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Our goal

This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page follows up on various misconducts and dysfunctions in the orthodox Jewish Community worldwide and aims at sensitizing in the first place our community to the existence among us of these malefactors. All the cases referred to here have had widespread publicity outside the Jewish community. Only the Orthodox Jewish circles remain uninformed and unaware of these matters.


It is because of the shielding and overprotection of our community, that we end up not being informed on the magnitude of these scandals and that we can pretend that these problems do not exist or are at least very limited among us. The end-result of this is that (a) nothing is being done to extirpate these wrongdoings and (b) these wrongdoers do not even suffer community disapprobation.

The day Haredi Press will publicize these shameful acts by Haredim, our Hall of Shame will become superfluous, because we do not target the Gentiles, but our own Haredi people, who need to be aware of these malfunctions in our society.


This "Our Haredi Hall of Shame" Page wants precisely to remediate that situation.

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Money Scandals


Extensive background information on the
Rubashkin Case:

Rubashkin Scandals

Agriprocessors, the Rubashkin family's Postville, Iowa slaughterhouse, was found to be in violation of Humane Slaughter guidelines after PETA released an undercover video showing cows' throats ripped out with a meat hook and cows writhing on the floor, trying to get up and run away after shechita.

    Two Lakewood Men Arrested For Alleged Bank Fraud

Handcuffs2Two men from Lakewood, New Jersey were arrested yesterday afternoon for allegedly forging a FEMA grant letter which they used to try to defraud a local bank.

     Haredi Principal Busted For Allegedly Stealing Millions From The Government

Haredi handcuffs black suit 2The fraud was allegedly carried out by creating fictitious profiles for nonexistent students and submitting those names to the ministry in order to receive government subsidies for them and is related to similar arrests made last year.

     More Sleazy Chabad Rabbi Joseph Gutnik Behavior Exposed

Rabbi Joseph
                    Gutnick 2One of Chabad's three official head rabbis in Melbourne and the late Rebbe's hand-picked emissary to protect the geographic integrety of the Land of Israel
(i.e., scutlle any peace process), mining magnate and frudster Rabbi Joseph Gutnik – who now lives in Singapore – has been caught in another unethical (and possibly illegal) stock scam.

    7 Breslov Hasidim Arrested For Alleged Money Laundering, Fraud

                    handcuffs black suit 2Jerusalem police have reportedly arrested arrested seven haredim for allegedly committing fraud and money laundering.
Six of the arrested live in the town of Beitar Illit; the seventh lives in the the Jerusalem neighborhood of Mea Shearim.

     Fire Exposes Hasidic Slumlord’s Illegal Boardinghouse

Joseph Klein
                    croppedA small fire in a single family home in a relatively upscale neighborhood of New Hempstead exposed an illegal boarding house owned and operated by notorious
 New Square hasidic slumlord Joseph Klein, who has had more than his share of run-ins with Ramapo zoning authorities and local courts.

    Scandal-Plagued Haredi-Controlled School District Illegally Buys Orthodox Religious Textbooks For Private Haredi Schools

East Ramapo School
                  Board partialAt a time when the district is facing a $8.2 million dollar shortfall for this fiscal year alone, the district has used public funds to buy religious texts
 for haredi schools in violation of the law almost two years after the state ordered the district to stop doing so.

     Police: Time To Indict ‘Kabbalist’ Rabbi to The Stars

Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto hand on
                    mouth closeupIsrael Police are going to recommend filing a criminal indictment against Rabbi Yoshiyahu Yosef Pinto and his wife Devorah for attempted bribery of a police officer and related charges, including money laundering.

     Convicted Syrian Money Launderer Attends Satmar Anti-Israel Protest

Rabbi Saul Kassin
                    arrives at anti-Israel prostest Manhattan 6-9-2013Rabbi Saul Kassin, the Brooklyn-based Chief Rabbi of Syrian Jews, attended today's Satmar-led anti-Israel demonstration in Lower Manhattan.
Kassin was arrested in an FBI sting five years ago and eventually pleaded guilty to using charities he controls to launder money.

     Haredi Man Arrested For Alleged Postal Fraud

                    Orange JumpsuitA 39-year-old Spring Valley haredi man was recently arrested on charges that he stole more than $118,000 from the U.S. Postal Service by using duplicate shipping labels.

    Petition To D.A. Asking For Maxium Penalties For Alleged Haredi Drug Dealer

Rabbi Shlomo
                    EttlingerWe, the undersigned, unite our voices in grave concern for the safety of our communities, and specifically the future for our teenagers, urging
 that drug-dealers be strictly prosecuted. It was recently reported…that a man from Monsey, NY, Rabbi Shlomo Ettlinger, was arrested for
multiple felony and misdemeanor charges, including drug possession of over two pounds of marijuana and 370 grams of hash oil, a .357-caliber Smith & Wesson revolver with ammunition.

     Haredi Scammer Dina Wein Reis Finally Sentenced

Dina-wein-reisWein Reis defrauded companies out of at least $20 million as she led the life of a New York City socialite, art collector and giver to tzedaka, haredi and Orthodox Jewish charities.

     Chabad Rabbi Joseph Gutnick Sued For More Than $1 Million In Pump-And-Dump Stock Scheme

Rabbi Joseph
                    Gutnick 2Chabad mining magnate Rabbi Joseph Gutnick allegedly tricked a man who came to him for financial help and swindled
$1 million from him in a pump-and-dump stock swindle, a Melbourne court was told this week.

    Rabbi Gets Five Years In Massive Immigration Fraud Case

                  Orange JumpsuitRabbi Avrohom David, also known as Earl Seth David, was sentenced to five years in prison today after pleading guilty for one of the larges immigration frauds in US history.

    Orthodox Shul Treasurer Gets Up To 4 Years in Prison For Embezzlement

Isaac ZukerThe former treasurer of a Woodmere, Long Island Orthodox synagogue Aish Kadosh was sentenced yesterday to 15 months to 4 years in prison for stealing more than $634,000 from Aish Kadosh.

