haredi City, Police Met With Wall Of Silence

Little haredi girls backpacksAn anonymous complaint to the Israel Police has reportedly sparked fears that a five-year-old girl was raped in the haredi
 West Bank city of Modiin Illit last week, but haredim have refused to cooperate with the police investigation and neither the girl or her alleged rapist has been located.

     London Haredim Rip Channel 4, Call Report An Attempt To "Defame" Haredim

Rabbi Ephraim
                        PadwaThe Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (Kedassia) ripped Channel 4's documentary on haredi child sexual abuse, calling
 the report, which aired last night, and attempt to "defame" the haredi community. It also criticized Channel 4's use of anonymous
sources from inside the haredi community. “Our community does not need Channel 4 to remind us of our duty and responsibility
 to protect our children. They are our future, and we do all we can to protect them from these unspeakable crimes," UOHC said.

     Channel 4 on covering up Child Molestation in Haredi England: the full Video

     Haredi Beit Din In Case Of Alleged London Rabbi Sex Abuser Begins

Rabbi Chaim
                        Halpern 2The special beit din (Jewish religious court) formed to hear charges against Rabbi Chaim Halpern, a leading London haredi
rabbi accused of clergy sexual abuse against adult women, has arrived in London and started preparations to hear testimony.
Witnesses and complaining witnesses should begin to be heard by the beit din tomorrow.

     Satmar Rabbi Arrested On Mulitple Counts Of Child Sexual Abuse

                          Yoel Malik (round)Yoel Malik, a 33-year-old rabbi from a prominent family of Satmar hasidim, was arrested and charged yesterday in Brooklyn with 28 counts of sexually abusing three teenage boys.

     Audio: What Rabbi Manis Friedman Really Said About Child Sex Abuse

Rabbi manis
                        friedmanHere is an audio recording of what Rabbi Manis Friedman said about child sexual abuse completely in context – including the
missing couple of minutes from the beginning of the video version of the rant that will probably make you ill. Friedman
 brings up the subject of molestation, says that hardly a kid who attends yeshivas or programs [Chabad, haredi, etc.] hasn't
 been sexually abused, and then he goes on to trivialize the abuse, make jokes about victims, and in essence claim that child
 sexual abuse is only as damaging as victims allow it to be because the damage is all collateral. The abuse itself isn't a big
 aveirah, sin, he says – not saying the after-blessing over a piece of cake is worse. But Friedman opens with a horrific statement
 about abuse that was not included in the video version of Friedman's rant. And when you hear it you'll know how horrible Manis Friedman truly is.

Victims And Families Harassed By Haredim, Haredi Rabbis Covering Up Child

 Sex Abuse, And A Group Of Young Haredim Fighting Back With Their Fists

Rabbi Ephraim
                        Padwa“Then he went to…Rabbi Padwa [whose] whole total concern was to berate the father, “How dare you go and be an informer?
He said, "You ruined his life, he was ashamed enough by the arrest and what happened, and therefore leave it go.
It's forbidden for you to pursue the case. Rabbi Padwa never expressed sympathy not for the child and not for the parents…
Six hours later, a person banged on the door. The first thing that man said, “Do you know that the whole London community
has not slept the whole night because of what you did? And I myself will go and get social services to take away your children.”
The harassment escalated into cars that would gun their motors and zoom up next to the family if they were out on the street.
The synagogues told them, ‘You're not welcome here anymore,’ they would be cursed and spat at in the street and
 called informer. So it becomes hopeless to them and ultimately they leave the country.”

     Video: Britain's Most Senior Haredi Rabbi Tells A Child Sex Abuse Victim It Is Forbidden To Report His Molester To Police

Rabbi Ephraim
                        PadwaRabbi Ephraim Padwa tells a survivor of child sexual abuse that he is not allowed to report the abuse to police or to cooperate with
police if they find out about the alleged pedophile independently. The abuser is a teacher in a haredi school. A brief, non-forensic
 social services investigation done a few years previously reportedly failed to confirm the abuse, but police were not brought in to investigate at that time.

      Haredi “Mystery Man” Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse Charges

Dovid KohnPolice, prosecutors and a Rockland County judge aren’t sure who he really is. But the man known both as Dovid Kohn and Avraham
Perl suddenly pleaded guilty in Rockland County court yesterday to having oral sex with a young girl over a three-year period beginning
 when she was 12-years-old after it became clear that tape recordings of him speaking to the victim and admitting his crimes would be admitted as evidence at his trial.

     Video: Dangerous, Idiotic And Insulting – Rabbi Manis Friedman 'Explains' Child Sexual Abuse

Rabbi manis
                        friedmanAnother hasidic untrained and unlicensed therapist/counselor, Chabad's Rabbi Manis Friedman, claims child sexual abuse
does not damage its victims, and that not saying the rabbinic prayer to be said after eating a piece of cake is worse than
something – abuse – that happened to you as a child. Victims suffer, he claims, only from the feeling that they are damaged goods.
They should realize that we are all damaged goods, abused or not, he claims, and then equates the damage of child sexual abuse
 with the damage other people experience as children from uncaring teachers or teachers who belittled them. Friedman
 completely misunderstands (or is unsympathetic to) the deep psychological pain child sexual abuse causes – to the extent that
even pre-verbal infants who are sexually abused can have psychological issues throughout their lives from that sexual abuse.

     Haredi Man Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting 17 Preteen Girls

                        Orange JumpsuitIsrael Police arrested a haredi man from a town near Jerusalem late last week for allegedly sexually repeatedly
 sexually assaulting 17 young haredi girls, including two of his own daughters aged 7 and 8.

     Jerusalem Haredi Man Convicted Of Sodomy And Indecent Assault On Haredi Kids

                        Orange JumpsuitBinyamin Schatz, a 46-year-old haredi man from Jerusalem, was convicted today in Jerusalem District Court on sodomy
and indecent assault against charges. Schatz sexually abused several haredi children in 2009 and 2010. The youngest child was seven-years-old when he was sexually abused.

     Beit Din Ruling Meant To Block Testimony In Haredi Molester's Criminal Trial

Baruch Lebovitz at trial 3-3-10 The ruling forbids a victim of sex abuse from testifying in secular court against his rabbi abuser.


     Judge Rejects Yeshiva Torah Temimah’s Settlement Offer In Kolko Child Sex Abuse Lawsuit

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko closeup
                        6-21-2012 watermarkedA Brooklyn judge has rejected Yeshiva & Mesivta Torah Temimah Inc's attempt to settle a civil lawsuit against it brought by a boy
 who was allegedly sexually abused by Rabbi Yehuda Kolko, a serial child sexual abuser who was one of Torah Temimah’s teachers.
Supreme Court Justice Jack Battaglia denied Torah Temimah’s motion to enforce a confidential settlement agreement signed by the parents of the alleged victim on February 15, 2011.

     Britain's Haredim Write Letter On Child Sex Abuse That Claims UOHC Is Blameless, Rabbis Must Screen Allegations

UOHC Kedassia
                          Padwa Abuse Letter 1-25-2013 enlarged,jpgThe letter, signed by the head rabbi of the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (Kedassia) Rabbi Ephraim Padwa also attacks the media and admits that it was only issued to mitigate damage to UOHC's reputation that will come from Channel 4's upcoming exposé.

     British Haredi Leader Caught On Video Telling Alleged Child Sex Abuse Victim That It Is Forbidden To Report The Crime To Police

Rabbi Padwa visits Rabbi Chaim
                        Halpern's synagogue on the last day of Hanukkah
                        12-16-2012Rabbi Ephraim Padwa, head rabbi of the of the London-based haredi umbrella organization the Union of Orthodox Hebrew
 Congregations, commonly known as Kedassia, was reportedly surreptitiously recorded by a victim of alleged child sexual abuse
telling the victim not to report his abuser to police because doing so would be mesirah, informing – a serious violation of Jewish law punishable in some cases with death.

     Senior Rabbi Threatened, Police Reportedly Involved, In Chaim Halpern Sex Abuse Scandal

Rabbi Chaim
                        Halpern 2A senior rabbi in Golders Green, London has been threatened after writing a letter condemning Rabbi Chaim Halpern,
 an unlicensed therapist who allegedly sexually abused women who came to him for marriage counseling.

       Haredi Educational Website Features Accused Haredi Sex Abuser Rabbi's Classes

Rabbi Chaim
                        HalpernRabbi Chaim Halpern has been accused of using his unlicensed marriage counseling practice to sexually assault young haredi
women who came to him for help. Although several women have accused Halpern – at least one with substantial evidence,
I'm told – Haperin denies their claims. The scandal has been the talk of haredi London for the past several months. But that
hasn't stopped the haredi educational website Kol HaLoshon from continuing to feature Halpern's (misspelled as Halperin)
audio/video classes on a very importantant topic – Hilchos Yichud, the laws forbidding unmarried men and women from being secluded with each other.

     Chabad Rabbi Indicted For Indecent Sexual Acts Against Boy

Black Hat Fedora
                        2A rabbi who once served as a Chabad shaliach in southern Israeli city of Beersheba has been indicted in the city’s
Magistrate's Court for allegedly committing indecent sexual acts against a 16-year-old boy five years ago.