     Kiryas Joel Meat Company Sued By The US Department Of Labor For “Willfully And Repeatedly” Violating Minimum Wage And Overtime Laws

Scales_of_justice low resThe US Department of Labor found that Hatzlucha “willfully and repeatedly” violated labor laws, that Hatzlucha’s company records
 do not accurately reflect “the hours worked each workday, the total hours worked each work week, the regular rate of pay,
the total earnings for each work week, and/or the total compensation for each work week with respect to many of their
employees,” according to the lawsuit, which was filed Monday in Federal Court in White Plains, New York.

    U.S. v. Gorodetsky (And Rabkin)

                  Orange Jumpsuit"Each defendant pled guilty to a one-count information charging income tax evasion, 21 U.S. C. § 7201. From 2006 to 2008, both defendants
significantly underreported their income for federal tax purposes by filing false individual returns and failing to file. They skimmed [company] income to pay personal expenses."

     Young BT Haredi Billionaire Allegedly Makes His Money Looting A Poor African Country

Dan Gertler“Dan Gertler is essentially looting Congo at the expense of its people,” says Jean Pierre Muteba, the head of a group of nongovernmental organizations that monitor the mining sector in Katanga province, where most of Congo’s copper is located.

    Is Rabbi Todros Grynhaus Back In The UK?

                    Orange JumpsuitRabbi Todros Grynhaus skipped bail bail in the UK and, using the passport of another hasid arranged for him by a wealthy UK haredi man, fled to Israel. Is he back in the UK now?

    Haredi Schools Appear To Rip Off Federal E-Rate Program With The Help Of Haredi-Owned Telecom Companies

Handcuffs right
                  openPart 2 of The Jewish Week's exposé on the federal E-rate program shows that haredi telecom businesses appear to be complicit in what
 seems to be an organized and widespread theft of government money by haredi schools – most of which are Satmar and almost all of which are hasidic.

    State Tells Scandal-Ridden Haredi-Controlled School District To Stop Sending Kids To Yeshivas For Special Ed – Or Else

Daniel SchwartzIn a February 6 letter, New York State’s Department of Education’s the Assistant Commissioner James DeLorenzo reportedly stands
by the state’s findings that the haredi-controled East Ramapo school district repeatedly violated
the law by placing hasidic students with disabilities in private yeshiva schools at district expense.

     Haredi Schools Allegedly Looted Millions Of Dollars From Government Technology Program

Computer low resHaredi schools have allegedly received millions of dollars to fund purchases of computers and installation of T-1 lines and Internet hookups.
But these schools are mostly devoid of the technology they received the money to pay for. Some schools have received hundreds
 of thousands of dollars over more than a decade, but have little to nothing in place to show for it.

   Wendy Runge Reports To Prison

Wendy Weiner Runge
                    2The Minnesota haredi woman caught in the Iowa Film Office scandal reported to an Iowa state prison today to begin serving a sentence that could last as long as 10 years.

     Some Leading American Haredi Rabbis Condemn Abuchatzeira Amuka $$$ For Marriage Scam

Rabbi Yechiel
                  AbuchatzeiraA small number of the leading haredi rabbis in the US (and one Sefardi kabbalist from Israel) have condemned the promises of
marriages for dollars made by Sefardi kabbalist Rabbi Yechiel Abuchatzeira. Missing from list of rabbis condemning
Abuchatzeira's scam are all hasidic rebbes and most members of Agudath Israel of America's Council of Torah Sages.

    Elly Kleinman's Company Has Been Fined $15 Million For Defrauding Government Programs; Why Are New York Politicians Posing For Pictures With Him?

Ohel Dinner 2-2013L-R- NYC
                  Councilmember Mark Weprin, Elly Kleinman CEO Americare
                  - Gala Chairman, Coungressman Jerry Nadler,
                  Assemblyman David Weprin, David Brecher - First
                  Meridian Mortgage, Ezra Friedlander annotated and
                  cropped smallHaredi businessman Elly Kleinman's Americare was fined $7 million in 2005 and $8 million in 2008 for falsely obtaining Medicaid and state funds.
Then in late December 2012, Americare was accused by whistleblowers of using various tricks to double bill Medicare – a charge Americare denies.
With a track record like this, why are New York politicians posing for pictures with Elly Kleinman?

     Senior Chabad State Rabbinical Court Judge Questioned Under Caution On Charges Of Fraud, Breach Of Public Trust, And Abuse Of Power

Chaim Yehuda
                  RabinovitchA complaint was filed with the Civil Service Commission against the rabbi judge. It alleged that he ruled on divorce cases of clients
represented by his daughter and son-in-law, who are attorneys practicing in the rabbinic courts. The two were arrested last week on
charges that they stole millions of shekels from their clients’ trust funds. The judge's rulings allegedly illegally favored his daughter's and her husband's clients.

     Cops Nab Two In Haredi Extortion Scheme

                  Orange JumpsuitIsraeli Police have arrested two men for extorting and blackmailing haredi men who party at Amsterdam, a decadent
 Tel Aviv nightclub popular with haredim looking for a forbidden release from their restrictive communities.

    IRS Seizes Chabad Yeshiva, Synagogue

Rabbis Herschel (r) and Mendel (l) FoglemanThe IRS has seized Chabad’s Worcester, Massachusetts yeshiva day school and synagogue for unpaid taxes. Chabad owes
Uncle Sam $435,235.31 in unpaid taxes dating back to 2004. Almost all of those unpaid taxes are payroll taxes.

     High Court Issues Injunction To Stop Chief Rabbis From Doling Out Patronage Jobs To Unqualified Friends, Relatives and Political Cronies

Chief Rabbis Amar and Metzger croppedThe High Court of Justice issued an interim injunction that forbids the Council of the Chief Rabbinate from ordaining anyone as
a rabbi who has not actually passed the required written exams. The Ne’emanei Torah Va’Avodah (NTA) organization petitioned the
 court, claiming that the Council’s practice of ordaining rabbis who have not passed the required written exams is not
transparent and has been used unequally to dole out patronage jobs to unqualified friends, relative and cronies.

    Former Sefardi Chief Rabbi Indicted For Fraud, Breach of Trust

Rabbi Eliyahu
                  Bakshi-DoronAccording to the indictment, between 1999 and 2003 approximately 1,500 police officers, soldiers and cadets attended various religious
 colleges for several hours per week but were granted diplomas as if they had completed five years of studies. The certificates enabled them
 to get higher salaries from the state – as much as 4,000 shekels (about $1,050) monthly – and cost the state hundreds of millions of shekels in total.