     Haredi Man Arrested For Allegedly Sexually Assaulting Hospitalized 11-Year-Old Girl

                        Orange JumpsuitA resident of the haredi town of Modi’in Ilit was reportedly arrested Friday for allegedly sexually abusing an 11-year-old girl hospitalized in Jerusalem.

    Kedassia Retracts Halpern Shul Explusion

Kedassia Padwa Halpern
                        Retraction 12-24-2012"The letter signed by Chaim Schneck was released as a result of a misunderstanding and the Beish Hamedrash Divrei Chaim remains
 affiliated to the Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations. Greetings of Peace. Moshe Chaim Efraim Padwa."

     Rabbi Chaim Halpern's Synagogue No Longer Affiliated With Kedassia

                      Halpern's synagogue no longer affiliated with
                      Kedassia 12-24-2012The following sign is posted in Union of Orthodox Hebrew Congregations (Kedassia) synagogues in London. Accused sex offender
Rabbi Chaim Halpern's personal synagogue has been cut off from membership in the haredi umbrella organization Kedassia after weeks of Kedassia trying to protect Halpern.

    The Othodox Union (OU)  Lies To The New York Times

OU logoMichael Powell of the New York Times asked the Orthodox Union's president Simcha Katz yesterday about the conviction of Rabbi Nechemya Weberman on child sexual abuse charges. Here is what Katz reportedly told Powell:

     Audio: Ex-Hasid Talks About Being Sexually Abused And Impact Of The Weberman Case

Luzer Twersky as a childLuzer Twersky, a son of a hasidic rebbe, talks about being sexually abused by a private tutor and the impact he thinks the Weberman case will – and will not – have on Brooklyn's hasidic community.

    Weberman Victim Speaks Out

Nechemya Weberman court
                        11-28-2012 closeupRabbi Nechemya Weberman's accusor, who recently turned 18, shot back at his supporters, who once rallied for him by the hundreds: "When they think about me, they should think about how they would feel if it where their daughter. Would they let them be abused? Or would they stop it?…You have to fight it all the way. You can't be scared…You can't be scared of being kicked out of the community. This is the beginning of the changes.”


Nechemya Weberman court
                        11-28-2012 closeupRabbi Nechemya Weberman, the unlicensed therapist for Satmar's Va'ad Hatznius (modesty police), has been found guilty on all counts. Weberman sexually abused a girl Satmar schools forced her parents to send to Weberman for counseling. The girl was 12-years old when the abuse started and 15 when it stopped.

Video: Victim's Mother Talks About Weberman Verdict

Rabbi Nechemya Weberman's
                        victim's motherThe mother of the teenage victim of Rabbi Nechemya Weberman talks about waiting over the weekend for the verdict, and the persistent rumors she heard in Williamsburg that Weberman would be set free.

      Yeshiva University Statement On Child Sex Abuse Coverup Allegations At Its Affiliated High School

YU Logo"The safety and wellbeing of our students is Yeshiva University’s highest priority. The inappropriate behavior and abuse alleged by The Forward to have taken place in the past, and described in statements attributed by The Forward to Dr. Lamm, are reprehensible. The actions described represent heinous and inexcusable acts that are antithetical both to Torah values and to everything that Yeshiva University stands for. They have no place here, in our community, or anywhere at all. The thought that such behavior could have occurred at our boys’ high school, or anywhere at this institution, at any time in its past, is more than sufficient reason to express on behalf of the University, my deepest, most profound apology.…"

Accused Child Sexual Abuser Resigns After Exposé

YU LogoAccused child sexual abuser Rabbi George Finkelstein reportedly resigned as ritual director of Jerusalem’s Great Synagogue Thursday.

     London Haredi Rabbis Endorse Alleged Sex Abuser

Rabbi Chaim Halpern“We therefore reveal our opinion which is the view of the Torah that without a ruling from a Beith Din in accordance with the Torah the Gaon and Tzadik Chaim Halpernshlita the Rav of Kehal “Divrei Chaim” shall remain in his position, shall stand in his duties to guide amongst Israel according to the rule of the Torah with no obstacles and shall disseminate Torah and fear [of God] and Chasidus as in the past.”

     Head Of Leading Haredi Org Pays Friendly Visit To Accused Sex Offender, Jews Protest

Rabbi Padwa visits Rabbi Chaim
                        Halpern's synagogue on the last day of Hanukkah
                        12-16-2012Rabbi Padwa, the senior rabbi of Kedassia in London, paid a friendly visit to Rabbi Chaim Halpern Saturday Night in Halpern's synagogue to show his support for the accused sex offender. Padwa has heard details from several women who allege Halpern sexually took advantage of them during marriage counseling sessions. Meanwhile Jews – including other haredi rabbis staged a demonstration outside the building Sunday demanding that Halpern resign.

     A Little OU Self-Censorship In The Face Of Satmar Threats?

OU dot org Page not found -- OU
                        and RCA applaud guilty verdict in child
                        molestation caseThe OU, never one to have much in they way of backbone, removed its joint statement with the RCA supporting the verdict against convicted child sexual abuser Rabbi Nechemya Weberman from its website. Did Satmar threatened the OU over kosher supervision? Were other threats made? Or does the OU now support the sexual abuse of children? After all, as anyone familiar with the long history of sexual, physical and psychological abuser Rabbi Baruch Lanner knows, the OU has certainly done that before

     Harvey Erlich Arrested On Child Sexual Abuse Charges

Harvey Erlich Arrest PR 11-15-2012The Toronto dentist and Pirchei Boys Choir leader allegedly sexually abused two boys between 1975 and 1980,
one of them at Shaarei Shomayim Congregation. Police believe there may be more victims, as well.

     Haredi Man On Trial For Child Sex Abuse, Rape, Sexual Assault

Alleged victimA haredi man, Menachem Mendel Levy, 40, is on trial in London on eight counts of child sexual abuse, rape and sexual assault
of a young woman. Three of those charges are for indecent assault against the woman when she was a minor.

     Crown Heights: A 'Love' Story Complete With Coerced Abortions

Alleged victimThe son of a powerful Crown Heights man is an alleged drug dealer who has impregnated two young Chabad women out of wedlock in past few months. How this situation has been handled by Chabad rabbis will shock you.

    Accused Toronto Pedophile Reportedly Re-Arrested

Heshi NussbaumHeshi Nussbaum was reportedly arrested again yesterday on 4 additional child sexual abuse charges.

     Hiding In Plain Sight

Rabbi Yehuda Kolko closeup
                          6-21-2012 watermarkedHow do pedophiles molest so many children without being caught? They often hide in plain sight.

     Even Pedophile Son Will Be A Rebbe

Shomrei Emunim Rebbe Rabbi Avrohom
                        Chaim RothThe will of the Shomrei Emunim Rebbe, Avrohom Chaim Roth, was read Saturday night. In the will, the rebbe ordered
that all of his sons should become rebbes in their own right – even the son currently in prison for pedophilia.

'שומרי אמונים' • בחדרי חרדים חושף: פרטי הצוואה

הבן הבכור יקבל את הבניין בבני ברק • הבן השני יעזוב לאשדוד • הבן השלישי ייהנה מהבניין במאה שערים • הבן הרביעי, המרצה מאסר בכלא, ינהיג בבית שמש

    Haredi Boy Assaulted In Bnei Brak Mikva

                        Orange JumpsuitA haredi boy was sexually assaulted in a Bnei Brak mikva Sunday, and even though the alleged 20-year-old assailant is under arrest,
local politicians and police are warning parents to watch over their children – even in places that seem safe.

    Were There More Agudah Child Sex Abuse Victims?

Agudah logo redPhilip Fishman wrote a memoir about growing up in Williamsburg before the hasidic takeover of the Brooklyn neighborhood. In it Fishman
 talks about being sexually abused by a very well known "middle aged" "charismatic" leader of Agudath Israel of America he calls "Glatt.
" I've now been told that "Glatt" – whose real identity is very easy to determine – has many more victims.

    Video: Kids Told Not To Talk About Camp Abuse

Yoel Oberlander
                        2"'The kids were warned that morning that they should not be talking to each other about the incident,' the father, who wants to remain
anonymous, told PIX. The man said he feared reprisals from the Bobover sect in Borough Park, Brooklyn, which runs the upstate camp."

     Admitted Monsey Pedophile Wants To Withdraw Guilty Plea, Brings In Out-Of-State High Priced Attorney

Shmul M. DymA 21-year-old confessed pedophile from Monsey, New York wants to withdraw the guilty plea he entered. Shmul Dym pleaded
 guilty in June to two felony counts of sexual conduct against a child and two misdemeanor counts of endangering the welfare
of a child. He admitted in court to repeatedly touching the genitals of two young brothers, one 6-years-old and the other 8-years-old.

     Hasidic Rebbe Allegedly Caught Cavorting With Much Younger Naked Woman

Nude Woman
                    by George RomneyThe rebbe was discovered when a visiting hasid climbed up to the rebbe’s window to peer in. He was shocked to see his rebbe –
who was supposed to be like an angel and extremely close to God – cavorting with a much younger naked woman who is not his wife.