     CEO Of Homecare Firm Fined $15 Million By NY State For Defrauding Welfare Programs Has Campus Of Lakewood Yeshiva Named For His Family

                  Kleinman Lakewood yeshiva sign closeup watermarkedElly Kleinman's Americare was fined $7 million in 2005 after New York State investigators found Americare billed for bogus hours at adult homes for eight years. Then in 2008,  Americare was fined $8 million for falsely claiming home health aides had been trained to care for Medicaid patients when they had not actually had proper training.

    11 Haredim Indicted In Massive Fraud

Handcuffs2The indictments allege that the haredim – many of whom are prominent figures in the Mea Shearim-based haredi umbrella organization
Eidah Charedis – embezzled over 48 million NIS from the Ministry of Education. Some defendants are also
charged with money laundering, intimidating witnesses and interfering with a police investigation

    3 More Haredim Arrested For Another Millions Of Shekels Fraud

                      Orange JumpsuitThe three haredi men allegedly used an existing nonprofit’s name – the Meah Shearim-based Bnos Yerushalayim school – and added
 the name Keren Moshe to it. The men then represented it as a new nonprofit and allegedly used it to bilk the government out of millions of shekels.

    Illegal Haredi Parking Ticket Gemach Shocks Almost No One

                  gemach borough park Reuven Blau Daily News 11-2012 2Holy gemach, Batman! Gotham City has been struck by another nefarious plot, this one hatched in Borough Park and meant to deprive the city’s cash-strapped coffers of cold hard cash.

     Haredi Ponzi Schemer Convicted

Scales_of_justice low resA 43-year-old haredi man from Bnei Brak has reportedly been convicted in a Tel Aviv court of running a Ponzi scheme that stole more than 5 million shekels from fellow haredim.

      Chabad's Sydney Yeshiva Closed, Government Funds Misused

Rabbi Pinchos
                  FeldmanThe yeshiva run by Chabad's Feldman family in Sydney, Australia is closed due to a lack of teachers and funds, and
an independent audit had shown that government funds appear to have been misused or embezzled by the Feldmans.

     Prominent Canadian-Israeli Businessman Busted For Money Laundering, Flight From Prosecution

Nathan Jacobson with Chaabd rabbi and sonNathan Jacobson was arrested for money laundering in the US and cooperated with federal investigators for years afterward.
But he failed to show up in the US for sentencing this summer and was arrested late last week in Toronto, as a result.

     Haifa’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Suspected Of Fraud, Extortion

Rabbi Shlomo ShlushHaifa’s Sephardic Chief Rabbi Shlomo Shlush has reportedly been investigated by the the Anti-Fraud Unit of the Israel National Police.
 Police told the press yesterday that Shlush allegedly awarded kashrut certificates food processors in exchange for donations and comitted other crimes.

     Haredim Arrested For Counterfeiting Siyum HaShas Tickets

Handcuffs2Israel Police have arrested two haredi men for counterfeiting tickets to tonight’s Siyum HaShas in Jerusalem, the Jerusalem
Post reports. The event, which celebrates the conclusion of the 7 1/2 year cycle of study of the entire Babylonian Talmud
and the beginning of the next 7 1/2 year cycle, is reportedly sold out, making the tickets, which are in high demand, exceedingly valuable.

    Haredim Drain Welfare Benefits Away From The Truly Poor

                    Elderly Woman IsraelIsrael’s poor receive far less welfare than the poor of other first world countries and suffer because of it.

    Chabadniks Plead Guilty In Mortgage Fraud, Face Up To 30 Years In Prison

Menachem Joseph
                  LevitinMenachem Yosef Levitin and Jeffrey Weisman pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to commit mail fraud, wire fraud and bank fraud.

    Scamming Satmar Rabbi Gets Caught – Again

Rabbi Leib
                    Glanz closeupRabbi Leib Glanz tries to scam a federal judge and is successful – until a newspaper uncovers the rabbi's little lie.

    Haredi Rabbi Avoids Prison In Mortgage Fraud Scheme

Rabbi David Avigdor
                  2A haredi rabbi who also works as an attorney, David Avigdor, was sentenced to three years of probation and must pay restitution
after pleading guilty to his role in a multimillion dollar mortgage fraud conspiracy that defrauded both the government and private
 lenders and left dozens of blighted, vacant properties scattered across the New Haven, Connecticut, metro area. Avigdor is reportedly New Haven’s longest-serving synagogue rabbi.

    Three Haredim Arrested In London

 The reason for the arrests of three haredim in the Stamford Hill neighborhood of London is unclear. The three were arrested yesterday in a
 sweep that also saw a number of non-Jews arrested, as well. Various rumors on the haredi street reportedly link the arrests to money laundering,
to dealing in goods looted during the riots that rocked London a few months ago, or to fraudulent driver's license and identity paper schemes. Police have reportedly issued a gag order for the case.

      Bobov Shul Laundered Massive Amounts Of Money, FBI Was Told

 The bank accounts of Congregation Shaarei Zion, the main synagogue of one of the two factions of Bobov hasidim
in Brooklyn, were allegedly used for large scale money-laundering, notorious scammer Solomon Dwek told the FBI in 2006.

    Did Chabad Oligarch Lev Leviev Steal $1 Billion With The Help Of Chabad’s ‘Chief Rabbi’ Of Russia?

 That billion dollar question question will be decided by a British High Court judge sometime this year.

      Breaking! New Kosher Meat Scandal

 A contractor who slaughters for Hebrew National – a ConAgra brand – in the midwest allegedly engages in tax fraud, money
 laundering and worker abuse. And to top it all off, AER is allegedly cutting kashrut corners, as well. Class action lawsuit filed.

         Married With Children – And Lots Of Dope

 A yeshiva student known as a Torah scholar and his wife were arrested for growing, possessing and dealing a large quantity of marijuana.

     A Brooklyn Haredi Man Pleads Guilty To Using A Gemach To Launder Money

Scales_of_justice low resA Brooklyn man who operated a charitable organization, or “gemach,” today admitted his role in a money laundering conspiracy, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

     Rabbi Busted For Running Home Pharmaceutical Dispensary

                  Orange JumpsuitActing on a Health Ministry complaint from a pirate pharmacy, police launched an investigation into a rabbi who operates
a pharmaceutical gemach [loan fund, free or discounted pharmacy] in his community in Israel. When police raided the suspect’s
 home they found thousands of prescription meds along with HMO identification cards belonging to a number of people.

      5th Haredi Rabbi Pleads Guilty In Dwek Sting

                    Orange JumpsuitRabbi Lavel Schwartz pleaded guilty Thursday in a New Jersey federal court to conspiracy to commit money-laundering.

     2 Arrested Outside Sold Out Weberman Fundraiser

Arrest 1 5-16-2012Two hasidim were arrested outside a fundraiser for accused pedophile Rabbi Nechemya Weberman in Williamsburg, Brooklyn tonight.

     6 Hasidim Busted For Carjacking

                  Orange JumpsuitBefore the robbery, five of the men drove to Brooklyn with the 35-year-old minivan owner and when they came back to Ramapo,
they decided to meet a sixth man, Lazer Feuerwerker, 20, of Monsey at the strip mall, police said. They were accused of pushing
 the driver against a wall and grabbing his key and trying to take his cellphone. His keys were ripped from his
 belt clip. “They then drove off. They apparently wanted to take a joyride.”

      Again: Haredim Stole Millions From Government In New Yeshiva Fraud, Cops Say

                    Orange JumpsuitIsrael police raided several haredi yeshivas earlier today and arrested five school principals in what police say is a multimillion shekel fraud scheme.

     High Tech Executive Gets 22 Year Sentence For Fraud

Samuel "Mouli" Cohen used the millions he stole to fund an "absurd lifestyle" that included helping his wife publish a cookbook called "The Kosher Billionaire's Secret Recipe."

    Moshe Butler Pleads Guilty To Bank Fraud

Moshe ButlerThe 33-year-old son of the former head of the Orthodox Union admitted today that he stole more than $200,000 while he was free on bail.

    Baba Sali's Grandson Up On Tax Charges – Again

Rabbi Yekutiel AbuhatzeiraThe government claims that Rabbi Yekutiel Abuhatzeira, a descendent of a distinguished rabbinic dynasty and a son of the Baba Sali, owes NIS 9.5 million in back taxes.

   Court Stops Chabad Attempt To Seize Synagogue – For Now

Rabbi Faivish
                    DalfinRabbi Faivish Dalfin, a Chabad shaliach, allegedly tried to steal HaRambam synagogue. A Miami Beach court has temporarily blocked him.

    Rabbi Earl Seth "Avrohom" David Pleads Guilty To Massive Immigration Fraud Scheme

                  Orange JumpsuitThe mastermind of what prosecutors say may be the largest immigration fraud scheme in U.S. history pleaded guilty Monday
to conspiracy charges. Earl Seth David, also known as Rabbi Avraham David, applied for legal status for 25,000 illegal aliens
 based on phony claims that U.S. employers had sponsored those aliens for employment. He operated the scheme out
of his Manhattan law firm for 13 years, charging the aliens exorbitant fees of as much as $30,000, prosecutors said.

     Directors Of Leading Haredi News Site Arrested For Extortion

                    Orange Jumpsuit Handcuffs
                    Orange Jumpsuit Handcuffs
                    Orange Jumpsuit Handcuffs
                    Orange Jumpsuit"This is going to be one of the biggest extortion scandals in the history of Israel," a senior ultra-Orthodox figure said. More arrests are expected.

    Millions Missing From ZAKA Accounts As Haredi Founder Stands Accused Of Fraud

Rabbi Yehuda Meshi
                    Zahav with Japan's Ambassador To Israel 5-11Yehuda Meshi-Zahav and his brothers are alleged to have misled and deceived donors, and may have pocked millions of dollars in donations.

    Rabbi Ordination Fraud Uncovered

Haredi yeshiva
                  studentsFive men are suspected for fraud and impersonation after attempting to take a rabbinic qualification exam in the name yeshiva students.
The five men admitted they were paid thousands of shekels by yeshiva students to take the exam in their place, because the yeshiva students
were not properly prepared to pass it themselves. Police suspect a larger network of fraudulent semicha test takers
 has been operating and that many more rabbis fraudulently obtained ordination this way.

    Haredi Fraudster's Attorney Resigns

                  Weinstein croppedBenjamin Hager's name is now stricken from the roll of attorneys and counselors-at-law in the State of
New York because he cannot defend himself against charges he helped Weinstein steal millions of dollars.

    Rabbi Pleads Guilty In Mortgage Fraud Conspiracy

Rabbi David AvigdorRabbi David Avigdor finally copped a plea Tuesday in federal court. He was part of a 14-member mortgage fraud ring that bilked
government and private lenders out of $4.75 million. The members of the ring did it by falsely inflating the price of homes, paying
 “straw buyers” to take out mortgages using trumped-up income and employment records, using the mortgage money to buy
the homes for their actual prices, then pocketing the difference and walking away. The scheme left a trail of blighted properties.

  Cops Arrest 3 Haredim In Fake Yeshiva Scam

                  Orange Jumpsuit Handcuffs
                  Orange Jumpsuit Handcuffs
                  Orange JumpsuitJerusalem police arrested three haredi men for allegedly operating a fake kollel (yeshiva for married men). The men allegedly
duped the Education Ministry into paying the living allowance for dozens of full-time students, and received hundreds of thousands of shekels each year from the Education Ministry.

  Another Man Arrested In Haredi Yeshiva Fraud

Handcuffs2A fourth man has been arrested in connection with a nonexistent yeshiva used to scam the government out
of hundreds of thousands of shekels in student subsidies, and Jerusalem police expect further arrests in the case.

    Spinka Gabbai Sent To Jail For Refusing To Testify Against Fellow Jewish Crooks

Rabbi Moshe Zigelman, Spinka Rebbe's gabbaiRabbi Moshe Zigelman, a 64-year-old Spinka hasid, was ordered to report to a federal detention center in Brooklyn after he again
refused to testify against Jews who conspired with him to defraud the government. Until he chooses
to testify, he will remain behind bars up to a maximum of 18 months, according to federal prosecutors.