     Famous Rebbe in Jerusalem seen with naked 30 years old girl and admits having had sex
האדמו"ר הנערץ נתפס עם אישה עירומה בביתו

סערה בחסידות מוכרת בירושלים: החסיד שגילה את השניים שלח פתק שהושאר ברכבו של הרב •
הפתק התגלגל בחצרו של הרב - וגרם למשבר אמון קשה ולעזיבתם של כמה מחסידיו הקרובים


     Exclusive: The Chabad Chief Rabbi And The Prostitute?

Rabbi Berel Lazar Sex Tape Closeup watermarkedA recording is purportedly made of Rabbi Berel Lazar, Chabad's 'chief rabbi' of Russia, having phone sex with a prostitute. Is it really him? Lazar tells me it isn't. But there's more to the story.

    Man Accused Of Raping Teen Is Working At Brooklyn Yeshiva Due To Sweetheart Plea Deal

Moshe PinterMoshe Pinter, who is accused of raping a young boy, has been working at a Brooklyn yeshiva for troubled teens, in part because he was offered and took a plea deal that kept him off the sex offender registry.

      Head of haredi foundation suspected of rape


Jerusalem police arrest three men suspected of raping, sexually assaulting woman who turned to them for financial aid

      Four Haredim Arrested For Allegedly Trying To Bribe Child Sex Abuse Victim And Extort Her Boyfriend

 Four haredim were busted early this morning for attempting to bribe a child sexual abuse victim with $500,000 to get her to drop the charges
 against the hasidic rabbi who allegedly raped and abused her over several years beginning when she was 12. She is now 17-years-old.

      Video: CNN Reports On Haredi Child Sexual Abuse

 Haredi child sexual abuse and the bizarre behavior of Brooklyn's D.A. Charles Hynes are the topic of a CNN report aired
 last night on Anderson Cooper 360. The segment features Rabbi Nuchem Rosenberg, Pearl Engleman and Luzer Twersky.

     Haredi Pedophile Innocent, Republican Liaison Intimates

 Yossi Gestetner, the New York State Republican Party's new Liaison to the Jewish community, defends a haredi pedophile who admitted to molesting two little haredi brothers, one 7-years-old, the other 9-years-old.

      Monsey Hasid Pleads Guilty To Molesting Two Boys; Gets Probation, Not Jail

 Shmul Dym,  a 31-year-old Monsey, New York hasid, pleaded guilty earlier today to felony sexual molestation of two brothers,
 7 and 9 years old. He was sentenced to 10 years probation and will be placed on the New York State Sex Offender Registry.


     Weberman Trial Postponed Because Satmar School Won’t Cooperate

 Rabbi Nechemya Weberman’s child rape trial has been delayed because Satmar’s United Talmudical Academy has not responded to letters and subpoenas for records on Weberman.

      Chabad Rabbi Lies To Press To Cover For Retalliation Against Abbuse Victim

 “There is no obligation to grant someone an Aliyah," the Chabad rabbi says – even though Jewish law and Chabad custom rule otherwise.

     Sparse Crown Heights Crowd Hears D.A. Talk About Child Sexual Abuse; No Chabad Leaders Participate Or Attend

 Only a tiny number of Chabad hasidim attended a Crown Heights “town hall” meeting on child sexual abuse. Chabad
 rabbis and community leadership were AWOL. Several victims and activists from Williamsburg protested the D.A.

     Orthodox Sex Abuse Family: They tried to Shut Us Up with Chivas Regal

The family of a Brooklyn man being treated for drug addiction in California traces his problems back to sexual abuse by a yeshiva teacher,
when he was just 9 years old. "I do recall the rabbi being over here, trying to hush up my dad," Yosef Werner--the abuse survivor's brother--told PIX 11 Friday.

    Retaliation: Australia Chabad Bars Child Sexual Abuse Victim's Father From Receiving Torah Honors

 Rabbi Zvi Telsner, the son-in-law of the late head of Chabad in Australia, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, has banned the father of a child
sexual abuse victim (who was abused by a Chabad employee) from being called up to the Torah. Telsner refuses to tell
the victim's father why he banned him. Groner allegedly covered up child sexual abuse and rape for decades and enabled at least two pedophiles.

    Agudath Israel's Executive V.P. Wonders Whether Actions Taken By Bloggers To Save Kids From Abuse Were Worth It

 “…[T]hrough the pressure [bloggers] have created, communal issues that need to be confronted were moved to the front burner and taken seriously.
A case in point is abuse and molestation issues. The question is, if the fact that [bloggers have] created some degree of change
 is worth the cost. At the very least, it’s rechilus, lashon hara,
and bittul zman. That’s a high price to pay.” What Agudath Israel of America's Executive V.P. Rabbi David Zwiebel is asking is as follows:
 is the publication of true negative information about a pedophile or about rabbis covering for a pedophile(s), or false information, or the
waste of time that should have been spend studying Torah, worth the improvement bloggers caused by doing all that. His answer seems to be no.
 In other words, for Agudath Israel of America, saving the lives of children and preventing pedophilia is less important than preventing rechilus, lashon hara and bittul Torah.

     Haredi Rabbi Tells Radio Audience Not To Call Police When A Child Is Molested

 Rabbi Osher Schapiro, the Britain-based son of the Naroler Rebbe and Director of Kol Bonaich - Teens at Risk, Kids in Pain, said that activists
who tell victims to go to police to report child sex abuse are "mishugoyim," a slur that means crazy people or wild people. He repeated several
 times that a rabbi must be asked before reporting abuse, and said that if a rabbi says do not call police, you must listen to him. He also implied that
God would deal with the pedophiles who escape because of this system, noting an increase in the number of recent prosecutions. Of course, Schapiro didn't credit any of the "mishugoyim" with that.

    Alleged Child Rapist Busted For Medicaid Fraud

 He worked two jobs and earned a living. But that wasn’t enough for a Monsey man the D.A. says committed Medicaid fraud.

    The "Bin Laden Of All Jewish Pedophiles"

 That's what a victim calls Rabbi Avrohom Mondrowitz, who fled Brooklyn with the encouragement and help of Orthodox and haredi rabbis in 1985,
hours ahead of what would have been his arrest for raping boys. Mondrowiz fled, eventaually going to Canada and from there to Israel where
 his Gerrer hasidic community welcomed him with open arms, and a series of politically powerful Gerrer rebbes protected him. His extradition
 to the US was rejected by Israel two times, once becase raping boys was not a crime specifically covered by Israel's extradition treaty with the US,
 and then again in 2007 after the treaty finally changed. But Israel's High Court rejected the second extradition request in 2010, ruling that too much
 time had passed from the point of the crimes for Mondrowitz to get a fair trial. It ruled that even though child porn was found on Mondrowitz's computer by Israeli police in 2007.

    Molested In The Yeshiva Of Brooklyn

 Twenty years ago, Daniel "Benji" Werner came home from the Yeshiva of Brooklyn and told his mother. "He told me the rabbi was touching him.
And I said, 'What??!!" Benji Werner told his mother the teacher would call him up to the front of the class,
 take the boy behind the desk, place Benji on his lap, and then put his hands in the boy's pants and molest him."

     Alleged Chabad Pedophile To Stand Trial

Rabbi Avrohom Glick and David Cyprys 5-2012Judge finds 41 of 53 counts against David Cyprys can be sustained and also finds testimony from former yeshiva head
Rabbi Avrohom Glick was not credible. Glick had claimed he did not know about the abuse at the time it took place.

     Anti-Internet Gathering Opens With Protector Of Child Rapist

Rabbi Moshe Green at CitiField 5-20-2012Rabbi Moshe Green, the senior haredi rabbi in Monsey, New York, was honored by the anti-Internet gathering's organizers with the
reading of Psalms to open the event. Green tried to protect child rapist Rabbi Israel Weingarten, who is now serving a several decades
 long prison sentence in a federal prison in Virginia. Green demonized Weingarten's victim, refused to speak with others claiming to be victims,
 and has actively raised money for Weingarten, both before and after his conviction. Last year, Green blamed the kidnap and murder
 of 8-year-old hasidic boy Leiby Kletzky on the Rabbis who cooperated with police and turned in a child rapist.
He also said the murder
happened because haredim have day camps for kids, and that is a "goyish" thing. Green is the former rosh yeshiva of New Square.
Further links: Rabbi Moshe Green Letter To Raise Money For Weingarten
Exclusive: Rabbi Raises Money For Convicted Sex Offender
Leading Monsey Rabbis Visit Convicted Child Rapist
Leiby Kletzky Murdered Because Rabbis Turned Over A Child Rapist To Police, Rabbi Moshe Green Says

      Letting Haredi Sex Criminals Off Easy

Charles Hynes and a haredi rabbi 1994Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes has finally released an expanded list of the nearly 100 haredi pedophiles, rapists and sex criminals he says he has prosecuted.

      Pedophile Faces Extradition In Chabad Abuse Scandal

David KramerDavid Kramer is due in federal court in St. Louis today for an extradition hearing prompted by child sexual abuse allegations
 made by former students at Chabad’s flagship school in school in St. Kilda, Australia, a Melbourne suburb.

    Two Indicted In Beating Of Elderly Woman Suspected Of Pedophilia

                  Orange Jumpsuit22-year-old Moshe Schleider and another man were indicted yesterday in Jerusalem for beating and imprisoning a 70-year-old
Jerusalem woman they suspected of missionary activity and of molesting children in tunnels the men believed existed under her house.

    Chabad Rabbi Blames His School's Abuse Scandal On Homosexuality

Rabbi Avrohom Glick and David Cyprys 5-2012After decades of senior Chabad rabbis covering up child sexual abuse at Chabad's flagship school in Australia, a former principal
 of the school says that an alleged child rapist's homosexuality could have been cured and implies that
homosexuality is at the root of the abuse scandal that is rocking Melbourne's Chabad community.

    Ex-Mayor Urges D.A. To Get Outside Help To Solve The Problem Of Haredi Witness Tampering

Charles Hynes and a haredi rabbi 1994Brooklyn’s District Attorney Charles Hynes is apparently considering forming “a law enforcement expert committee to think about an approach” to the problem of witnesses intimidation in haredi sex abuse cases.

     Video: More Than 1000 Hasidim Come Out To Support Alleged Child Rapist

Weberman fundraiser 5-16-2012 insideMore than 1000 hasidim came to an event hall in Brooklyn last night to give money to the legal defense fund for
Rabbi Nechemya Weberman, a hasidic unlicensed therapist who is accused of raping a girl over a period of four years beginning when she was 12-years -old.

    Haredi Parents Allegedly Throw Hot Oil At Children Who Would Not Make A Blessing Over Food

                  Poured On haredi kids by parents 5-13-2012An unusual demonstration was held in Bene-Braq in the afternoon hours. A secular group together with six family members who turned
secular, stood on Avnei Nezer Street, opposite their parents’ home, carrying signs protesting their parents’ violence.…

    Chabad Rabbi Changes Story On Child Sex Abuse As Chabad's Coverup Unravels

Rabbi Abraham
                  Glick closeupIn a witness statement, former Chabad Yeshiva College principal Rabbi Abraham Glick said he had only recently become aware
 of accusations against Cyprys. He also said Yeshivah Centre director Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner had never divulged to him the
 names of alleged sex abuse victims. But under oath yesterday, Rabbi Glick said he wanted to change this statement. ''I'm making
 that amendment because I said Rabbi Groner never divulged the names of individuals and I am now saying that is not 100 per cent
accurate.'' Meanwhile, a witness told the court that the accused pedophile once confided in him that he was having a relationship with a young boy.
“What he said was sickening to me but appeared normal to him. The way David approached the subject was as if he was speaking about an adult female.”

    Hasidim Rally Around Accused Pedophile As Victim's Family Stands Nearly Alone

Weberman Fundraising Poster 1 5-2012Hasidim in Williamsburg are rallying around a well known community activist and (unlicensed) therapist, Rabbi Nechemya Weberman,
 who is about to go on trial for raping a local hasidic girl from the time she was 12-years-old.

    Chabad Molestation Scandal: Court Hears Chabad Rabbi Protected Accused Child Rapist

                  Yitzchok Dovid Groner 2The mother of one victim said that abuses against her son continued for three years after she initially reported them to Groner,
who she said took no action. The father of another victim was allegedly told by Groner that his son “wouldn’t need counselling because
 [he] was under eight years old.” Another mother testified that when she mentioned Cyprys’s name to Rabbi Groner, “he replied,
‘Oh, no, I thought we cured him’. By this I was sure that Rabbi Groner meant this sort of thing had happened before with David Cyprys.”
And through it all, David Cyprys kept his job with Chabad and his full access to children at Chabad's Yeshiva College.

     Chabad's Coverup Of Child Sex Abuse Begins To Be Exposed

                  Yitzchaok Dovid Groner 2The head of Chabad in Australia told a man whose son had been allegedly sexually abused by a youth group leader at a Melbourne
 Jewish school that the child would not need counselling because he was under eight years old, court documents say.

     Haredi Man Pleads Guilty To Child Sex Abuse

Michael SaboMichael Sabo sheepishly admitted that he took advantage of a boy starting in 2001, when the child was five years old.
He also admitted to repeatedly forcing a girl under the age of 13 to perform sex acts on him from 2006 to 2009.

     Teacher Busted For Child Porn

Evan (Aryeh Klonimus)
                  ZauderThe FBI just announced the arrest of Evan Zauder (Aryeh Klonimus Zauder) for possessing child pornography.

     Rabbis Rigged Haredi Meeting On Child Sex Abuse, Main Speaker Admits

David PelcovitzAt the Lakewood, New Jersey meeting, which took place earlier this week, the key speakers were Ohel's David Mandel and his co-author
and friend Dr. David Pelcovitz, a psychologist prominent in the Orthodox and haredi community, who is also linked to Ohel. Mandel and
Pelcovitz did not tell parents to call police when they suspect child sex abuse. Why? According to Pelcovitz,
they didn't because the haredi rabbis backing the event told them not to.

     Witness Tampering, Extortion Alleged In Haredi Child Sex Abuse Case

Joseph GelbmanVictim's family sends letter to D.A. detailing alleged extortion and witness tampering from haredi rabbinic supporters of an accused pedophile,
Joseph Gelbman (pictured at right), against his alleged child victim and his family. But will the D.A. do anything to protect the victim?

    NY State Finally Clarifies Law On Rabbis Reporting Child Sex Abuse

Agudath Israel of America Moetzet Gedolei
                  HaTorahHaredi rabbis who teach in yeshivas can no longer falsely claim they are exempt from reporting child sex abuse to police or ACS. The state has clarified the law, and all teachers – even rabbis – guidance counselors, social workers, school nurses, administrators or any other staff member who is required to hold a teaching or administrative license or certificate – even if they do not have that license or certificate – is mandated to report suspected abuse and must do so directly to police or ACS. It is illegal to call a rabbi first to get permission to report. And that means Rabbi David Zwiebel and his Agudah cronies should prosecuted for interfering in this process and for endangering the welfare of children. But Brooklyn's DA Charles Hynes doesn't have the balls to do it.

     Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal Widens As The Number Of Alleged Pedophiles Rises

David Cyprys
                  closeupDavid Cyprys, a former security guard at the Chabad school, is facing 51 charges relating to the alleged abuse of 11 victims.
He will appear in court again next month. He is one of up to six people linked to the school who have been or are currently
being investigated for child abuse, including David Kramer. Kramer was helped to flee the country by Chabad after parents of
alleged victims threatened to go to police. He went on to sexually abuse children in Israel and in St. Louis. where e was
arrested and convicted of sexually abusing a 12-year-old boy. He now eligible for parole and Australia is seeking his extradition.

    The Price Of Violating Haredi Omerta

                  Jungreis closeupMordechai Jungreis said he was victimized twice — once when his son was sexually abused by a member of the community and again
when he was shunned trying to get him help. “I told my wife right away this child is getting molested,” Jungreis told CBS 2′s Chris Wragge.
 “The perpetrator always got support from the community.…You get revenge, hell, torture, ostracized — you name it.
What a family and victim is going through if you are reporting a Jew,” Jungreis said.

    Monsey Haredi Man Arrested On 40 Counts Of Child Sex Abuse

Dovid KohnDovid Kohn, who also uses the name Avraham Perl, faces 40 counts of criminal sexual acts. The victim told police
that Kohn abused her for three years with repeated sexual contact beginning when she was 12-years-old.

   Rabbi Busted For Child Porn

                  Orange JumpsuitSheriff’s detectives arrested a rabbi at a kosher food distribution company for possession of more 1000 child porn images.

    Film Producer Threatens Jewish Film Festival Over Sex Abuse Documentary

LA Jewish Film
                    Festival 2,jpgThe producer of “Home Alone” and ”Mystic Pizza” is threatening the Los Angeles Jewish film festival after the festival’s director, Hilary Helstein,
complained that Rosenfelt's documentary about child sex abuse in the haredi community, "Standing Silent,” amounts to a “witch hunt.”

    Man Sentenced To 9 1/2 Years For Raping Boy

                  Orange JumpsuitIn the arguments for sentencing, the prosecution said Nohi had committed serious crimes that took advantage of the
complainant's innocence as well as his background as a child of a large haredi (ultra-Orthodox) family of limited means.

    Exclusive: Letter From Haredi 'Gadol' Rabbi Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg Says Notorious Pedophile Innocent

Rabbi Chaim Pinchas Scheinberg closeupFor the first time, here is the 2006 letter written by haredi ‘gadol’ Rabbi Chaim Pinchos Scheinberg affirming that he ruled in
1985 that Rabbi Yehudah Kolko was innocent of all allegations of pedophilia and should not be fired from his teaching job.

    Standing Silent On Child Sex Abuse

                    kids eyes covered croppedOne by one the victims stood and described their alleged molesters: the Torah teacher, the rabbi, the ice cream truck driver, the man at the mikvah.

   VIDEO: The Chabad Rabbi And The Prostitute

Rabbi Yisroel
                    Noach Kamenetsky, Chabad shaliach in Altai Barnaul,
                    FSUA Chabad shaliach in the Former Soviet Union has a pornographic liaison with a prostitute caught on videotape.