    Blackmailing Brooklyn Rabbi Loses Appeal

Rabbi Milton Yehoshua Balkany closeupSholom Rubashkin's brother-in-law, Rabbi Milton Yehoshua Balkany lost the appeal of his extortion, blackmail, wire fraud comviction.

    Moshe Butler Arrested For Bank Fraud

USA v. Moshe Butler
                  3-2012Butler is a son (I believe) of Rabbi Raphael Butler, the Orthodox Union's (OU) disgraced former executive VP who resigned from
the OU under extreme pressure in January 2001 after it became clear he had enabled and covered up for
Rabbi Baruch Lanner's sexual, physical and emotional abuse of NCSY – the OU's youth group – students for many years.

   Feds Uncover Alleged Ramapo Haredi Housing Scam

Ramapo CommonsThe federal government's agent asked for an investigation into what he called “abuses and illegalities” by Ramapo and its
quasi-economic development agency, the Ramapo Local Development Corp. The Elm Street development, built with large
families in mind, appears to have sold many of its units to investors – not needy families – living in heavily hasidic areas of New York.

    Former Chief Rabbi May Be Indicted

Rabbi Eliyahu
                  Bakshi-DoronThe State Prosecutor's Office announced Thursday it was considering filing an indictment against former
Chief Sephardic Rabbi Eliahu Bakshi-Doron over his alleged involvement in falsely obtaining government funds.

     Pupa Rabbi's Gabbe  Busted In Cigarette Tax Fraud

Handcuffs2Meshulam Rothschild, a gabbai, assistant, to the Pupa Rebbe, was selling illegal cigarettes bearing no tax stamps out of his warehouse
on Spencer Street in Williamsburg, Brooklyn when he was busted in a raid earlier this month by the Brooklyn DA’s office and feds from
 the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Rothschild also was charged with criminal possession of a forged instrument for allegedly
possessing more than 11,000 phony tax stamps from the Old Dominion state. That top rap could land him 15 years behind bars.

    Rabbis Stand Behind Caterer Accused Of Selling Treife – Because Accusers Are Goyyim

Vaad Harabbanim of Flatbush kosher seal“We are not changing anything or kashering anything. We have done our investigation and nothing was compromised. We stand behind them one thousand percent.…
Halachically they have absolutely no ne’emanus,” said Rabbi Goldberg. “We have a reputable high end caterer, who is known to be ethical, with
a reliable hashgacha and these two men come along and everyone is up in arms? It is sad to see how two non-Jews can pit Jew against Jew.”

    Kosher Caterer Served Customers Treife, Employees Say

Newsday Caterer Served Non-Kosher Food
                  2-7-2012The chef and the general manager at one of Long Island's largest kosher catering companies filed court papers Tuesday against the company's
 owner, saying the owner has been serving non-kosher food to his unwitting clients for more than a year. Chef Michael Savitsky and
general manager Tom Cataldo say in court papers that, at the same time Morrell Caterers owner
Scott Morrell has been charging for kosher food but actually giving his clients treife.

    Haredi Ex-Commissioner Gets One Year In Prison For Fraud

Nathan Rothchild entering court for
                  sentencing 2-7-2012Nathan Rothschild, the former Monsey fire commissioner and East Ramapo school board president who attempted to
defraud the fire district to pay off a six-figure personal debt, was sentenced today to 12 months and one day in prison.

      Rabbi Admits Holocaust Torah Fraud, Pleads Guilty

A haredi rabbi who proclaimed himself the “Jewish Indiana Jones” admitted Thursday he was really the villain in a made-for-Hollywood swindle.
Rabbi Menachem Youlus, a Baltimore Jewish bookstore owner, pleaded guilty in Manhattan Federal Court to spinning a web of lies that ensnared synagogues and donors – including a billionaire philanthropist.

    Haredi Mother Pleads Guilty To Welfare Fraud, Gets No Prison Time Because She Has 16 Children

Scales_of_justice low resA 45-year-old Monsey woman was sentenced to a conditional discharge Monday on a guilty plea to grand larceny involving the theft of $72,572 in welfare payments.

    Haredi Ponzi Schemer's Trail Set For Next Year

                  Weinstein croppedEliyahu Weinstein, 36, is charged with 45 counts of wire fraud, bank fraud and money laundering. The real estate
developer is facing more than 800 years in prison and $11 million in fines if convicted on all the charges.

   Cops: More Arrests Coming In Haredi Tax Fraud

                  Yerushalayim logoAllegations against the suspects include paying hundreds of thousands of shekels annually in salaries without reporting to tax authorities,
tax evasion amounting to millions, and money laundering between Israel and the United States, and possibly other countries.

Government: Laundered Money Used To Finance Sicarii Gang Violence; Haredi Leader Says Arrest Of Aide "Blood Libel"

Haredim throw stone at cops Mea
                      Shearim 7-13-11 Badatz
                      Yerushalayim logoThe extortion, violence and terror the Sicarii gang has inflicted on Mea Shearim store owners, women on public buses, and Beit Shemesh
Modern Orthodox girls was paid for by money laundered by Eidah Charedis, Israel's prosecutors told a court in Jerusalem today.
Meanwhile, the head of Eidah Charedis, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss, called the arrest of his personal assistant a "blood libel. I personally know
Rav Amram and his is clean, he is pure. It is a libel like the Jews of Russia and Hungary endured.”

   Hundreds of ultra-Orthodox clash with police in Jerusalem over arrest of community leaders

Six prominent members of the community arrested earlier in suspicion of financial crimes; protesters try to block roads in Mea She’arim neighborhood.

    Five Senior Haredim Arrested For Tax Fraud, Money Laundering, Embezzlement

                  Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss (left) and his assistant Rabbi
                  Amram Shapira (right)Six people were arrested in Jerusalem today by tax authorities for their alleged connection to a multi-million shekel embezzlement scheme.
Five of those arrested are activists in Eida Chareidis, the Mea-Shearim-based anti-Zionist haredi umbrella organization.The arrests reportedly
followed an extensive undercover investigation. Suspects in custody include: Rabbi Shmulik Lubitzky, who is very close to the the head of
Eidah Charedis’ beit din, Rabbi Yitzchok Tuvia Weiss; Rabbi Weiss' personal assistant, R’ Amram Shapira; Yossela Sheinberger, Eli Bar-Ezer and Ya'akov Eisenbach.