    Pedophilia: Rabbi Paysach Krohn Says Ask A Rabbi Before You Call Police

Rabbi Paysach KrohnArtscroll's favorite maggid urges Jews to ask their rabbi before calling police to report probable child sexual abuse.

    Haredi Men Busted For Repeated Rape Underage Of Sister-In-Law

Handcuffs2Two ultra-Orthodox men were arrested this weekon the suspicion that they raped their sister-in-law hundreds of times during the course of two years when she was a minor.

    Karlin-Stolin Molestation Arrest

                    Orange JumpsuitA teacher in an Israeli Karlin-Stolin school has reportedly been arrested for sexually abusing several children, and the Karliner Rebbe apparently ordered his arrest.

    Video: A Chabad Survivor Of Child Sex Abuse Speaks In Albany

                  Marge Markey, Mark Appel, etc Albany CVA Lobby Event
                  2-29-2012Activists and pols gather in support of the Child Victims Act with would extend the statute of limitations for
child sex abuse cases. Agudath Israel of America and Satmar, along with the Catholic Church, oppose the bill.

    Queens, NY - Yeshiva Student Pleads Guilty To Molesting Two Fourth-Graders

Queens, NY - A Yeshiva student who was trusted by parents to tutor their children pleaded guilty today for sexually molesting two fourth grade students.
Hillel Selznick, 25 of Flushing, admitted to Queens Supreme Court Justice Richard Buchter that he inappropriately... Read More »

    As Evidence Against Him Mounts, Haredi Principle Accused Of Sex Crimes Professes Innocence

Haredi Principle
                  Accused of Child sex abuse, rape, etc. Netanya
                  2-23-2012The suspect, 47, is a prominent figure in Netanya. He was arrested earlier this week after two former students at the establishment
filed complaints against him saying he sexually assaulted them. Police suspect him of indecent acts, sodomy, sexual misconduct,
nonconsensual sex and rape. The acts involved both minor and adult victims. Police also believe many people who knew about the crimes broke the law and failed to report them.

    Cops Launch Investigation Into Haredi Principal After Former Student Says She was Sexually Assaulted

Alleged victimIsraeli police have launched an investigation after a former student of a haredi girls school filed a complaint alleging
 that the school’s principal sexually assaulted her and other students. Haredi leaders allegedly tried to cover up the crimes.

     Chabad Molestation Scandal Reaches US

Chabad Yeshiva Center Melbourne AustraliaAt least two suspected molesters from the Australian Chabad community are living in the United States while they are under
investigation in Australia and a third is currently in prison here. Meanwhile, Australian police are currently investigating more
 than a dozen Orthodox individuals suspected of child abuse in Australia, according to Joel Berman,
a Los Angeles activist who has been in touch with detectives on aspects of the cases in the United States.

    Incest Cult Members Indicted

Indicted cult members in court 2-14-2012An indictment filed with the Jerusalem District Court yesterday against three wives and three children of the leader of a religious
 cult details how he and his followers "educated" the cult's children through physical, mental and sexual abuse.

     Exclusive: Rabbi Raises Money For Convicted Sex Offender

                  Israel Weingarten cropped,jpgRabbi Moshe Green, in effect the most senior of the leading haredi rabbis in Monsey, send out a Yiddish fundraising letter late
 last week to raise money for what he says will be an appeal iled by convicted sex offender Rabbi Israel Weingarten. Weingarten
was convicted in March 2009 of transporting his daughter across international borders for the purpose of raping her, and in now serving
 a 30 year sentence in federal prison. Weingarten already appealled his conviction. He had one count overturned (because the point
of origin of that overseas trip was not the US) and several others affirmed last year. He was resentenced to 30 years in prision in September 2011.

     Kolko Accuser Allegedly Threatened

Rabbi Yehuda
                  Kolko 2007The family of a boy molested by notorious Brooklyn Rabbi Yehuda (Joel) Kolko say they’ve received a barrage of
 harassing and threatening telephone calls — one warning, “You better back off or you’ll suffer the consequences.”

    Teaneck Rabbi Indicted On Child Sex Charges

Rabbi Uzi RivlinA 64-year-old Teaneck, NJ rabbi was indicted yesterday on charges that he molested two 13-year-old boys in his home.

    Haredi Man Resorts To Bigamy To Escape Taliban Wife

Two haredi burka cult taliban women,
                  one with tube under head scarfThe Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim is in a state of uproar after a young ultra-Orthodox man took a second wife before divorcing his first one – who is a 'Taliban woman.'

    He Masterminded The Systematic Rape Of Over 100 Kids"

                  kids eyes covered cropped“This is the price the parents and kids are paying, this is the price of silence,” said police sokesman Shmuel Ben- Ruby.
“It hurts me for these poor children, that they suffered this for years because of parents that preferred
to keep it quiet, sweep it under the rug, go to the rabbis and take care of it themselves.”

    Rabbi Ben Zion Sobel Arrested

Ben Zion Sobel 2Sobel is an alleged – and notorious – pedophile who allegedly abused many boys at Neve Tzion yeshiva. He apparently is also one
of the six people arrested yesterday morning in the Eidah Charedis money laundering, tax evasion and embezzlement scandal.

   How Much Child Rape Justifies Hysterical?

Open Handcuffs
                    croppedWhen police investigators say concerned parents are overreacting, it says a lot about their failures. Our Jerusalem neighborhood of Nahlaot
 made the news over the past week, with a flurry of reports that police have busted a horrifying pedophilia ring. Initial arrests were made Sunday,
with more expected in the coming weeks. The story is a horrific tale of sexual and physical violence against children.

    Prominent Rabbi Indicted For Sexual Assault Of Minors

Rabbi Yaakov
                    DeutschRabbi Yaakov Deutsch, a prominent rabbi from the city of Afula in northern Israel, was indicted on Sunday for committing sexual offenses against four minors, two boys and two girls.

  3 More Jerusalem Pedophiles Arrested

Nachla'ot Pedophile Arrests 1-8-2012After a gap of months peppered with reports that cops had botched the investigation, Jerusalem Police arrested three additional men today
in what police are calling Jerusalem’s largest pedophilia case, with at least nine suspects who abused around 70 children in Jerusalem’s Nahlaot neighborhood.

     Rabbi Charged With Sexually Assaulting Four Minors

                    behind bars prison jail The state prosecutor for the Northern District of Israel indicted Rabbi Yaakov Deutsch for allegedly sexually assaulting four children who came to him for spiritual guidance.

    Skvere Hasid Busted For Attempted Sexual Assault And Robbery

                  Orange JumpsuitA 17-year-old hasid from New Square has been arrested by Ramapo police. The boy allegedly lured non-Jewish Hispanic women who worked in or near
New Square as domestics and cleaning ladies into his car where he then stole their money and other valuables and tried to sexually assault them.

   Har Nof Pedophile Alert

                    kids eyes covered croppedA pedophile has allegedly been preying on children in Har Nof Jerusalem.

     Poll among 2000 Rabbi's of all denominations: sexual offences by Rabbi's should not be disclosed

מחקר: רוב הרבנים נגד חשיפת עבירות מין

סקר בקרב כ-2,000 רבנים מכל הזרמים ביהדות מגלה שרוב גדול מתוכם סבור שאין לחשוף לתקשורת רבנים שביצעו עבירות מוסר

     A Note To Haredi Leaders (And Their Proxies) About Child Sex Abuse

Agudath Israel of America Moetzet
                    Gedolei HaTorahWill you ever stop preening? Will you ever allow yourselves to understand and to care?

Recent Case Highlights Need To Expand Statute Of Limitations

Haredi kids eyes covered croppedThe impact of childhood sexual abuse has no statute of limitations. Why is the statute of limitations for prosecuting abusers in New York State so very, very short?

Despite Laws, There Are Few Penalties For Failing To Report Child Sex Abuse

                          Handcuffs croppedAcross the US, laws meant to punish doctors, teachers and other adults for keeping silent when they suspect a child has been abused have gone largely unenforced over the past decade.

    Rabbi Expected To Plead Guilty To Child Sex Abuse

Rabbi Stanley Z.
                  LevittIn a case that highlighted concerns about sexual abuse in Jewish communities, a rabbi who taught at one of the region’s most prestigious
Jewish day schools is expected to plead guilty today to molesting three sixth-graders during the 1970s, according to two of his alleged victims and others familiar with the case.

   Orthodox Child Sex Abuse Details Revealed: Report

Brooklyn Prosecutors Confirm Forward's Reports of Arrests

   YU "Sex" Scandal

YU LogoThe scandal surrounding the YU beacon's publication of a Stern College student's alleged account of a sexual
 liaison with a YU boy demonstrates the immaturity of the YU's rabbis and of its student council.

The Controversial Essay: How Do I Even Begin To Explain This

   Nachlaot Pedophila Case: Zalman Cohen

                  kids eyes covered croppedHere is a court document for Zalman Cohen that discusses his alleged sex abuse of minor children in the Nachlaot neighborhood of Jerusalem, Israel.

    Under The Rabbis' Thumb

ShhhChild sex abuse in the haredi enclave of Lakewood, New Jersey, and what Lakewood's rabbis do to make sure victims do not talk to police.