Report: Assistant Of Head Of Eidah Charedis Arrested

                    Yitzchak Tuvia WeissR' Amrom Shapiro, the gabbai (assistant) to the head rabbi of Eidah Charedis Yitzchak Tuvia Weiss, was just arrested by
 Israeli police in connection with recent haredi violence. "Jerusalem will burn!" Eidah Charedis activist says.

Haredi Yeshiva Suspected Of Bribing Education Ministry

Handcuffs2Two Education Ministry officials are suspected of accepting bribes from the director of an ultra-Orthodox
educational institution, in order to increase the Education Ministry’s funding of the yeshiva.

   L'Chaim: Troubled Satmar Former Jail Chaplain Slapped With Fine Over Kiddush Cup

Rabbi Leib GlanzRabbi Leib Glanz, the politically connected former jail chaplain who illegally arranged a lavish jailhouse bar mitzvah for the son of
 a wealthy haredi inmate in 2008 and who resigned in the event's fallout, has now been fined $2500 for taking a silver kiddush cup and plate from Sterns family.

Slumlord Swindles Thousands In Benefits Scam

Joshua DanskyJoshua Dansky conned the state by falsely claiming tenants were living in his properties.

Chabad Rabbis Say We Will Support Politicians In Return For

Politicians' Support Of Convicted Felon Sholom Rubashkin

Rubashkin closeupMeeting during the international convention of Chabad rabbis held in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, Chabad rabbis talk about
 freeing convicted felon Sholom Rubashkin, and say that of politicians want our support, they will have to help Rubashkin to get it.

   Alleged Chabad Money Laundering Linked To Medical Fraud Case

Dr Lorne SokolAs the College of Physicians and Sugeons pursues its own charges against Dr. Sokol, legally piggybacking on Dr. Sokol's guilty plea,
the initial police allegations were of a scheme in which he sent proceeds of his billing in 26 installments over four years to
 Colel Chabad Lubavitch Foundation of Israel, which then allegedly issued him tax receipts, and returned between 80% and 95%
of the money in the form of bank drafts made out to Dr. Sokol's offshore company, Moshe Shmuel Deitsh Corp.

Ex-Wife Of Rabbi Caught With Hookers On Shabbat Busted For Fraud

Amora RachelleThe ex-wife of a Bellmore rabbi, who had secretly videotaped her ex-husband meeting with prostitutes on the Sabbath, was
arrested Tuesday after she allegedly posed as a psychiatrist and billed an insurance company despite not having a medical license.

Modern Orthodox Yeshiva Kids Accused Of S.A.T. Fraud

Kippa SerugaTwo students at a Great Neck yeshiva are suspected of paying someone smarter to take their SAT tests,
according to a ballooning probe that has ensnared 35 kids at five Long Island high schools.

   Jewish Whistle Blower Blows Lid Off NYC Medicaid Fraud

Dr Gabriel FeldmanDr. Gabriel Feldman, a 50-year-old former kosher restaurant owner who works in public health, is the son of a Conservative rabbi.
After two decades fo trying, Feldman blew the lid off NYC Medicaid fraud. His elderly mother hopes than he'll now get married.
“I hope he can find a Jewish wife who is caring and wonderful and observes Passover. If she observes Passover, then I don’t have to ask any other questions.”

   Satmar Schools May Go Down In Massive Bankruptcy Fraud Linked To Rubashkin Crony

ShtreimlSatmar’s massive United Talmudical Academy network of schools is being sued for $200 million dollars by the bankruptcy trustee
for Allou Healthcare, the Satmar-hasid owned pharmaceutical, healthcare and beauty supply wholesaler whose owners were imprisoned for fraud.

White House Turns Down Rubashkin Petition

Rubashkin Court
                  AngryThank you for signing the petition "Call an Investigation into Allegations of Prosecutorial & Judicial Misconduct in the
Case of Sholom Rubashkin." We appreciate your participation in the We the People platform on WhiteHouse.gov.…

    Elderly Widow Claims Chabad Rabbis Scammed Her

Rabbi Boruch Cunin Rabbi Levi
                  Yitzchak CuninAn elderly widow claims father-and-son rabbis swooped down on her the day after her husband died and coerced her
 into signing over to Chabad of California her multimillion-dollar Malibu home, and buying
a $100,000 Torah, while deceptively promising "to support her financially for the rest of her life."


   Weinstein Indicted In $200 Million Scam

                  Weinstein croppedEliyahu Weinstein, a/k/a “Eli Weinstein,” was indicted today by a federal grand jury in Newark on charges alleging he ran an investment
 fraud scheme causing losses of at least $200 million, New Jersey U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Haredi Man Pleads Guilty To Selling Black Market Kidneys

ShtreimlLevy Izhak Rosenbaum pleaded guilty in federal court in Trenton to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for New Jersey-based
customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more. He also pleaded guilty to one count of conspiracy to broker an illegal kidney sale.

Kashrus Scandal In Flatbush: ‘Pic N Pay’ Repackaged Chicken & Placed Unauthorized OU On Label

   Jewish Heroes?

Leah RubashkinThe Federations' Jewish Hero Awards quietly disqualified a left wing nominee from Jewish Voice for Peace. But its top vote getter so far is
 Leah Rubashkin, convicted felon Sholom Rubashkin's wife and the sister-in-law and aunt of convicted felons Moshe Rubashkin and his son Sholom (jr.).
Leah is the daughter-in-law of Aaron Rubashkin, who stole union dues from his immigrant employees.
And Leah Rubashkin has never repudiated any of these crimes. Also on the short list is another Chabad follower,
Rabbi Manis Friedman, who called for the slaughter of Arab civilians – even babies – and who then walked back that statement by saying he only meant this should be done during a time of war.

Bible Codes Expert Indicted For Immigration Fraud

Rabbi Avrahm
                  David Bible Code Show Promo Talkline Communications
                  NetworkEarl Seth David, better known in the Jewish community as Rabbi Avraham David, is accused of running a scheme in which his
Manhattan law practice submitted at least 25,000 immigration applications over nearly 15 years, based mainly on fake claims
that U.S. companies had sponsored immigrants for employment. David was once interviewed by Zev Brenner
on Brenner's Talkline Communications Network show. David presented himself as an expert on the Bible Codes.