   Nachlaot Pedophile Ring Update

Open Handcuffs croppedParents and a local rabbi say police bungled arrests and that resulted in setting at least one of the pedophiles, said to be the group's
ringleader, free. In a letter to the community, Rabbi Aaron Leibowitz says more than 100 neighborhood children were
 molested, almost all of them haredi, and he announces a public meeting to be held with police and social services.

Child Sex Abuse Prevention Saturday Night

Haredi kids eyes covered croppedYU's Rabbi Yosef Blau, haredi community activist Tzvi Gluck, Prof. Marci Hamilton, Voice of Justice founder Mark Mayer
Appel and Dr. Asher Lipner will talk about how we can protect our children from child sex abuse live on the air Saturday night.

Monsey House of Prostitution Busted

Two more women working in a Rockland County spa have been arrested in a police investigation into alleged prostitution.
The latest arrests were made after Ramapo police began an investigation into N&Y Ultimate Service Spa at 12A N. Airmont Road.
Police launched a sting operation after receiving information about suspected prostitution at the spa.

Breaking the silence. The Brooklyn DA arrested an astounding 89 Orthodox men on charges
 of child sex abuse — forcing open a community that sometimes covers up such crimes
(New York Post)

    Have Agudath Israel Of America And Brooklyn's DA Colluded To Allow Haredim

 To Violate NY State Mandatory Reporting Law in child sex abuse cases?

Agudah logo redIn a closed meeting meant only for pulpit rabbis and first reported on FailedMessiah.com, Agudah security evicted anyone not
pre-approved to attend. Then Agudath Israel of America's General Counsel told the handpicked audience how to deal with
claims of child sex abuse in a way that skirts mandatory reporting law. And he claimed the Brooklyn DA, Charles Hynes, personally approved this end around.

Disingenuous And Self-Serving Or Simply A Mistake?

Charles HynesAn attorney and advocate against child sex abuse writes a long op-ed article about the Brooklyn DA's claim to have busted
 89 haredi pedophiles over the past two years. Shocklingly absent from that article is a startling claim made
by a credible haredi source that the DA fixed those cases under pressure from haredi activists and rabbinic leaders.

Audio: A Knockdown Drag Out Fight Over Haredi Child Sex Abuse

Michael J SalamonMIchael Salamon, PhD. dukes it out with Ami Magazine's dishonest publisher Rabbi Yizchok Frankfurter and Pinny Taub,
the Patty Hearst of haredi child sex abuse survivors. In the process, Salamon threw bloggers and advocates under the bus,
Frankfurter was sleazy and disgusting, and Taub was only marginally better. And during it all, Tzvi Gluck explained the mystery
of the DA's "89" haredim arrested for child sex abuse since fall 2009, and told stories about horrific child sex abuse incidents and equally horrific rabbinic coverups.

   After Years Of Ignoring The Problem, Haredi Synagogue Bans Serial Pedophile

Jerry BraunerJerry Yechiel Brauner is a notorious Borough Park pedophile who was just released from a psychiatric facility. One of his favored stomping
grounds is the Shomer Shabbos synagogue, a popular neighborhood minyan factory. For years, the rabbi who runs Shomer
Shabbos refused to ban Brauner. Instead, he honored him, having him lead parts of the High Holiday services. But that has finally changed.

   Have 89 Brooklyn Haredim Been Arrested For Child Sex Abuse Since 2009?

Charles HynesThe Forward reports the Brooklyn DA claims 89 haredim have been arrested on child sex abuse charges since 2009,
 a figure far higher than advocates and victims are aware of. Is the claim true?

    Accused Crown Heights Pedophile Arrested

Zion Zuviv closeupAlleged pedophile Tzion Zuviv arrested on charges of sexual abuse Tuesday.

   Haredi School in Antwerp  Advertises "Private Rooms" Where

Teachers Can Have "Private Encounters" With Grade School Boys

Heder Antwerp Ad
                  11-2011A haredi heder (grade school) in Antwerp, Belgium is advertising that in its new, state-of-the-art building each
classroom has an attached "private room" where teachers (males) can have "private encounters" with students.

Cheider Antwerpen: next to each Class Room a small room for a private encounter between the Melamed and a child


This week (5 November 2011) Cheider Antwerpen advertised its new school building as follows (translation from Yiddish):
 “The Board of the School is not only interested in the school as a whole, in general, but in each pupil in particular, individually.
Therefore next to each class room a smaller room has been built, which will function as a special room, for if and when the teacher wants to have a private encounter (discussion) with a child, and the like”.

הברך של מוטי אלון

שיטת חינוך שכזו: מלטפים את הנער, דוחפים רגל בין רגליו ולבסוף מושיבים אותו בכוח

    Antwerpse Orthodoxe Jood verkrachtte knaap in synagoge: drie jaar
Antwerp Orthodox Man gets three years for raping young boy in Synagogue


De Antwerpse strafrechter veroordeelde donderdag een 22-jarige Chassidische knaap tot drie jaar cel (er was vier gevorderd),
waarvan de helft met uitstel voor de verkrachting van een tienerjongen en de aanranding van twee meisjes. De man werd ook voor
 vijf jaar uit de rechten ontzet en moet aan de ouders van één van de meisjes 252 euro schadevergoeding: twee keer één euro voor hen zelf en 250 euro voor hun dochter.

Rabbi Mordechai Elon Indicted For Sex Assault

Rabbi Mordechai
                  ElonA criminal indictment was served today against Rabbi Mordechai (Moti) Elon, one of the most prominent rabbis in Israel's Orthodox
Zionist movement, for two counts of indecent and sexual assault against two minor boys, one of whom was his student at the time
of the alleged assault. Elon, who broke an agreement he made with an Orthodox Zionist ethics committee not to
 teach boys or work around or with boys, denies the allegations against him saying his actions have been "misunderstood.'

   Crown Heights Pedophile Arrested

Haim FeinhandlerHaim Feinhandler is arrested and charged with child sex abuse.

Exclusive: Convicted Sex Offender Moving To Boca Raton, Florida

Lanner FLA 12-6-09Rabbi Baruch Lanner is allegedly moving to Boca Raton, Florida. Lanner physically, sexually and emotionally abused
dozens – perhaps hundreds – of boys and girls during more than 40 years at the OU's NCSY youth movement and at least one day school.

Gutnick Knew Of Child Sex Abuse Claims In 2003

David Cyprys 2Chabad community leader multimillionaire Rabbi Joseph Gutnick's personal bodyguard told a Melbourne court yesterday
that his employer was aware of child sex allegations against Yeshivah College security guard David Cyprys in 2003.

Alleged Chabad Pedophile May Face More Charges

David Cyprys 2More alleged victims have come forward to accuse Samuel David Cyprys, who was a guard and karate teacher at Chabad's Yeshivah
College in Melbourne. Cyprys is currently charged with 29 counts of indecent assault and gross indecency relating to former students,
some as young as seven. Chabad multi-millionaire Rabbi Joseph Gutnick allegedly knew about Cyprys's crimes and paid a security
professional to make sure Cyprys did not have access to any of the synagogues Gutnick controlled. But Gutnick did not tell police about Cyprys.

   Video: Rabbis Knew Turner Was Allegedly Raping Boys But Failed To Call Police

Rabbi Moishe Turner
                  2That's right. Haredi rabbis knew of credible allegations that Rabbi Moishe Turner was raping boys. They banned him from a local
synagogue but they did not call police or allow victims' families to call police. And Turner went on to allegedly rape more boys.

    Video: Spring Valley Rabbi Arrested For Molestation

Rabbi Moishe Turner
                  2Neighbors claim to be "shocked" by the arrest of Rabbi Moishe Turner on child sex abuse charges.

  Spring Valley Rabbi Accused Of Sodomizing Boys

Rabbi Moishe TurnerRamapo police arrested 58-year-old Rabbi Moishe Turner earlier this week for allegedly sodomizing boys.

Moishe Turner accused of Sodomzing Boys in Monsey

Alleged Chabad Sex Offender Violated Bail, Court Told

David Cyprys
                      closeupA security guard at Chabad's Melbourne yeshiva who has been charged with multiple sex offences should have his bail revoked because he was seen with children, prosecutors say.

   Another Arrest In The Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal

Aron Ezriel Kestecher
                  closeupAnother alleged pedophile at Chabad's Yeshiva College has been arrested. The charges relate to molestations that allegedly took place during the past five years.


Fresh Yeshivah sex charge  

A Letter To An Agudath Israel Of America "Gadol"

Rabbi Shmuel
                  Kamenetzky"As an adult survivor of severe and unrelenting childhood sexual abuse, I have followed your halachic decisions and media pronouncements
regarding this issue with great concern. I am a Litvak, yeshiva-trained, from Monsey, New York. For many years I taught at
Monsey yeshivos, mostly at the mesivta level.…Although many survivors write you politely, groveling at your feet in the hope
that you will change tack, you need to know that we despise you. You have hurt Orthodox survivors so badly, many to most of us
will never forgive you for your destructive stance. Personally, I sincerely pray every day that HaShem will convict your heart and serve you a resounding kick in the tukkis."

Video: Confronting Child Sex Abuse

Yeshivah-CollegeVideo of a seminar on child sex abuse that was given for the Melbourne Jewish community in the wake of the Chabad child sex
abuse scandals. It features Dr. Danny Lamm, Sergeant Scott Wells of the Victoria Police Sexual Offences and Child Abuse Investigation
 Team (SOCIT), Dr Joe Tucci, Cathie Cincotta (who is the Team Leader of the Child Protection Response of the DHS),
and Mary Mass of the South Eastern Centre Against Sexual Assault. Chabad was asked to publicize this event but did not.

Haredi Fringe Group Claims Molestation Of Boys Has "Surged" Since Same Sex Marriage Bill Passed In NY

JPAC SUKOH 017JPAC wants men's mikvas to put up its anti-gay signs "The Jewish Political Action Committee is now organizing an awareness
program to stop Gay molesters from attacking children and teens. Since the gay marriage bill in New York was introduced,
there has been a surge of gay attacks against youngsters in New York." However, the vast majority of pedophiles who molest boys
 are not gay, and medical science has long since shown that. And there is no evidence whatsoever for
JPAC's claim that attacks against boys have surged since same sex unions were legalized a few months ago.

  Man misbruikt dertienjarige jongen in Antwerpse synagoge

Het openbaar ministerie heeft een celstraf van vier jaar, deels met uitstel, gevorderd voor een 22-jarige joodse man uit Antwerpen. Hij had een joodse jongen van 13 een tiental keer seksueel misbruikt, onder meer in de synagoge.

  Bnei Brak Man Accused Of Molesting Minors In Mikva

An indictment was filed on Sunday in the Tel Aviv District Court, charging a Bnei Brak resident with sodomy and indecent assault against three boys aged under 16.

  3rd Jerusalem Pedophile Indicted

Handcuffs2 The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office announced on Sunday that an indictment has been filed charging a Jerusalem man with sexually abusing minors in the capital.

  On Haredi Education System: Is this Child Abuse? (BBC)

New York Post Sued Over XXX Rabbi Videos

  A Long Island rabbi is suing his ex-wife and the New York Post over the publication
of sordid sex tapes that allegedly show him cavorting with prostitutes after a Sabbath service.

5 Arrested In Jerusalem For Pedophilia

  The men, all who are in their 40s and 50s and at least four of whom are haredi, knew each other through the neighborhood where they
all lived but were not acting in an organized fashion, according to police. At least two of the men had been arrested for pedophilia
several months ago, and one of them committed his new crimes against children while wearing a GPS tracking ankle bracelet.

Satmar Rabbi Misrepresents Himself To Help Convicted Pedophile

  Rabbi David Weis tells a federal judge that his ruling to send the daughter of Rabbi Israel Weingarten away from home to protect her from
her father who was raping her did not actually indict Weingarten, and that once a daughter accuses a father of sexual impropriety
against her, the family relationship is "broken," and the daughter cannot remain in the house for yihud reasons.

Is This The Reason For The Timid Response To The Chabad Child Sex Abuse Scandal?

  Some alleged victims and their advocates have accused the Jewish Community Council of Victoria (i.e., Melbourne, Australia)
of responding timidly to the child sex abuse scandal in the Melbourne Chabad community. And the reason they give for that timidity will shock you.

Chabad Fails To Promote Anti-Child-Sex-Abuse Program

Australian Anti-child-sex-abuse
                          program 9-2011 Chabad refuses to publicize the event even though most of the victims of child sex abuse in
Melbourne's Orthodox Jewish community were sexually abused in Chabad's Yeshiva Centre.

Child Molester Protected By Chabad, Court Told

                              Cyprys closeupProminent members of the Melbourne Chabad community lied to the police, covered up an alleged child sex abuse
scandal and protected a man accused of repeatedly molesting children from Chabad's Yeshiva College, a Melbourne court has been told.

Child Sex Abuse Reporting: Ohel Versus The Jewish Week

Ohel logo Ohel refuses to learn from the fiasco of the Catholic Church’s shameful system of sheltering pedophile priests, or the
doomed-to-failure attempts of the Beis Din of Yeshiva University that exonerated Rabbi Baruch Lanner, who was later convicted in
 criminal court of child sexual abuse; and the failure of rabbinic panels in Lakewood, Baltimore, Los Angeles and
Chicago, to solve the community problem of sex abuse “internally.” Rather, Ohel is proudly helping set
up yet another rabbinical committee to “deal with” (read: cover up for) sex crimes in…the community of New Square.


New Haredi Book On Child Safety Debuts

Haredi kids croppedTop ultra-Orthodox rabbis have endorsed a new children's book teaching haredi
kids about kidnapping and molestation - a historical first for the sheltered community.

Chabad "Protected Sex Offender," Lies To Police

Yeshivah-CollegeDaved Cyprys could try to flee to Israel with the help of high-ranking individuals within the Chabad community, Detective Senior
Constable Lisa Metcher told the Melbourne Magistrates' Court today. She accused senior members of the Chabad community of covering up the alleged crimes.
 "The support that they have provided to him is by not saying anything about these matters when they have been canvassed [by police],”
Det Sen Const Metcher said. "They have failed in any way to protect the children and the matter has been swept under the carpet, basically."

Alleged Chabad Pedophile Gets Bail

Yeshivah-CollegeThe court heard there were 10 alleged victims in Australia and two in the US. The alleged victims, who were all associated with Chabad's
Yeshivah College, were between 7 and 17 years old at the time of the alleged assaults. Victims claim they told Chabad
about the abuse but the head of Chabad in Australia, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner, covered up the
alleged crimes and allowed the alleged pedophile to continue working at the yeshiva with children.

Chabad Yeshiva Alleged Child Molester Arrested

Yeshivah-CollegeYeshiva College security guard, martial arts teacher and locksmith David Cyprys has been arrested for child sex abuse allegedly
committed at Chabad's flagship Melbourne school. He faces 29 counts. These crimes were
allegedly covered up by the head of Chabad in Australia, Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Groner.

A Dialogue with Rabbi Yosef Feldman About Child Sexual Abuse

Rabbi Yosef
                                                      FeldmanRabbi Yosef Feldman, the chief rabbi of the Orthodox rabbinic organization representing Sydney, Australia and surrounding areas is
a prominent Chabad follower. He has been under fire because of leaked emails that showed him advocating not calling police in cases
 of alleged child sex abuse. Here is an extended email dialogue with Rabbi Feldman about the charges against him, child sex abuse, and my posts about him.

Censorship: YouTube Pulls Video Of Chabadnik Beating Child

CensorshipYouTube/Google again shows that it cannot be trusted. A security camera video from the Western Wall in Jerusalem showing a
 French Chabad-Lubavitch hasid brutally beating his daughter, made public in Israel and which has
NO copyright, has been removed by YouTube for "violating" its "terms of service."

Caught On Video: Haredi Child Abuse At The Kotel

Handcuffs2A man who appears to be a Chabad hasid from France brutally beats his approximately 12-year-old daughter
 – who seems used to being beaten by her father – at the entrance to the Western Wall in the Old City of Jerusalem.

Do As We Say, Not As We Do

                                                          logo red Leading rabbis of Agudath Israel of America, the ultra-Orthodox umbrella group, coverup and enable child sexual abuse, activist says.

The Lies Of Rabbi Yosef Feldman

                                                          Yosef FeldmanRabbi Yosef Feldman, the head rabbi of Sydney, Australia and a leading figure in Chabad in Australia, told the world that
his assertion that people should call rabbis, not police, when children are sexually molested was an academic exercise
that did not reflect his true views. But Feldman was lying.

Monsey Man Gets Jail Plus 10 Year Probation For Child Sex Abuse

                                                          JumpsuitA Monsey man who pleaded guilty to a felony count of sexual abuse will serve up to six months in the county jail and
will be registered as a sex offender with the state. Arthur Grossman, 40, pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree sexual abuse.
Grossman was arrested June 8, 2010, by Ramapo police, based on a complaint from Rockland Child Protective Services accusing
him of improperly touching a child's penis numerous times over a period of several years. The child was younger than 8.

Hasid Convicted Of Rape Released From Prison Today

                                                          Silverman in
                                                          court Orthodox
                                                          sketch David
                                                          non-Orthodox David Silverman was part of a porn ring that lured underage girls, got them very drunk and then raped them, filming it all.


                                                          Lebovits Looks
                                                          Over ShoulderBaruch Lebovits was a convicted sex offender until another man was accused of tampering with witnesses against him.
To some ultra-Orthodox leaders, this justifies a reluctance to go to authorities with charges of abuse.

Rabbi Rushes To Defend Accused Child Molester

Rabbi Uzi
                                                          RivlinRabbi Moshe Yasgur suggested that the Israeli children’s original report to Israeli police could have been “mixed up in translation,”
or that the teens had made an accusation because something had happened to them in Rivlin’s absence, and they blamed the
rabbi for not protecting them. “I don’t believe that he is a person who would ever engage in such activity,’’ Yasgur said.

Teaneck Rabbi Arrested In Sex Abuse Of Two Israeli Boys

Rabbi Uzi
                                                          Rivlin Uzi Rivlin, a 63-year-old married Orthodox rabbi from Teaneck, New Jersey, was arrested today
and charged with four counts related to the alleged sexual abuse of two Israeli boys.