Real Estate Investor Gets 7 Years For Wire Fraud

Ezri-namvarEzri Namvar, a real estate investor who was formerly a pillar of the Los Angeles Iranian Jewish community, was sentenced yesterday to seven years in federal prison for wire fraud.

  The Mea Shearim Haredi Mafia

Haredim throw stone at cops Mea Shearim
                  7-13-11 An employee at a CD and DVD store that opened in Mea She'arim three years ago told how the Sikrikim had held protests
outside the shop, blocked customers from coming in, thrown rocks at him and broken the store owner's car windows because they consider
 the CD and DVD formats too modern.…"There's protection money involved. We would have to pay them and they
would send someone in regularly who would have free rein to remove whatever books he didn't like."


Meah Shearim - chareidi man Indicted For Smuggling Cocaine


An indictment was filed against a 47-year-old chareidi man, a resident of Meah Shearim, on Monday morning. The defendant stands accused of smuggling cocaine into the country.

      Haifa Chief Rabbi to be tried for bribery


Rabbi She'ar Yishuv Cohen suspected of taking part in scheme that gave 1,500 security officers fake rabbi titles, swindling State out of millions

Rabbi Gets Probation In Dwek Money Laundering Scandal

Rabbi Edmund Nahum"Traditionally, you have the motivation of greed or financial gain. But Rabbi Nahum never sought or received any personal benefit.
He never was involved in any cash transactions or international transaction. They tried to give him a $1,000 check and he returned it."

Eliyahu Weinstein Violated Bail Conditions, Government Says

 The US Attorney’s office asks judge to revoke alleged $200 million Ponzi schemer’s bail.

Satmar Yeshivas Subpoenaed

  Investigators scrutinizing former Correction Department chaplain Leib Glanz have subpoenaed records from the giant
United Talmudical Academy, Glanz’s landlord during a 15-year period where he’s accused of stealing more than $200,000 in federal rent subsidies.

Agudah Spokesman: Haredi Rabbi Convicted Of Fraud Who Refuses To Give Government Information

 About Co-Conspirators "Selfless," "Principled," "Laudable"

  "A common misconception about chillul Hashem is that it includes anything that is looked down upon by people. But for something to qualify
as chillul Hashem it must first be a sin; and the fulfillment of an obligation" – like refusing to commit mesirah against another Jew,
even in a democracy where Jews are treated fairly by the legal system – "cannot, by definition, be a
chillul Hashem.…committed Jews need make no apologies for what the Torah teaches."

Satmar Rabbi Busted For "Massive" Housing Fraud

  "Leib and Menashe Glanz engaged in a years-long subterfuge to take criminal advantage of federal housing subsidies,"
U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara said. "Especially in these trying economic times, we cannot tolerate stealing from the public."
The scam is "the largest individual case of tenant fraud" ever investigated by the city's Department of Investigation.

Former Haredi Department Of Corrections Chaplain Leib Glanz Charged In Federal Housing Fraud

  Leib Glanz and Menashe Glanz are charged with defrauding the United States Government of $200,000.

Satmar Drug Smuggler Gets Off

Yoel Zev Goldstein prison croppedOne of the Satmar yeshiva students caught smuggling drugs into Japan has been found not guilty.
The judge believed the yeshiva student's story that he thought the bag contained antiques, not drugs.

A Hasidic Disregard For Human Life?

Hasidic kids in Brooklyn
                                  sitting on downed tree branch even
                                  though police asked people to stay
                                  indoorsPolice, FEMA and other government agencies warned people to stay indoors today, because the trees weakened by the storm
may still come down in the high winds without notice, and power lines may come down with them or even on their own. But do hasidim listen to secular authorities?


Haredi Man Gets 18 Months For His Part In Money Laundering Scheme

  Yeshaye Ehrental pleaded guilty last year to funneling up to $400,000 to Rabbi Eliahu Ben Haim. From 2007 to 2009
Ehrental and an accomplice in Israel supplied Ben Haim with fresh cash for his laundering needs, charging him a 1.5 percent fee.

Haredi Stocking Ban Resurfaces

Lakewood Stocking Ban A ban by non-hasidic ultra-Orthodox rabbis on women's stockings that are flesh colored or close to flesh color.

In Court, Hasidic Rabbi Still Refuses To Testify

Rabbi Moshe Zigelman"He’s just doing what’s written, he goes by the book. Mesira applies to all of earth, it doesn’t matter where. It’s like breathing, it’s like eating."

The Haredi Mafia

Haredim Sicariim In Beit
                                          Shemesh 9-6-11Businesses in the ultra-Orthodox Jerusalem neighborhoods of Mea Shearim and Geulah, and in Beit Shemesh are
struggling against a wave of attacks by a haredi group called the Sikrikim who are known as the "mafia" of Mea Shearim.

Spinka Fraudster Could Go Back To Prison Because He Refuses To Testify Against Fellow Haredi Criminals

Rabbi Moshe
                                              ZigelmanTwo years ago, Rabbi Moshe Zigelman went to prison rather than testify against fellow Jews in a federal tax-evasion case.
Now, federal prosecutors are threatening him with a return to jail unless the 64-year-old devout hasid agrees to testify
 before a grand jury regarding the federal government's ongoing probe of tax evasion in the Spinka hasidic sect,
where Zigelman is the imprisoned rebbe's executive assistant. Zigelman claims Jewish law forbids him from testifying against a fellow Jew.

Audit Finds Haredi-Controlled School Board Bungled Millions Of Dollars

East Ramapo
                                                  School Board partialEast Ramapo's haredi-controlled school board played fast and loose with the school district's money, a comptroller's
 report says – often to the benefit of the haredi school board members themselves or to haredi yeshivas.


Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv Eats Chicken Slaughtered At The Illegal Slaughterhouse Of A Notorious Haredi Street Thug

Rabbi Yosef
                                                      Shalom Elyahiv 2Shortly before the municipal and tax officials raided the establishment, they visited the houses of two ultra-Orthodox leaders
 suspected of operating the abattoir for years without reporting earnings for tax purposes, and without monitoring sanitation.
The two leaders, Rabbi Avraham Freulich and Yoel Krauss - who is considered a kind of security operations officer for the haredi
community [he's actually the head street thug for Eidah Haredit, responsible for many riots, beatings and attacks] -
were detained for questioning at the Russian Compound detention facility.

Haredi Yeshiva Student Busted For Possession Of Looted Goods

                                                          Riots 8-2011A married haredi yeshiva student was arrested for possession of property looted during the London riots.

"Indiana Jones" Rabbi Busted

                                                          YoulusMagistrate Judge James Francis released Youlus on $100,000 bond. Youlus was given a nitroglycerin
pill when he complained of chest pains after his arraignment. Youlus could get 20 years in federal prison.

The Real Pidyon Shvuyim Case You've Probably Never Heard Of

                                                          2009Jacob Ostreicher, an orthodox Jew from New York City, is being held in a dangerous Bolivian prison while authorities investigate
him for money laundering. He is the victim, he and his associates say, of a local agent he and his Swiss partner hired to manage their rice plantation.
They say the agent turned out to be a Colombian confidence woman who became entwined amorously and financially with a murderous
Brazilian drug trafficker. A widely respected human rights organization is backing Ostreicher and the Swiss government
 refuted a Bolivian claim that the Swiss partner was under investigation in Switzerland.

Founder Of Save A Torah Charged With Fraud

                                                          YoulusDefendant Allegedly Fabricated Stories Of "Rescuing" Torahs Lost Or Hidden During The Holocaust To Steal Hundreds Of Thousands Of Dollars.

Kabbalist To The Stars Used Me To Launder Money, Chief Rabbi Says

                                                          Yosef PintoThe father in law of Rabbi Yoshiyahu Pinto says the kabbalist to the stars used him to launder money and cheat on a multi-million dollar real estate deal.

Exploitation: Make A Donation And We'll Pray For You, Don't And We Won't

                                                          pray if you
                                                          donate yad
                                                          L'Achim Taking advantage of the shidduch crisis, Yad L'Achim, the Israeli organization that rescues Jewish women who are
 trapped in Arab villages by their Arab husbands, tells singles to donate money. In return Yad L'Achim will have a big tzaddik,
kabbalist and 'miracle worker' pray at a special holy site for you to get married. But if you don't have the money to pay – Yad L'Achim won't pray.

Haredi MK Sued Over Settlements

                                                          Gafni 2 A 4 million shekel lawsuit was filed in religious court by two disgruntled settler families against Rabbi Moshe Gafni,
the Knesset's Finance Committee chairman, for "bribes" taken that allowed the 2005 Disengagement from the Gaza Strip.

Exclusive: Chabad Rabbi Kidnapped In Money Dispute With Known Criminal

                                                          Tomer RotemRabbi Tomer Rotem was kidnapped in Ecuador ten days ago and was released last Thursday. But the real story of the kidnapping is different from the story you may have heard.

Political Corruption Allows New Square To Flaunt Fire And Safety Codes

                                                          RebbePolitical corruption that reaches as high as the governor's office enables a near complete disregard for the safety of residents and firefighters alike.
At least 60% of the structures in New Square have serious code violations. But New Square votes in an almost perfect bloc, and politicians
 won't cross the men who control that bloc – the Skvere Rebbe and his aides, including New Square's mayor, Israel Spitzer. This is also why the
accomplices of Shaul Spitzer, the arsonist who tried to kill the Rottenberg family on Lag Ba'omer,
have not been arrested or charged – and it is also why the FBI has not taken that case.

Skvere Of Borough Park Declares Bankruptcy

                                                          Park Skvere
                                                          closeup,jpg Skvere hasidic institutions of Borough Park have filed for Chapter 11 protection.

Hatzoloh Ambulance Paid For By Fraudster

                                                          logo Should Hatzoloh profit from fraud? Moses Greenfield made his money defrauding new immigrants from Latin America and Africa.
He and his co-conspirators paid a $2.25 million fine after the Federal Trade Commission exposed them.
Now Greenfield's company, Dollar Phone, has its name on a Williamsburg Hatzoloh ambulance.

20% Of Ultra-Orthodox Yeshiva Students Work Illegally While Dodging The Draft

ShtreimlMore than 20 percent of ultra-Orthodox men who received exemptions from army service because they are registered as full-time
yeshiva students are working illegally, and take home an average of $954 a month including their yeshiva stipend. (Other welfare benefits are on top of that.)

Skvere Rebbe Uses Nonprofit Postage To Mail Invitations For Family Wedding

                                                          Rebbe 2The rebbe gets the discounted rate, presumably because the wedding is a community event.

Satmar Succession Battle Back In Federal Court

                                                          Aharon and
                                                          Teitelbaum The succession battle between two brothers to be the leader of an ultra-orthodox Jewish sect is back in the courts.
The brothers, Zalman and Aaron Teitelbaum, have been fighting for years in religious and
 state civil courts to determine who should head the Satmar sect of hasidic Judaism.

Rabbi Gets 18 Year Prison Sentence For Tax Fraud

                                                          BerkowitzA former Chicago man has been sentenced to more than 18 years in prison for running a scheme that used
the stolen identities of dead people and federal inmates to file for millions of dollars in phony refunds.

Haredi Charity Scam?

                                                          Fraud House
                                                          Brooklyn IRS documents show that 196 New York nonprofits – including some connected to ultra-Orthodox rabbis jailed for money
laundering and child molestation – are registered to a house on Bedford Avenue whose owners know nothing about the organizations.

$1.5 Million Dollars Of Pot Seized In Kiryas Joel

                                                          marijuana$1.5 million worth of marijuana was seized from a trailer pulled by a car driven by Matthew Fishman and from a house in Kiryas Joel.

Rabbi Suspected In Murders Indicted For Money Laundering

                                                          Victor KoltunThe rabbi and two other men — one a lawyer — are under indictment in Kings County Supreme Court on charges
including money laundering, conspiracy and grand larceny. They're charged with swindling a man out of more
than $50,000 — the level of the money laundering charge suggests an amount far higher — and falsifying documents to do so.

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