Video: 2-Year-Old Girl Struck And Killed In New Square

                                                          sceneChaye Gitel Schwartz ran out into the street in front of her home and was struck by a mini van. She died at he scene from severe
head trauma. Her funeral is a t 10:30 am this morning. This the third fatal car accident involving a small child in
New Square over the past 18 months. Chaye Gitel Schwartz's father, Moshe Chaim, is the principal of a New Square school.


The Bible Made Her Do It! Woman Gets Probation For Botched Home Circumcision Done With A Box Cutter

                                                          Peterson Keemonta Peterson was sentenced Monday in an Oregon court for first-degree criminal mistreatment
after she tried to circumcise her 3-month-old son by herself in her home after reading the Hebrew Bible.

Black Market Baby Illegally Sold By YU Alum Reunites With Birth Mom

                                                          Rhodes A woman who was sold as a newborn to a Manhattan couple by a notorious baby broker,
Rabbi Seymour Fenichel (Yeshiva University, Class of 1946), 34 years ago has finally found her Long Island birth mom.

NY Law to Extend Child Abuse Reporting Requirements to Summer Camp Directors

                                                          2011-08-12 at
                                                          4.21.30 PMUntil now, camp directors were only mandated to report suspected or known child abuse and
child sexual abuse if it took place at their camps. Now they are required to report that abuse no matter where it occurs.


                                                          Mondrowitz Avrohom Mondrowitz, an accused serial pedophile who fled ultra-Orthodox Brooklyn for Israel, has never faced trial,
thanks to extradition complications, a community that may have preferred to keep things quiet, and, critics charge,
a D.A. who had political reasons not to pursue the case.

Cops Bust 4 In Pedophilia Case

                                                          Jumpsuit Four ultra-Orthodox men were arrested last week by Jerusalem police and charged with sexually
abusing children from their neighborhood were back in court today for a remand extension hearing.

Catskills Warning: Man Tries To Lure Kids Into Car

A man, age 40-60, in a silver 4-door vehicle with tinted windows has gone to 3 different
 bungalow colonies in the [Monticello] area and attempted to abduct little boys.

Mark Mayer Appel Talks About Child Sex Abuse

                                                          Mayer Appel
                                                          small Mark Mayer Appel of the Voice of Justice talks about child sexual abuse and helping survivors.

Using Sex To Sell Shabbos

                                                          Candles Wine  A video produced for Shabbat.com uses the lure of sex and love to promote Shabbos. Shabbat.com denies any connection to the video.

Agudah Tries To Spin Its Position On Reporting Child Sex Abuse

                                                          logo red No matter how Agudath Israel of America tries to spin it, according to them you'll have to ask a rabbi about reporting suspected child sexual abuse.
And that consultation could easily take days – days that the child is still in danger, days that other children are still in danger, days that you may be breaking the law.

Chabad Rabbi's Comments On Child Sex Abuse Spark Legal Fight

                                                          Yosef FeldmanA LEGAL battle has begun between a prominent Sydney rabbi and the country's main
Jewish newspaper over a story about his alleged attitude to reporting child sexual abuse.

Bnei Brak Rabbi Indicted For Child Sex Abuse

                                                          low resAn indictment was filed in Tel Aviv District Court today against a teacher from the ultra-Orthodox city of
Bnei Brak who is accused of sodomizing and sexually abusing one his students, a 12-year-old boy.

What Causes A Cult Leader To Be A Cult Leader, And A Follower A Follower?

ShtreimlAn indictment filed in the Jerusalem District Court charges three men with the heinous abuse of six women and their children,
 including beatings and rape. The Jerusalem-based ultra-Orthodox cult to which they belonged was exposed when
one of the women managed to escape and turned for help to the Israeli Center for Victims of Cults.

Chabad Rabbi Forced Out Over Child Sex Abuse Views

                                                          Yosef FeldmanRabbi Feldman claimed he was “misquoted, misconstrued and misrepresented,” and the Rabbinical Council of New South Wales
(Sydney, Australia) wrote that the AJN “distorted and presented out of context with damaging effect.” However, the first concerns
about Rabbi Feldman’s comments came from his peers: “You are wrong! Your attitude has been that of many rabbonim
and the church, and the result has been countless innocent victims. Anything other than going to the police does not protect the victims …
you are wrong and you are in way over your head."

Author Of Anonymous Book On Haredi Child Sex Abuse Outs Herself

Hush book
                                                          cover,jpg "Eishes Chayil" is Judy Brown, the daughter of Ruthie Lichtenstein, the publisher
of Hamodia, the large hasidic-owned ultra-Orthodox daily newspaper based in Brooklyn.

Hasidic Child Sex Abuse, Rape, Polygamy Cult Busted

                                                          Sex Abuse Cult
                                                          closeupIsrael Police, in cooperation with Jerusalem district officers and social services, arrested nine members of a cult living in Jerusalem
and in the Tiberias area over the past few weeks, on suspicion of carrying out emotional and physical abuse of women and children over a two year period.

Agudah Spokesman Says Rabbis To Vet Child Sex Abuse Alegations No More Than A Phone Call Away

Rabbi avi
                                                          shafran“Rabbis who have ministered to families for many years are very likely to have dealt with such issues, and those who have,
and who have consulted with mental health professionals and other experts, are most qualified
to responsibly handle questions about what constitutes ‘reasonable suspicion’ in such matters.”

Video: Older Brother Of Haredi Child Sex Abuser Arrested – For Child Sexual Abuse

Shmul M.
                                                          Dym Police detectives arrested Shmul M. Dym, 31, of Monsey on two felony counts involving improper sexual contact with a child.

Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi Accused Of Raping 13-Year-Old Girl Is Jailed

                                                          low resRabbi David Ben-Haham Hafuta, accused of using mystical threats to force a 13-year-old girl
to have sex with with him, has been remanded to custody until the outcome of his trial.

Ultra-Orthodox Child Abuse Ring Busted In Jerusalem

                                                          Jumpsuit Three haredi men allegedly lured and sexually abused dozens of haredi children.
The three would share children and abuse them in a group setting.

In Messy Divorce, Orthodox Rabbinic Court Orders Child Be Enrolled In Orthodox School

                                                          low resThe Tel Aviv Rabbinical Court ruled recently that the son of a divorced ultra-Orthodox father and secular mother would study in a state-religious kindergarten and school.

Video: Pedophilia In Crown Heights

                                                          Moshe Keller
                                                          2 PIX 11 reports on the arrest of Rabbi Moshe Keller.

President Of Haredi Org Accused Of Covering Up Child Sex Abuse Live On Air Tonight

                                                          logo Moshe Hellman, the president of OHEL, will be on air live at midnight eastern time to discuss child sexual abuse and family problems.
OHEL has long been accused by anti-child sexual abuse activists and women's rights activists of covering up these crimes and of protecting pedophiles and spouse abusers.

Fury Mounts Over Chabad Rabbi's Call To Not Tell Cops About Child Sexual Abuse

                                                          7-29-11 3
                                                          cover closeupA high-profile Chabad rabbi is fighting calls for his resignation after he urged rabbis to deal with allegations of child abuse themselves rather than report it to police.

An Accused Pedophile And Rapist As A Shomrim Member?

Shomrim_patrol_carThe Borough Park Shomrim have a member who has been accused (but not charged) of pedophilia and accused of rape.
Worse yet, the man participated in the search for Leiby Kletzky, driving throughout Borough Park in an SUV,
wearing a Shomrim vest, and broadcasting that he was looking for the 8-year-old missing boy.

More clashes of Haredim with Law in Jerusalem over Child Abuse Case

Something appears to be going awry among the ultra orthodox Jewish community of Jerusalem. The recentchild abuse incident involving a
30 year old Haredi woman suspected ofliterally starving her three year old son over a two year period to get more attention from him, appears
 to be yet another incident involving a community who is not only a “culture within a culture” but one that is now trying to exert
it’s influence – and even control – over a city that is not only sacred to the Jewish People, but to other religions as well.


'Starving mom' case: Haredi flyers incite against Hadassah hospital

Instigative haredi posters make serious accusations against hospital treating three-year-old toddler starved by his mother; compare it to infamous Nazi doctor Mengele. Deputy Minister Yakov Lizman, who posted bail for mother, 'not worried about money'

A Pedophile In Geulah

ShtreimlIsrael's Channel 1 reports that a pedophile who preyed on haredi children – usually Sefardic haredi children – in the Geulah neighborhood
of Jerusalem had a diary he kept that lists 70 children who were sexually assaulted in bathrooms, shuls, mikvas, etc.


                                                          victimAs reported here two and a half weeks ago, a pro-polygamy ad was placed in one of Israel's largest
Sabbath leaflets, distributed in synagogues countrywide. Now an Israeli tabloid has picked up (part of) the story.

Rabbinical Court Opens Sex Abuse Debate In Haredi Community

                                                          Beit Din
                                                          LetterheadA rabbinical court has brought the long-hidden issue of sexual abuse in Montreal's Orthodox Jewish community out into the open.

Haredi Rabbi Busted On Cocaine Charges

Rabbi Baruch
                        Chalomish     Rabbi Baruch Chalomish also allegedly offered prostitutes cocaine in exchange for sex.


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